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Where to Stay in Skagway: The Best Hotels & Inns in the Klondike Gateway

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Tucked away in the scenic panorama of Alaska’s Inside Passage, Skagway serves as a portal to the past, where the echoes of the Klondike Gold Rush still resonate. This charming town, steeped in history and surrounded by the raw beauty of untouched wilderness, is an absolute gem on any Alaska itinerary.

When it comes to where to stay in Skagway, this small Alaskan town offers a range of options that blend comfort, hospitality, and a sense of adventure; there aren’t a ton of hotels or inns in Skagway, but there’s something for every traveler and every budget.

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I’ve been fortunate to visit Skagway several times – both while growing up in Alaska and again as recently as June 2022 as part of a Windstar Cruise.

From cozy bed and breakfasts that offer a slice of home in the wild, to historic inns that transport you back to the Gold Rush era, to well-equipped campgrounds for those who wish to sleep under the northern stars – Skagway has it all. Let’s explore the best places to stay in Skagway, where the spirit of the Klondike Gold Rush is just a sleep away.

This post was originally published in May 2023, and was updated most recently in May 2024.

Historic Skagway Inn

The Historic Skagway Inn is a fantastic option for where to stay in Skagway, mainly because of its history. 

The inn was built in 1897 during the height of the Klondike Gold Rush and used to operate as a brothel. It’s full of historical details. For example, the rooms are all named after girls who used to live and work in the area.

This inn is very much on the European model: several of the rooms are “tight” but functional. The bed and linen are comfortable and soft, and the bathrooms and showers work well. Some of the rooms share bathroom facilities in the hall. It’s also very convenient to get around.

Location-wise, the inn is right downtown within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

Rooms start from $219 per night; book on or

Westmark Inn Skagway

If you’re coming over the White Pass from Whitehorse and need a hotel for one night before boarding the ferry, Westmark Inn Skagway is one of the best hotels in Skagway for you. The hotel is clean and has a nice old vibe of the miner days. It has a great location near all the walking attractions of the town. As for the amenities, the basics are covered: renovated rooms, comfy beds, a little coffee maker in the room, and good showers.

There is also a laundry facility as well as a mini Starbucks coffee bar – this is the only place with good wifi (the lounge and coffee area). If you come by car, there’s a parking lot just across the street.

Rooms start from $129 per night; book on,, or directly.

Morning Wood Hotel

Photo courtesy of Morning Wood Hotel

Few Skagway hotels have a more perfect location than the Morning Wood Hotel – ridiculous name and logo aside. This property is close to Broadway and a short 5-minute walk to the airport or ferry terminal. It’s also within walking distance of shopping, bars, and restaurants.

Though you won’t need them as there’s a bar (Happy Endings – another wild name!) and restaurant (The Station) attached to each side of the hotel. The rooms are spotlessly clean and the beds are comfortable, just like the bathroom, which is cutely decorated.

If you are a light sleeper, this hotel is very quiet considering its location.

Rooms start from $125 per night; book directly.

At The White House

Dustin and Chelsey are the owners and hosts of At The White House, which for some is one of the best places for where to stay in Skagway.

The hotel is housed in a 1902 vintage building. The couple has done an excellent job at making the hotel feel modern and spacious while keeping its historic charm. Rooms are quiet, clean, and well-appointed with a private bathroom. The beds are comfortable, and the linens are clean and cozy. It’s conveniently located two blocks off the main drag, serving as an excellent base to explore Skagway and the surrounding area. Oh, and the baked goods in the morning are amazing!

Rooms start from $175 per night; book on or directly.

Sgt. Preston’s Lodge

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Preston’s Lodge

Sgt. Preston’s Lodge is a hidden little gem in the heart of Skagway. But before I dive into the perks of staying here, let me tell you: it’s only open during winter; Sgt. Preston’s Lodge serves off-season visitors only. (During the summer, it’s seasonal housing for the folks who come to work in Skagway and support your awesome experiences there!)

This lodge defines itself as funky and eclectic. And it sure is. It’s meant for people who want to completely disconnect from the routine. There’s no wifi, no TV, and no cable. Rooms are spacious and decorated with beautiful furniture and little touches that make it feel like a 5-star motel. The beds are comfortable and the bathroom is huge.

Rooms start from $129 per night; book directly.

Bonus: Chilkoot Trail Outpost

Photo courtesy of Chilkoot Trail Outpost

This hotel isn’t exactly in Skagway, but it’s worth the detour. Located 0.5 miles from the head of the Chilkoot Trail, the Chilkoot Trail Outpost is a stunning cabin from head to toe.

Kathy and Fred, the owners, have built a stunning retreat, where every detail has been considered. We’re talking about real log cabins! The craftsmanship and cleanliness of the buildings are immaculate, the beds have hand-sewn quilts, the breakfast is fantastic, drinks and complimentary s’mores are delicious, and the outdoor firepit is lit every night. So many details, that it’s hard to list them!

One last tip? Don’t leave without trying the fresh raspberry sundae. It is so good you’ll want to lick the bowl.

Rooms start from $185 per night; book directly.

While there aren’t tons of options for accommodations in Skagway, these are your best options; you might also want to check my suggestions for where to stay in Haines if you’re okay staying a bit further from Skagway but in the same part of Alaska.

Have any questions about where to stay in Skagway or other places that I didn’t include on my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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