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Where to Stay in Whittier, Alaska: A Guide to All Your Options

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Growing up, my memories of Whittier are limited to a few things: stormy weather and seasickness are chief among them. But that’s not what Whittier is always like, and now that I’ve visited a few more times (most recently in September 2021), and know better. Whittier really can be “prettier” rather than, well, “poopier” is the nicer way to say it…

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What I’d really love is to spend a night or two in Whittier to soak in all the small community has to offer, such as the 26 Glacier Cruise, jet-skiing, and some hiking trails that are on my must-do-someday list. If you’re already planning to spend part of your Alaska itinerary in Whittier, you might be wondering about where to stay in Whittier. That’s where this post can help!

To be completely honest: your options for where to stay in Whittier are limited… to four. Below you’ll find them all, as well as a breakdown of the differences so you can choose the right one for your travel style and budget. Ready to dive into the list? Let’s pass through the iconic Anton Anderson Tunnel and see what you can book.

Inn at Whittier

Nestled against the picturesque Prince William Sound, the Inn at Whittier offers a cozy retreat with breathtaking waterfront views. The rooms are nice – smaller but very functional, and while the furnishings are dated, they give a lot of charm to this seaside inn.

The best of all is the restaurant – it has a warm cozy vibe, and you get to stare out the window and watch sea lions as you indulge in clam chowder. The inn’s convenient location provides easy access to the town’s attractions, making it an ideal base for exploration.

Rooms typically start around $80 per night; book on or directly on their website, but…

Note: The Inn at Whittier is temporarily closed indefinitely due to water damage, so you may want to check other Whittier hotels on the list. I chose to include it anyway as it’s far and away the nicest and best choice for where to stay in Whittier.

Anchor Inn

The Anchor Inn is another great option if you’re looking for a one-night stay. Located near the harbor, this hotel provides easy access to cruises and fishing adventures. The rooms aren’t fancy if that’s what you’re looking for, but they are clean, and the staff is nice and accommodating.

Like many other hotels in Whittier, it has an onsite restaurant known for its fresh catches – some say it serves the best halibut fish and chips around this area.

It seems that the Anchor Inn might only be open seasonally; I’ve heard from travelers trying to arrange their 2024 trips that they aren’t answering calls at this point in the year (midwinter 2023-2024).

Rooms start from $95 per night; book directly on their website.

Glacier View Condo Suites

You may have heard that “everyone in Whittier lives in one building…” Well, it’s true! And you can join them during your stay! All you need to do is book one of the Glacier View Condo Suites, which is a sister property to the Anchor Inn.

All units boast panoramic views – try to book the Mountain View room; you can open the window and hear the water running off the snow-capped mountains! As for the amenities, they are perfect if you want more comfort and control over your meals and such; they come fully equipped with a living room, refrigerator, microwave, kitchen sink, dining area, and a private full bathroom. 

Suites start from $95 per night; book directly on their website.

​​June’s Whittier Condo Suites

Last but not least, June’s Whittier Condo Suites is another option for where to stay in Whittier; it too is located in the Begich Towers (the “one building” where everyone lives in Whittier). June, your hostess, manages several condos in the Towers, so you’ve got choices. For example, the Moose Meadow Suite has a clear and clever theme, whereas the Crow’s Nest Suite has top-notch views from a higher floor.

Speaking of your hostess, in addition to ensuring you’re set for where to stay, she will also ensure you experience authentic Alaskan hospitality. She’ll give you recommendations on where to walk, and where to eat dinner, and share some history of Whittier.

The spacious condos are ideal for families or groups, featuring well-appointed kitchens, bath/shower, TV, and DVD players. The building also has a store and laundry facilities, and if you get a harbor view room, you’ll have a fantastic view of the city, harbor, and mountains. 

(There are also a few similar units listed on Airbnb; I don’t think these are part of June’s properties though.)

Condos start from $195 per night (April to September only, with monthly rentals only during the winter); book directly on their website.

Have any questions about your options for where to stay in Whittier? Let me know in the comments below!

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