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Ah, that new year smell. How I love it. How I blog incessantly about it. Oh, how I spin the globe, plan 5,000 trips, and then realize I don’t make quite enough money from this blog for all those trips and scale back to the ones I’m most eager to experience this year. So I ask: how do you choose where to travel each year? How will you choose where to travel in 2020?

Each year, many, many travel websites publish lists of where they recommend you travel. (Heck, I did this last year too!) They think about the places they love, and where they want to encourage others to go. If they’re bloggers, they also consider which stories on their blogs they can link back to. 😂

This year, I’m doing something different. Instead of telling you where I’ve been that I think you should go, I’ve read the articles and crunched the numbers according to the experts. I then asked my network to help fill in the gaps for any destinations that I haven’t personally visited. Based on the experts in traditional travel media and the expert travel bloggers I know, here’s a data-backed list of where to travel in 2020.

How These Locations Were Chosen

Unlike in years past, this year I decided to write my post based entirely on data… *cracks knuckles*

I started by collecting all of the “Where to Travel in 2020” lists from the big media sites. These included The New York TimesAFAR, and National Geographic Traveler (all sources listed below).

First, I looked at their list and tracked every location they put on their lists. I considered whatever ranking they gave each place (if they had a rank-ordered list). Then, I gave points to every place that made the list and adjusted the ranking based on any ranking position they earned. You can see the raw data here.

In the end, all of the experts at those sites created the list of places to travel in 2020 that you’re reading on this site.

Okay, now you’re all set on how I chose these top destinations for 2020. For those destinations I’ve never been to, I asked some of my travel blogger friends what makes each one special. Let’s get to the list already!

1. Tokyo, Japan

Where to Travel - Tokyo
  • Who Put it On Their List: Airbnb, Fodors, Forbes, Frommers & the New York Times
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Google named Japan to their list; cities including Kyoto, Okinawa, and Osaka made other lists
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Summer

It’s not really a surprise that Tokyo tops the list of where to travel in 2020. Japan is hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics! The world is excited to see how the hosts will pull out all the stops for the opening ceremony… I mean, will we see a giant Pikachu parachute in like Queen Liz did in London? SAY YES, INTERNET.

In addition to Tokyo making five lists, five other Japanese cities made various lists, and Google named Japan as one of their top 10 searched countries. Heck, I’m even considering it as we try to choose a honeymoon destination!

Julianne Kanter is a travel blogger at It’s Five O’Clock Here, and she spent two weeks in Japan – including a stop in Tokyo. “You could easily spend a week in Japan’s capital and barely scratch the surface of this incredible city!,” she emphasizes. “Whether you’d prefer to watch the eccentric show at the Robot Restaurant or eat ramen all day, there’s definitely something in Tokyo for everyone.”

And since she’s an expert in seeking out local watering holes, here’s her tip for how to make the most of Japan’s incredible 24/7 scene: “Tokyo’s bars are some of the best in the world. Bar Ben Fiddich and Bar High Five routinely make “World’s Best Bars” lists, and “Lost in Translation” fans can channel your inner Scarlett Johansson (or Bill Murray) at the Park Hyatt Tokyo’s New York Bar — the view is worth it.”

Explore all day, drink with the locals and fellow travelers all night – sign me up!

2. Dubai, UAE

Where to Travel - Dubai UAE
  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR, Conde Nast Traveler (US), Frommers, Lonely Planet & Travel + Leisure
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Fall

Only one other destination was listed on five of the 17 lists I sourced locations from: Dubai. I put Dubai #2 because Tokyo scored higher ranking positions and many other places in Japan made lists as well. That shouldn’t underscore that Dubai is one of the most-recommended places to visit in 2020 according to the experts.

Keri Hedrick, travel blogger at Dubai Travel Planner, says “A country born from a humble Bedouin past, Dubai truly holds something of interest to all types of travelers.”

“Both families and thrill seekers will love the huge variety of theme parks, water parks and indoor and outdoor adventures across the city,” she says. “From ziplining across the beautiful and modern Dubai Marina to hot air ballooning over the desert at sunrise, pick your budget and your adventure.”

As for when to visit this desert clime? There’s no bad time to visit Dubai: “Whilst the cooler winter months are the ideal time to visit, many indoor attractions make it possible to visit and stay entertained year-round,” Hedrick advises.

3. Galway, Ireland

  • Who Put it On Their List: Conde Nast Traveller (UK), CNN, Lonely Planet & Fodors
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer

Since its establishment in 1985, the European Capital of Culture program has helped highlight smaller cities and epicenters of arts, media, and other cultural elements. It has also helped travel experts find interesting second cities and off-beat urban areas to recommend. Galway is one of two European Capitals of Culture in 2020. This undoubtedly helped it make four lists of where to travel this year.

Travel blogger Nat Took writes on her site Natpacker, and visited Galway in November. While perhaps not the most sunny time of year, but that didn’t dampen her spirits. “Galway to be a lively city and well worth spending some time in,” she says. “The small city is easy to navigate and has an incredible amount of pubs for its size.” Pubs are a cultural epicenter in Irish communities – and perfect for helping you warm up after a day of exploring the city in the cooler and damper months.

Took concludes with a final tip if you plan a trip to Galway this year: “The pretty city has incredible views across the water. And be sure that you don’t miss the Cathedral, located on the bank of the river, it makes an impressive sight.”

4. The Bahamas

  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR, Fodors, Frommers & The New York Times
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter, Spring

Among the many amazing transformations in the tourism industry in the past decade is the recognition of the power of tourism to transform destinations. While this effect typically makes headlines about overtourism and the detriment of too many travelers; we’re also starting to see great stories about why travelers should flood into disaster-affected areas once they are stable and safe – our tourism dollars can help rebuild.

The Bahamas is one such destination: after Hurricane Dorian roared across the islands in August and September 2019, disaster relief began… and now it’s time for those of us with the income to help rebuild their economy through travel to contribute too. That’s undoubtedly part of the reason The Bahamas made four of the where to travel lists this year.

I’ll admit it: I haven’t really seen the Bahamas. I set foot on one small Bahamian island last year as part of a cruise; I know there is so much more to see, eat, drink, and explore. Hopefully that happens this year!

5. Plymouth, UK

Where to Travel - Plymouth
  • Who Put it On Their List: Conde Nast Traveller (UK), Frommers & The New York Times
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Plymouth, US
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer, Autumn

What does a small coastal English town have to offer in 2020 that makes it worthy to make so many lists of where to travel this year? When it comes to Plymouth, it’s a fact every American child learned in elementary school: in 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth to the New World to plant the seed of first the American Colonies – and today the melting pot that is the United States.

2020 is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing, and Plymouth, England is ready to celebrate (so is Plymouth, Massachusetts, who also have events planned). If you’re a maritime history buff – or just love a good anniversary party – planning a trip to Plymouth is a must-do in September.

“Whether you are intrigued by maritime history or simply want to enjoy one of the best days out in Devon, a trip to Plymouth, the largest town in the county is an unforgettable experience,” says Chris Boothman, travel blogger at A Brit & A Southerner.

“Seafood is unsurprisingly the highlight cuisine option with many of the local restaurants offering the fresh catch of the day from a location that is still an active fishing port,” Boothman suggests. “In terms of the best attractions, visitors can enjoy a tour of the Plymouth Gin Distillery before exploring the iconic Mayflower Museum to learn all about Devon’s maritime history and of course, the pièce de résistance, a model ship depicting the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower pilgrims.” These suggestions work well even if you visit Plymouth to avoid the 400th Mayflower anniversary crowds.

6. Paris, France

  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR, Conde Nast Traveller (UK) & The New York Times
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Six other France destinations made various lists
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Autumn

I’m always impressed how few lists for where to travel in 2020 (or in any year) include Paris. It is, after all, the world’s most popular destination, “welcoming” 18 million overnight visitors per year (source) – well, as welcoming as the Parisians ever are. I’ve been one of those visitors several times, and like many, I’ve overcome the Parisian attitude toward my existence in their beloved city to find the things I love about it too.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, the best months to visit are in the spring and autumn – but there’s no better national holiday than Bastille Day in the middle of July. And with winter frost (and rare snow) in the winter, basically, yes Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.”

7. Costa Rica

Where to Travel - Costa Rica
  • Who Put it On Their List: Google, Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: San Jose made Fodors’ list
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter, Spring

When you hear about great local food, surfing, cloud forests, and volcanoes… where comes to mind? More U.S.-minded travelers might think I’m talking about Hawaii; but Costa Rica has all of these things at a fraction of the price – and with the same amount of travel time! These are just a few of the reasons Costa Rica made three of the lists for where to travel in 2020.

I had the fortune to spend a port day in Costa Rica as part of a cruise in 2017, and I was enchanted. Banana plantations, sloths in trees, and trying my first taste of cacao convinced me why locals are all about that pura vida.

8. Tunisia

  • Who Put it On Their List: CNN, Fodors & Lonely Planet
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Autumn

I’m not gonna like, Tunisia has been on my Maybe Someday list for a long time. While it’s on most people’s No Way in Heck list, I’ve always loved the rolling dunes I watched in Star Wars and The X-Files and wanted to see them with my own eyes. Yep, I’m a nerd, and it motivates me to travel the world! That’s why I was excited that Tunisia made three different lists of where to travel in 2020.

“Tunisia’s mix of North African and Mediterranean influences make it a colorful, sensual place to visit. Especially in the souks, where the bargains dazzle as much as the piles of spice,” says Kirstie Pelling, who blogs at The Family Adventure Project.  

“We enjoyed the cafe culture and visiting local artists like Sadika Keskes who works with glass” Pelling shares. “We also took a half day tour to Neferis in Grombalia for a stroll in the grounds of the 19th century chateaux and a wine tasting.” On her blog, Pelling has an itinerary for a weekend in Tunisia, which she advises “you could easily stretch to a week or even a fortnight by slowing down the pace, taking in the colors, and absorbing the light and the spice.”

9. Rwanda

  • Who Put it On Their List: Conde Nast Traveler (US), Fodors & Travel + Leisure
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Kigali made Forbes’ list
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer, Winter

In every good list of where to travel, there are a few out-of-the-ballpark ecotourism destinations that make me wish I’d been saving up all the funds I spent on other trips to go there. In 2020, that destination is Rwanda, well-known for bucket list experiences but not as commonly visited and ticked off the list.

Bret Love is an ecotourism expert and veteran journalist-turned-blogger at Green Global Travel, and has traveled to Rwanda as recently as 2016. “Rwanda is criminally underrated as a tourist destination,” he states emphatically. “A lot of people who do visit the country stick to Kigali and trekking to see the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Volcanoes National Park,” Rwanda’s two primary tourist draws.

Love continues that “we recommend visiting some of the less known Rwandan attractions, including trekking to see Chimpanzees and several species of monkeys in Nyungwe National Park, getting a traditional Big 5 safari experience in Akagera National Park, and a few days of rest and relaxation in the Lake Kiva area.”

If you want to learn more about Rwandan history and start planning your trip, Bret’s article on the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center will give you more insight into the country’s dynamic history and diverse travel experiences.

10. Greenland

Where to Travel - Greenland
  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR, Frommers & The New York Times
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer, Winter

Like Rwanda, Greenland is one of those places I wish I had always been saving up to visit. After all, it’s quite a haul to get to this northern European country, and the prime season to visit is quite short. “I think what drew me to Greenland initially is the fact that it’s still a largely wild and untouched destination,” shares travel blogger Amanda Williams. “Greenland currently gets fewer than 90,000 tourists a year, which makes you feel pretty intrepid for going there.”

If you’re planning to visit Greenland in 2020, Williams has some tips: “If you’re not planning to go on a cruise, you’ll want to be sure to check on flight schedules and availability before you plan anything else. Flights from Iceland and Denmark don’t leave every day, and often fill up months in advance,” she advises. “Be prepared for it to be an expensive trip! Flights to Greenland alone can cost upwards of $1000 per person, and once you’re there nothing else is cheap either.”

Read more about Amanda’s trip to Greenland on her blog, A Dangerous Business.

11. Christchurch, New Zealand

Where to Travel - Christchurch New Zealand
  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR, Fodors & The New York Times
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: NZ’s North Island made Travel + Leisure’s list
  • Best Time to Visit: Year-Round

While I don’t necessarily have a list written down anywhere, I can tell you with 100% certainty that New Zealand is at the top of my travel-there-next list. That’s why I am excited to see Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealand’s Southern Island, make the list for where we should all travel this year.

Blogger Antonette Spaan has visited New Zealand four times, most recently in 2019, including a visit to Christchurch. “Christchurch has unfortunately suffered due to heavy earth quakes causing damage to the city,” she shares, referring to the catastrophic 2011 earthquake that almost leveled the city.

However, she adds, “Christchurch is currently being rebuilt and offers a lot of amazing opportunities to enjoy the city and the best it has to offer. There’s plenty of nice food trucks and stalls, great cafes, museums and parks for you to enjoy.” And in case these activities don’t appeal, Spaan underscores that “Christchurchers are super friendly and always in for a chat about what the must-do’s are,” so you can always ask a local for recommendations!

12. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Where to Travel - Vancouver Island
  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR, CNN & Fodors
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Neighboring Vancouver made Lonely Planet’s list
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Autumn

When I saw that Vancouver Island made the cut for the best destinations to visit in 2020, I knew exactly who to ask for travel advice: my friend and Pacific Northwest travel expert Marissa Pedersen from Postcards to Seattle. She has traveled to Vancouver with her son

“Vancouver Island is a unique part of British Columbia where you can surf and ski in the same day,” Marissa shares. As for how to do a surf-and-ski day? “Mount Washington Alpine Resort is on the east side of the island and has dozens of trails to ski down and cozy cabins to stay at nearby. On the opposite side of the island is Tofino, which is known as the #1 surf city in Canada,” she advises. Good on you if you’re willing to surf in those Northern Pacific waters!

Marissa has also visited with her son and has suggestions on more a kid-friendly itinerary for Vancouver Island: “For those who prefer the city life, head to the south of Vancouver Island to stay in Victoria. You can have high tea at the Empress Hotel, explore the colorful gardens at the Butchart Gardens, or taste seafood at a local restaurant. Fisherman’s Wharf is another fun place to visit that has brightly painted houseboats and a water taxi you can take around the harbor.”

13. Dominica

  • Who Put it On Their List: Conde Nast Traveler (US), CNN & Travel + Leisure
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter

Isn’t it funny how we find destinations we want to visit? I first heard about Dominica in 2015, when they ran a competition for social media influencers; I thought I might not got a chance to visit for a while when Dominica was pummeled by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself there in the autumn of 2018 following a work conference on nearby Barbados. Dominica is still recovering both ecologically and in infrastructure. But, the island has taken the opportunity to rebuild better – and tourism is flooding in. Whether you choose to visit on a cruise or spend longer at one of Dominica’s new beach resorts, you’ll find a perfect combination of tropical wilderness, creature comforts, and trademark Caribbean hospitality.

14. Copenhagen

  • Who Put it On Their List: Conde Nast Traveler (US), CNN & The New York Times
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Summer

I arrived in Copenhagen with a raging hangover from a too-late night out in London; it didn’t take long to dissolve with plates of smoked meats and fresh cheese, and a long walk on Copenhagen’s sparkling waterfront.

While I haven’t had the good fortune to explore the rest of Denmark or Scandinavia, Copenhagen stands in my mind as the perfect example of what makes this region so special. You’ll find hosts that blend European sensibility with an appreciation for life’s small comforts – and who are happy to share in their great outdoors, fine culture, and outrageously delicious cuisine.

15. Washington, DC, USA

Where to Travel - Washington DC
  • Who Put it On Their List: CNN, Lonely Planet & The New York Times
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Autumn

Among several cities that surprised me on the various lists of where to travel in 2020, Washington D.C. was among them. Not that I don’t like D.C., it’s just that I – like everyone – feel my stomach churn a little when I think about the main reason D.C. makes headlines lately.

However, beyond the click-bait and lobbying, Washington D.C. is busy being too cool for Capitol Hill. Like all the major cities across the United States, gentrification has dramatically reshaped neighborhoods and you can now mix museum hopping with visits to hip cafes, secret bars, and eateries representing every ethnicity Trump hates (read: all of them).

16. Bariloche, Argentina

Where to Travel - Bariloche
  • Who Put it On Their List: AFAR & Forbes
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Mendoza made the Forbes & NYT lists, Buenos Aires made the Amex & Frommers lists, three other Argentina locations also made lists
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer

When it comes to Argentinian destinations, inland western Argentina doesn’t get a ton of love beyond Patagonia. But Bariloche, Argentina made several lists of where to travel in 2020 for one main reason. In December, a total solar eclipse will pass close to the city, and it’ll be one of the biggest cities near the path.

Ande Wanderer, editor of Wander Argentina, has been to Bariloche several times over the last 15 years while living in Argentina. “Bariloche is the jumping off point for tourism among the enchanted, unspoiled forests of northern Patagonia,” she shares. Aside from watching the solar eclipse, “Popular activities here include lake excursions, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, skiing at Cerro Catedral (South America’s largest ski resort) and endless options for hikers,” she recommends. Zero surprise that Bariloche is a good base for exploring the great outdoors.

17. Douro River, Portugal

Where to Travel - Douro River
  • Who Put it On Their List: Forbes & Travel + Leisure
  • Best Time to Visit: Autumn

Since my own trip to Lisbon in early 2013, Portugal’s star has been on the rise. First it was the capital city (Lisbon), then coastal Porto took the limelight… Now everyone’s starting to rave about Portugal’s Douro River Valley – it made two lists for where to travel in 2020!

Dale Johnson is a travel blogger who has spent time in Porto and even on the Douro River itself. “The Duoro is the beating heart of Porto, but it can also lead you to many of the city’s hidden gems, away from the popular tourist spots,” he says. You can experience the Douro as a day-trip while in Porto.

What will you experience on the Douro? “Heading toward the Atlantic, I recommend you head south, to Gaia,” Johnson suggests. “Gaia is where the fishermen dock and bring in their catch for the day. Continue further down the water, and you’ll reach a little-known bird sanctuary in a wetlands reserve. It’s so peaceful there, and a great place to relax, unwind, and watch the world go by.”

The Douro continues inland to the Portuguese border with Spain (and well into Spain itself). It is increasingly popular as a multi-day river cruise, too. Cruise concierge Connell Green teases what you’ll experience on a Douro River Cruise, saying “The Douro is a truly magical part of the world with a plethora of port wine estates to indulge in, as well as some fantastic scenery available for visitors to enjoy, with quaint villages dotted along the hillside to add to the regions charm.”

It’s zero surprise that literally everyone wants to cruise, drink, and Instagram their way along the Douro in 2020.

18. Maldives

  • Who Put it On Their List: Google & National Geographic
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter, Spring

As climate change continues to threaten coastal communities, the Maldives remains a top bucket list destination for many of us. This is especially true in the Instagram era where we all want those fancy drone shots of crystalline waters and private beach access. But being bucket list-worthy doesn’t mean you should skip on experience culture too.

Travel blogger Luda Berndyk visited the Maldives in September 2018. “If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, I recommend mixing it up and visiting both local and resort islands,” she advises.

“Everyone has heard of the mega-luxurious overwater bungalow resorts, but there are also plenty of islands that are off the beaten path! Ease your way into the Maldives by starting in the capital, Male, before taking a traditional boat over to Maafushi, Himmafushi, or Guraidho. There are plenty of guest houses on each island so that you can have an authentic local experience.”

19. Salzburg, Austria

Where to Travel - Salzburg
  • Who Put it On Their List: Lonely Planet & The New York Times
  • Related Destinations on Other Lists: Two other Austrian locations made other lists
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Autumn

This is it – the final entrant on my master meta where to travel in 2020 list! Nestled in the nook of Austria’s western-reaching arm, Salzburg has been a popular day trip for visitors in southern Germany; it’s a short two-hour train ride between Munich and this Austrian city. But make 2020 the year you spend more than a few hours in Mozart’s hometown. You’ll discover that the hills are pretty much alive with music, culture, history, and more.

Travel blogger Arzo Nayel shared her thoughts on why Salzburg should make your where to travel list this year, saying, “Salzburg is one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Many even say it is more beautiful than its bigger sister, Vienna.”

“There is so much history in this city – make sure to visit Fortress Hohensalzburg and learn about the history as well as enjoy the views from there,” Nayel also advises. “The Mirabell Palace and Garden is a must-see and it doesn’t really matter if you visit the palace itself or just stroll the garden – you will fall in love with Salzburg. And for more great views do a short hike up Kauzinerberg and enjoy the views from there.”

Runners Up

Wait, 19 places? What a weird number! Well, dear readers, as I crunched the data, I hit 19 places – and then had a tie for the next place. All four of these runner-ups made the same number of lists (2). They also all managed to rank in the same position on those lists which ranked them.

On the list of runners up for where to travel in 2020:

  • Portland, Maine – Maine’s capital city is having a moment. Those beyond the New England region are beginning to realize it’s delightful in the summer months and the food scene is booming. It’s off the main big-city trek through that part of the U.S., but well worth the diversion.
  • Cairo, Egypt – After opening the Grand Egyptian Museum last year, Cairo made pretty much every list for 2019 – and it stuck on for some of them in 2020. Specifically, can expect better safety and more chances to explore the city as the years go by; my understanding is that Cairo is ready to welcome tourism on the ground, despite what headlines say.
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia – If literal paradise didn’t make the list at least twice a year, what kind of travel-inspiring list would this be? In addition to the Maldives (#18), Bora Bora continues to beckon and even I’m finagling to try and get there this year. Maybe I can swing it as a honeymoon destination?
  • North Macedonia – You can always trust a few lists to include the ‘newest’ countries and territories. While North Macedonia has been its own country for a long time, it was finally recognized by its desired name in 2018. This makes it among the ‘youngest’ countries (in its new name) in the world.

Notes on the Source Lists Themselves

Where to Travel - Runner Up - North Macedonia

One last note before wrapping this up! Of the 17 expert lists I used as sources for this post, there were only 317 unique places of 369 places recommended. Some lists had quite a lot of overlap with other lists – others had very little.

The most duplicated list of where to travel in 2020 came from Frommers. 50% of their list was made up of places also recommended on other lists!

Whether this is a result of them being one of the first to publish each year (mid-November) and others using the list as inspiration – or a more concerning possibility that some of the destinations on these lists petition and pitch for inclusion – it’s worth considering how unique each list is.

For comparison, Lonely Planet leads the pack by publishing their Best in Travel lists in October each year and their lists are 33% unique; The New York Times 52 Places list is the most hotly anticipated and their list is 27% unique.

One list was decidedly unique: The Airbnb list included 90% unique places and only 10% overlap with other lists. Airbnb chose their list based on year-over-year growth for the locations included; so their list is more comprised of “rising stars” than a combination of such destinations, tried-and-true spots, and any other criteria the other publications used.

Just some interesting food for thought to wrap this all up!

All that said, which of these destinations top your list of where to travel in 2020? Or is your top trip somewhere else? Let me know in the comments!

Sources: AFAR, Airbnb, American Express, Conde Nast Traveler (US), Conde Nast Traveller (UK), CNN, Fodors, Forbes, Frommers, Google, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, The New York Times, Travel + Leisure



Great list – I love your methods! Also, Tokyo (or Japan in general) would make for a fantastic honeymoon spot. I also love that Portland, ME made the Runners Up list – I would highly recommend (not that I am biased about my hometown, but it is great)! Happy 2020 to you!


Thanks for checking out my list, Jenn! We’ll see if we end up in Tokyo or maybe somewhere else on the list 😉 (Also I didn’t know you were from Portland! I would love to get back there for more time.)


I love your suggestions and appreciate all your work. Do you know anything about Spain? We are going on a biking (ebike) trip the beginning of June. The starting point is in Seville and finish in Alhambra Palace. Then we will travel to Barcelona for a couple of days.


Great to hear from you, Cathie! I haven’t spent a ton of time in Spain and actually haven’t been to Barcelona since 2013 so I’m not sure my advice is current. I did love the tapas and champagne bar La Xampanyeria while there!

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