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Where to Stay in Sitka: 7 Top Hotels, Lodges & Vacation Rentals

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While Alaska is big enough to spend a lifetime exploring and not see it all, I’ve been fortunate to visit many of the more populous parts of the state – and if I’m completely honest, I’ve developed a few favorites over the years. Denali has long been my top destination in Alaska (I can’t even believe some people consider skipping Denali!) and after a few trips in the past few years, Sitka has jumped up to claim a close second spot in my heart.

Most people visit Sitka as part of an Alaska cruise and only spend a day in Sitka (or part of one); if you’re anything like me, a short trip will just leave you wanting more. So if you’re already in-the-know about how great Sitka is and planning a trip that includes an overnight (or two), you’ll need somewhere to stay in Sitka.

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Below you’ll find a list of the places I most recommend for where to stay in Sitka. These properties vary greatly from locally owned independent options to chain hotels to luxury stays to fishing lodges – that’s how much Sitka has to offer!

So give this post a read and then you’ll be able to tick off another item in your Alaska planning to-dos and have your Sitka accommodations sorted. (I also have suggestions for where to eat in Sitka if you need tips on that too.)

In this post, I promote travel to a destination that is the Lingít Aaní (traditional lands) of the Kiks.ádi clan of the Sheet’-ká X’áat’l Tlingit people. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation and respect to the past and present people of these lands. To learn more about the peoples who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Native Land.

This post was originally published in December 2022, and was updated most recently in May 2024.

Sitka Hotel

The Sitka Hotel is my top recommendation for where to stay in Sitka if you want to be right in the heart of the town. Restaurants, trails, bars, everything is within walking distance.

The hotel itself is nice and covers all the basics; rooms were renovated within the past few years, so they’re nice by Alaska standards. The rooms are clean and functional, the breakfast has decent options, the wifi is good, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Moreover, the hotel offers a convenient shuttle service to the airport and the Alaska State Ferry terminal.

The only thing to consider before booking a room at Sitka Hotel is that the property sits next to a bar, which may play loud music into the early morning hours.

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Aspen Suites Sitka

Looking for a practical hotel? Aspen Suites Sitka is your go-to option, then. When it comes to amenities, this hotel covers all the basics and is great if you want to spend a longer time visiting Sitka, since all rooms are suites with a small kitchen and larger room area.

The rooms are comfortable and set up well with a good-sized bathroom. The kitchen is stocked with a microwave, two burner glass top stove plus a full-sized fridge for extended visits. The staff is friendly and professional. It also has a small gym for visitors.

Location-wise, Aspen Suites Sitka is high in the heart of downtown. You can walk almost anywhere in town and have good restaurants within a small radius. You can walk almost anywhere in town and there are good restaurants within a small radius.

The Aspen Suites is where Mr. V and I stayed during our Sitka trip in September 2021.

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Longliner Sitka

With friendly staff, excellent location, comfortable rooms, and beautiful views, it isn’t hard to see why the Longliner Sitka always makes it to the list of the best places for where to stay in Sitka. The hotel’s best asset is the staff, who welcome all visitors as family members. They’ll give you spot-on recommendations for local hikes and restaurants, drive you to the main attractions in Sitka, and even pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

The hotel’s setting is stunning, right by the waterfront in Sitka. There’s a beautiful open deck overlooking the channel, so you can sit and enjoy the fresh ocean air while watching fishing boats motoring through rafts of mewing gulls, gigantic sea lions, and cute little sea otters.

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Westmark Sitka

The Westmark Sitka is an excellent alternative for a short stay in Sitka. The building is a bit dated but well-kept and you can’t beat the location. You’ll find clean, comfortable rooms – not to mention amazing views of the bay. Its great location is within walking distance of downtown attractions and the hotel offers a shuttle to and from the airport.

But the true highlight here at the Westmark is the bar, kept by a local, Ramon, who makes everyone happy and comfortable with his unique style and fabulous drinks. Overall, this hotel is a good choice of amenities and a cheaper rate.

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Wild Strawberry Lodge

Photos courtesy of Wild Strawberry Lodge

Many people coming to Sitka often ask, “when’s the best time to fish for king salmon and where should I go?” If that’s you, Wild Strawberry Lodge is one of the top fishing lodges and makes my list of where to stay in Sitka.

Read a few reviews, and you’ll notice right away how other guests swear they’ve had some of the best fishing days in this lodge. And it’s true, thanks to their amazing captain and expert crew you’ll get your limits of King Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, and Rockfish. 

The actual lodging is quite simple – imagine you’re staying at a friend’s cabin, nothing fancy. The staff is the most courteous people, creating a comfortable and inviting environment. Owner Teresa puts out an awesome spread at dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Be ready to spend your day enjoying drinks, snacks, and mouthwatering food. I highly recommend the lodge if you enjoy awesome fishing, relaxing, great food, and taking in all of the beauty the great state of Alaska has to offer.

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Talon Lodge & Spa

Photos courtesy of Talon Lodge

Few hotels excel at pampering their guests, like the Talon Lodge. Staying here is nothing short of the most incredible Alaska luxury lodge you can experience.

The food (chef-prepared gourmet meals that are to die for), customer service, and fishing are beyond exceptional. When you get to the hotel, the staff introduce themselves and remember your name throughout your stay. The fishing guides know what they are doing and go the extra mile to ensure you are being taken care of.

Seclusion is also one of the hotel’s assets. The Lodge is pretty much its own island, and it’s only a 10-minute boat ride from the docks to the island where the lodge is located. Simply said, if you are looking for a luxury Sitka stay, this is the place.

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Sitka Lighthouse

Photos courtesy of Sitka Lighthouse

Speaking of luxury properties, Sitka Lighthouse is another of the Sitka hotels offering a prime stay for their guests. Sitka Lighthouse is a working lighthouse turned into an over-the-top vacation rental. 

It is decorated like something you would see in a magazine. The amenities are far too many to list. A firepit and hot tub on the deck, a fully stocked kitchen, a master bedroom, four bunk bedrooms, and an observation floor on top with 360 views of the island and ocean. Teal, the owner, has really thought of everything. Moreover, you have the whole little island to yourself.

Keep your eyes peeled at all times. You’ll enjoy amazing views all around you, with eagles nesting right next to the lighthouse and otters, seals, and sea lions swimming in the Sitka waters. If you are looking for something private and a little different, treat yourself to the Lighthouse. You will be delighted with your experience.

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Have any questions about these places I recommend for where to stay in Sitka, or other places to stay in Sitka? Let me know in the comments!

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