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As part of Valerie & Valise, we offer a variety of services to help promote your destination or brand. Read on to learn about these options, past partners we’ve worked with. You’ll also find our media kit available to download.

If you’d like to reach Valerie or Mr. V to discuss a partnership opportunity, email Valerie at or contact us using this page.

Featured Past Partners

Featured Partners

These are some of the dozens of partners we’ve worked through this blog with over the past six years. Partners include destinations, hotels, tour operators, and products/companies.


The team loved following along on [Valerie’s] trip, and members commented that [her] Stories made it seem like they were right there with [her]. We had a great time working with [her] and can’t wait for future collaborations!
– Maddie Rubalcava, Allison+Partners on behalf of Toyota

Valerie is one of the most versatile travel journalists we have worked with. She is a skilled writer with a wealth of experience at the highest levels. Her creative approach to finding the story behind the story is remarkable. The quality of her work shines through in the stories she writes.
– Chris Vomvolakis, Visit Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Logo

Valerie from Valerie & Valise has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  When approaching our company for a collaboration, I was immediately impressed with her level of both professionalism and enthusiasm for her work. She continued to impress me with her strict timeframes, email updates and generous social media promotions throughout.
– Emily Weston, Mr. Jones Watches


2019 Eureka Visit California Writing Awards

Eureka Writing Award

“We’re so proud to showcase the incredible writers and content creators who not only call California home, but also choose to share their home-state adventures with travelers from around the world,” Visit California President & CEO Caroline Beteta said. “The judges examine hundreds of published stories and video content pieces that aim to capture California’s spirit, and this year’s winners were exceptionally inspiring at telling those stories from a distinctive lens.”

2020 SATW Western Chapter Writing Awards

SATW Award Banner

“Travel websites are (or should be) designed to answer questions, solve problems, offer tips, share resources, focus on value, and point out/highlight the unexpected… Concise, highly readable, and easily digestible information is important… Valerie & Valise accomplishes this with grace and style, limiting clutter and confusion in favor of simple (a good thing in this context) navigation: three up-top entry points; pulldown menus from the header, mirrored in the footer; “About” and “Partners/Media Kit” down the right rail. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and a few good ideas you weren’t looking for.”

2020 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Award

For Dark Skies: A Practical Guide to Astrotourism: “Shedding light – literal light – on a travel destination is often desirable, but not always. The author understands well that some travelers are most interested in stargazing, when the absence of light is vital. Dark-sky sites are not easy to find for the casual traveler, which is why the author’s research is so valuable. She identifies dark-sky sites around the world, just right to explore a variety of phenomena, ranging from meteor showers to eclipses.”

Media Kit

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In short, here are the relevant details:

  • DA 33
  • 202,000+ Pageviews
  • 173,000+ Unique Monthly Visitors 
  • 4:53 average time on site
  • 68,100+ social media followers

Services offered:

  • Press trips & ambassadorships
  • Licensed photo & video assets
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Bespoke partnerships

(Last updated: July 5, 2021)

Media Kit - June 2021

If you’d like to reach us to discuss a partnership opportunity, let’s do it! Email Valerie at or contact us using this page.