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I’ve never done a post like this before.

Usually, my blog posts are focused on places I’ve been, sharing stories of what I’ve done. I provide advice to you, my readers, so you can have a great trip too. Rarely do I prescribe what you should do – I try to just advise you what I did and how you can do the same. I know that your PTO is a precious resource and I try to provide tips to help you make the most of it.

For 2019, I’m starting a new annual post: where to travel in the coming year. I’ve picked 12 destinations I love and share why you should visit them in each of the months in 2019. I’ve also linked in tons of blog posts so you can find the travel resources you need to plan a trip to any (or all) of these destinations. I can promise that if you head to one of these destinations, it will be PTO well-spent on an unforgettable trip!

Without further ado, here’s where to travel in 2019… according to yours truly.

Where to Travel in January: Prague

Prague Itinerary Featured 2Prague has been my top recommended destination in January for about as long as I have been sharing stories on this blog! After all, one of my first successful posts was Should You Visit Prague in January? Here are Six Reasons Why.

While Prague is undoubtedly fun to visit in the summer, I wouldn’t know – I’ve only ever visited in the winter months! Prague in the winter looks like a frosted fairytale town and you can enjoy hot mulled wine and the sweet trdelnik pastry while exploring the cobbled streets in old town. Airfares are cheaper and the crowds are thinner. Just remember to pack winter clothes – it’s chilly in Prague in January!

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Where to Travel in February: New Orleans

New Orleans - Jackson SquareMost travel writers say omg skip New Orleans during Mardi Gras, it’s the woooorst.

I’ve been to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras – and I’ve been there at other times of the year. If it’s your first trip to NOLA or you’ve been before but never for Mardi Gras, plan a trip! There’s nothing quite like the debauchery of Bourbon Street or the marching bands and parades day and night throughout town. Be sure to stop at Cafe du Monde for fresh beignets and coffee to warm up.

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Where to Travel in March: Ireland

Ireland Packing List FeaturedThe emerald isle turns a distinctly emerald shade during the rainy month of March – and you can visit Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you choose to focus your time in the Irish capital city or explore the countryside and drive the Wild Atlantic Way, pretty much every blogger I’ve met (including myself, hi! ??) is charmed by Ireland. People are friendly, the seafood is delicious, and the Guinness flows liberally… what’s not to love?

In late 2018, I published a bunch of resources for traveling to Ireland, so you’re going to be set if you check out the links below.

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Where to Travel in April: Lisbon

I visited Lisbon in February, which was a great escape from London’s dreary winter weather… but I still think Lisbon would have been better a few months later as temperatures warmed.

Lisbon has been on the global stage for a few years now as a popular tourist destination, so planning a shoulder season trip and visiting in April will cut down on costs and avoid the summer swarm of fellow travelers. Be sure to explore Lisbon’s beautiful parks, sip red wine, eat egg tarts, and take in some nightlife.

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Where to Travel in May: Alaska

Alaska is my home state, and I spent 15 years growing up there. Fun though, I didn’t write much about travel in Alaska until I moved away and started traveling back myself. One of the best trips I took to Alaska was aboard Uncruise in May 2017. You could still feel the bite of winter in the mornings, but the weather and temperatures were both improving and wildlife was quite active. A few weeks later, I went back for a Memorial Day weekend trip and it was even better.

Planning a trip in mid- to late May will allow you to see all Alaska has to offer without the crowds of cruise season (June to August). You’ll also get a flavor for the longer days and approach of the midnight sun of midsummer.

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Where to Travel in June: the Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast HighwayIt seems like summer break starts (even for those of us with jobs) and we all want to escape, right? The Pacific Coast Highway is my favorite road trip in the U.S. because it allows you to see so much of the country plus enjoy the rugged Pacific coastline.

Set out from Seattle and drive southbound as far as San Diego… Along the way, you’ll pass massive sea stacks and elephant seals, plus you can visit cities like Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. You can also pop off in smaller communities like Carmel-by-the-Sea and Huntington Beach. In between, you’ll have long stretched of winding coastline to navigate and admire.

Read more about driving the PCH:

If you’re planning to drive the PCH, I have city guides and tips for many places along the way. Email me, I’m happy to advise you how to make the most of the trip.

Where to Travel in July: London

10 Days in London - FeaturedLondon, sweet London – my favorite city in the world! ??❤️

I think London is always beautiful, but there’s no city on earth as beautiful as London when the sun is shining. That’s why July is the perfect time to visit my favorite city. Yes, the summer crowds and sweltering temps on the Tube will be annoying… but you’ll also get to enjoy warm weather and sunny days. I can’t do justice to London in a little blurb like this, so if you’re tempted to visit, check the links below for all the info you need (spoilers: my 10 Days in London post is 8,000 words!).

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Where to Travel in August: Greece

Sailing in GreeceCopy the Europeans: when the weather gets hot and you’re on holiday in August, head to Greece! I spent 10 days in Greece in 2016 including a week sailing… and there is no better way to cool off than by taking a dip in the Med. Afterward, sample fresh seafood or go for the classic lamb gyro; both pair with ouzo perfectly.

Athens is a goldmine for history buffs or you can head out to the islands for picture-perfect views and sunset sailing opportunities. If you head to the far western or eastern islands, you’ll escape the crowds and find yourself where they only speak Greek.

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Where to Travel in September: Dubrovnik

Mr. V and I spent a month based in Dubrovnik in September 2016 and was easily one of my favorite destinations from that multi-month trip (we regularly talk about running away to there again!). September is peak tourist season in Croatia, as cruise ships disgorge hundreds of tourists per day to pound the cobbled streets of Old Town Dubrovnik.

Instead, escape the crowds, stay outside the walls of Old Town, and explore the local beaches and restaurants. You’ll be surprised how quickly it might feel like home.

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Where to Travel in October: Romania

Bucharest Travel Guide FeaturedRomania is a perfect autumn destination, as the Carpathian mountains turn from green to reds, yellows, and browns. Bucharest will cool off from the hot summer days, and you can set out to explore Transylvania for a one- or multi-day tour. There you’ll find castles and palaces so opulent and cozy that you might not want to leave – as well as the legend of Dracula which seems ultimately fitting this time of year!

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Where to Travel in November: Jordan

I originally traveled to Jordan in May 2016, and loved my trip with one exception: it was too darn hot! Other than that, it was a great trip with welcoming people, delicious food, and insane bucket list experiences. I’ve wanted to go back to Jordan for over two years, and I’m delighted to announce I’m leading a tour there in November 2019!

Join me and fellow space enthusiasts for the Jordan Stars-to-Mars 8-day experience. We’ll visit Petra by night, stay in the Martian Domes of Wadi Rum, and meet local astronomers in Amman. All the details are here on Space Tourism Guide. I hope you can join me!

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Where to Travel in December: Germany

Rothenburg, Germany in WinterLet’s be honest: Germany is great year-round. Germany blooms in the spring, is lush and warm in the summer, and the beer is flowing in the autumn. In winter though, snow blankets the country, turning Berlin to a crystalline city and coating the castles and fairytale towns of southern Germany with a glittering blanket of snow.

Germany is home to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe, where you can sip mulled wine and enjoy hot pretzels or sausage from vendors. Leading into the holiday season, I can’t think of a better place to get in the spirit.

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There you go! 12 months of travel inspiration for the coming year. I hope you’ll be able to tick one of these destinations off your list or join me in Jordan to experience all that country has to offer. If you have questions about any of these destinations or want to tell me which one is on your list, let me know in the comments!

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