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Where to Stay in Juneau: 7 Great B&Bs and Hotels in the Alaskan Capital

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Despite not visiting often as a kid growing up in Alaska, I’ve developed a soft spot for Southeast Alaska and the cities there. Alaska’s capital city of Juneau is one of those must-visit spots, though many visitors only have a few hours in town, usually on a cruise excursion as part of their Alaska cruise. If cruising isn’t for you and you know you want to spend time in Juneau, you’ll need a night or two to see the main sights and enjoy the experiences the city has to offer.

In that case, you’ll need somewhere to stay in Juneau – and as the capital, there are a surprising number of options. These vary from vacation rentals to individual rooms, as well as B&Bs and Hotels. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tended to book these latter categories, and am guessing you do too. In that case, this list of where to stay in Juneau will be a great help for you.

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Below you’ll find a list of the top places I recommend to stay in Juneau, from historic hotels to chain names you might recognize – and a few locally-run smaller spots that are fantastic if you can get a room. (Pro-tip: book all Alaska accommodation at least three months in advance!). If you’re ready to get this part of your Alaska itinerary sorted, read on and you’ll soon be browsing things to do and places to eat to round-out your Juneau experience.

In this post, I promote travel to a destination that is the Lingít Aaní of the Áak’w Ḵwáan (Tlingit) people. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation and respect to the past and present people of these lands. To learn more about the peoples who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Native Land.

This post was originally published in October 2022, and was updated most recently in April 2024.

The Alaskan Hotel & Bar

The Alaskan Hotel & Bar is one of the all-time favorite hotels in Juneau. How could it not be? It’s got a great location, a terrific price, and lots of character. 

A family-owned property, the hotel was built in 1913 and still retains its original architecture. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back to 1913 and are in Alaska seeking your own fortune and fate, as many early travelers and prospectors did. The Alaskan Hotel & Bar has one of Juneau’s best local bars to hang out. The bar does different activities during the week and keeps it interesting, with karaoke, dancing, and live bands. While I haven’t stayed here, I have enjoyed a drink at the bar, and many of my fellow travelers on my Alaskan rafting adventure in the summer of 2022 stayed here and loved it.

If you’re sold, here are some considerations before you book… The rooms are small and many don’t have bathrooms and showers; however, the public bathrooms and showers are in excellent condition. As a heads up, there’s no elevator – if you have mobility issues, keep this in mind when booking.

Rooms from $98/night; book on or

Silverbow Inn Hotel

If your definition of a good hotel is a personable staff, then there’s no better place than the Silverbow Inn Hotel for where to stay in Juneau.

The Silverbow Inn Hotel is a lovely and quirky hotel located in the heart of Juneau. From the lobby to the bedrooms, the hotel has put lots of thought into the amenities and facilities. The shower and toiletries are all high end and the WiFi is incredibly fast for those of us who have to do a little work during our stay. The staff is small but mighty and will go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.

One thing travelers love about the Silverbow Inn is the 24/7 self-serve snack/breakfast bar. There you’ll find delicious foods available at your leisure – you’ll love the hot cocoa and teas to warm your soul each morning. Like many of its counterparts, the hotel has no elevator, so if you are older and would find it difficult to carry luggage up a short flight of stairs, it may not be for you.

Rooms from $300/night; book on or

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton is one of the few national hotel chains in town. This is one of the best hotels in Juneau if you’re looking for standard comforts at a reasonable price by Alaska standards. This is where Mr. V and I stayed before our week aboard Alaskan Dream Cruises in 2021, and it’s a nice option in the heart of downtown Juneau.

The whole hotel has been recently renovated. Rooms are well appointed, cozy, and have comfortable beds. Not to mention that you’ll wake up to a view of the sunrise over the ocean in the morning. There’s a fitness facility that’s very good for how compact it is; you’ll find all the equipment you need to complete whatever workout you are in need of doing. The restaurant in the lobby is a joy to eat from as well. Finally, the hotel is in the perfect location facing the waterfront in downtown Juneau.

Rooms from $249/night; book on or

Alaska’s Capital Inn B&B

Once you set foot on Alaska’s Capital Inn B&B, you might just swear it is the only hotel you’ll ever stay in when visiting Juneau. The truth is that you’ll have a hard time finding a better place for where to stay in Juneau than this delightful bed and breakfast; it’s a great alternative to the other hotels on this list. 

Alaska’s Capital Inn B&B has everything going for it: charm, a central location, and kind staff. Owners Linda and Mark, who also manage the property, make sure their guests have everything they need, from the moment they arrive to the moment they depart. You’ll be fed with scrumptious meals, pampered with comfortable rooms, and set up with the transportation you need to follow your itinerary.

Every morning, they serve delicious and ample breakfasts, full of options to suit a variety of tastes. Besides breakfast, there are snacks, coffee, and tea available all day and wine is served in the afternoon. The hotel also has a cozy living room and front porch; two stunning places to unwind at the end of the day. Alaska’s Capital Inn B&B is on the expensive side, but as you’ll see, it’s worth every penny.

Rooms from $214/night; book on or

Jorgenson House Luxury B&B

For another bed and breakfast option, the century-old Jorgenson House Luxury B&B (originally built in 1915) is marketed as a luxurious boutique inn. However, it’s gone to great lengths to preserve the intimacy and warmth of family-run accommodation. 

Renda is the most welcoming host and treats you like family from the moment you book your accommodations. During your stay, you’ll enjoy gourmet dining, modern suites, and sweeping mountain views. Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to the staff. Whatever you ask for here, the answer is yes – within reason, of course! The staff is happy to help you coordinate your activities and give you information to navigate the town.

Rooms from $595/night; they only allow bookings directly on their website.

Baranof Downtown Hotel

An older hotel, the Baranof Downtown Hotel still has all you need to have a pleasant stay in Juneau; it’s part of the Best Western family though that isn’t obvious from the marketing/branding of the hotel. To be honest, the hotel’s best asset is its location. It is within walking distance of shopping and dining venues, the waterfront, and hiking trails. However, some travelers find the noise from ships being docked a bit annoying.

As for the amenities, the rooms are rustic and a bit dated but sufficient; they feature comfortable beds, showers with hot water on demand, and good wifi. This hotel also houses the Bubble Room, a great bar to sip a few drinks and enjoy delicious meals during your stay in Juneau. 

Rooms from $246/night; book on or

Aspen Suites Hotel Juneau 

Last but not least, I wanted to include one option that is out near the airport rather than in downtown Juneau. Aspen Suites Hotel is also one of the best places to stay in Juneau if you’re coming with your family since you’ll get more bang for your buck (aka more space for kiddos without outrageous prices). I haven’t stayed at the Juneau location, but I did stay at the Aspen Suites in Sitka and it was so nice to have plenty of space and in-room amenities.

This hotel features large rooms that are well set up for extended stays. They also include a fully-equipped kitchen area, with plates, utensils, etc. The hotel is right next to the airport, so this would be a better location for travelers with a rental car. At the same time, you should also consider this hotel if an early morning flight is your concern.

Two main downsides to keep in mind: first, you’ll be out near the airport rather than near the main attractions and restaurants of downtown Juneau. You’ll need a car to make the most of your time in Juneau. Second, some visitors have said the internet’s iffy – if you’re visiting Juneau and need to get work done, this might not be the best spot.

Rooms from $155/night; book on or

So there you have it: the places I recommend for where to stay in Juneau, across the range of amenities, prices, and styles. Have any questions about these top B&Bs and hotels in Juneau, or other places you’re considering staying in the capital city? Let me know in the comments below!

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