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Where to Eat in Denali: A Local’s Guide to 12 Great Restaurants

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Choosing favorites is hard, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite place to visit in Alaska, it’s Denali.

Growing up in Alaska, I was fortunate to visit Denali National Park many times. I also worked in Denali for one summer, selling tours for one of the major cruise companies. Since moving out of Alaska, I’ve made return trips often, riding the Denali buses all the way back to Mile 92.5 before the road closure in 2021 – and even taking the shorter bus tour a few weeks after the road closed. I never get tired of exploring Denali National Park and the surrounding region. All this to say: I love Denali, and I know Denali well.

In addition to the great outdoors and one humbling huge mountain, there is a small tourism-based community each summer, which includes the train depot, several places to eat in Denali, as well as hotels for overnight accommodation.

Where to Eat in Denali Hero

As you plan your Denali itinerary, you might wonder if there are enough good restaurants for the number of days you have – and which ones to choose with your limited time. For that reason, I wrote this list of the best restaurants in Denali… according to me! This is not a comprehensive list, and it is not algorithmically based on reviews or any other data; it is my personal list of recommendations, based on all the time I’ve spent in Denali and my love for the area.

If you’re ready to sink your teeth into my list of Denali restaurant recommendations and sort out where you’ll be eating during your Denali trip, read on – these are some delicious options.

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In this post, I promote travel to a destination that is the traditional lands of the Tanana and Dënéndeh peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation and respect to the past and present people of these lands. To learn more about the peoples who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Native Land.

This post was originally published in March 2022, and was updated most recently in January 2024.

Where to Eat in Denali (Map)

Where to Eat in Denali Map
Click to interact with the map – also to see 49th State Brewing (N) and 229 Parks (S)

Before diving into the list of restaurants in Denali I recommend, I wanted to share a map so you could get oriented to where the majority of restaurants are in Denali. If you click the map image above, it will open a custom map in a separate tab or window – then you can move around the map to see how most restaurants I recommend are in the Nenana Canyon area one mile north of the Denali park entrance. There are a few other restaurants I recommend further away, and I explain more about both of those in the list below.

Now that you’re oriented, let’s go through each of the places to eat in Denali that I love – and why!

Moose-AKa’s – Best in Show (In Town)

  • Address: Mile 238.9 Parks Hwy
  • Website:
  • Must-Try: The Meze Platter followed by Sarma

In writing these lists of where to eat in various parts of Alaska, I always find it easy to come up with one place I recommend to literally anyone and everyone. I call this the “Best in Show” restaurant since my experience there was so good that I can’t imagine anyone having a bad experience. In Denali, that place is Moose-AKa’s, a restaurant I was genuinely uncertain about and almost skipped.

Moose-AKa’s is an Eastern European taverna in the heart of Alaska and somehow manages to beautifully balance these dichotomous styles. The menu is truly stunning, the interior is both charmingly rustic and transportive – you literally don’t remember you’re in Denali when dining here.

And it’s really the menu that shines here – this is what brought me in the door and I guarantee will blow your mind. I’ve eaten Eastern European food in Eastern Europe that wasn’t as good or traditional as what you’ll find at Moose-AKa’s. Best of all, the service is European style; there’s no rushing you off the table to turn it over. The servers are there to serve you as a team, and this makes the whole meal low-pressure and no-rush.

To be honest, the prices are higher than you might find at most other restaurants in Denali, but it is 100% worth it. Step inside that little log cabin and you’ll thank me later!

Lynx Creek Pizza – Best for Pizza

Where to Eat in Denali - Lynx Creek Pizza

There are two pizza places in Denali, and most people are partial to the other one – but I had a really bad/weird experience there during my last visit, so my vote stays with Lynx Creek Pizza. It’s nothing fancy, but I have some fond memories of bygone pizzas enjoyed here, and I love the no-frills atmosphere inside the log cabin where this restaurant is located.

While they have a nice menu of pizzas to choose from, I personally love to order a custom pie: marinara, mozzarella, and artichoke hearts. I’m not normally a veggies-on-pizza kind of gal, but this combo is rich and flavorful.

The Black Bear – Best for Breakfast

Photos courtesy of The Black Bear

  • Address: Mile 238.5 Parks Hwy
  • Website:
  • Must-Try: Cinnamon roll and a latte with the Barista’s choice art on top

If you need a pick-me-up and don’t want to pay for coffee and just eat at your hotel, head to The Black Bear, the only independent coffee shop in town. They call themselves “the living room of Denali,” which is an apt description for the only place you can really kick back, unwind, re-caffeinate, or get a bit of work done on the semi-decent wifi.

In addition to great coffee, they have a full brunch menu. My personal favorite has to be the Better than Grandma’s Biscuits & Gravy (my fave breakfast of all time), but their Breakfast Bearito sounds great for fueling up for a day of hiking in the park and their cinnamon rolls are renowned. They are also known for their latte art.

Great 1 Grocery – Best for Grab & Go

Denali is a place for adventure, and sometimes that means you either don’t have time or don’t want to spend the time for a longer sit-down meal. While it’s nothing fancy, I was impressed by Great 1 Grocery and the little food cart they set up outside during the summers. Mr. V and I had a late lunch here one afternoon and were quite pleased.

They also offer a box lunch alternative to whatever the Park Service and your Denali hotel might be offering on the day of your Tundra Wilderness Tour; you can order and pick it up in advance to have a better meal during your day of sightseeing on the Denali park bus. I guarantee that at $13 it’s cheaper than whatever your hotel is offering!

The Mountaineer Grill – Best Salmon Chowder

Many times when I visit Alaska, I decide to try the same dish at a number of different restaurants; during my September 2021 trip, that dish was salmon chowder. Don’t ask me why – it just sounded delicious on every menu, so I kept enjoying it!

Hands down the best salmon chowder I had was at The Mountaineer Grill & Bar within the Denali Bluffs Hotel. Mr. V and I were staying here for part of our Alaska trip and had a late dinner here one night. Even at the end of the season and literally the bottom of the barrel – our server told me it was the last cup of the last tureen of chowder the chef would make that year! –, the salmon chowder here was excellent. Seriously, stop here for a beer and a bowl of chowder.

Alpenglow Restaurant – Best for Special Occasions & Views

The other part of our September 2021 Denali trip included an overnight in one of the cabins at the Grande Denali; I’ve previously detailed how that is my favorite place to stay in Denali. As part of that stay, we dined at the hotel’s on-site restaurant, Alpenglow, which sits high on the slopes of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

The views from the dining room – and even from the bar – are spectacular, and the food is lovely, making Alpenglow my top choice for both views and any special occasion you might want to celebrate while in the Denali area. You can toast your relationship, your birthday, or any other event you want to mark while looking out over the Nenana Canyon spread out below you. Their menu features options from both surf (fresh Alaskan seafood) and turf (steaks and burgers).

Denali Glacier Scoops – Best for Ice Cream

Where to Eat in Denali - Denali Glacier Scoops
  • Address: Mile 238.6 Parks Hwy
  • Website: n/a
  • Must-Try: Wild Mountain Blackberry if you prefer fruity flavors (as I do)

I mentioned in my guide for where to eat in Anchorage that Alaskans love their ice cream; they eat more of it per capita than any other state! So it’s really no surprise that even a tiny community like Denali Park/Nenana canyon has an ice cream shop, nor that said ice cream shop does a roaring trade in the summer months.

Denali Glacier Scoops is your traditional ice cream shop, with all the flavors you’d expect. I’m not sure whether they make their own ice cream, but the flavors aren’t as creative as you might find at a craft ice cream shop (there isn’t one in Denali). That said, they regularly have flavors like “moose tracks,” “bear claw,” and “caramel caribou” on the menu, bringing you up to three of Denali’s Big Five without even entering the park!

Photo courtesy of Denali Glacier Scoops via Facebook

49th State Brewing – Best in Healy

  • Address: 248 Parks Hwy
  • Website:
  • Must-Try: Bavarian Handmade Pretzels followed by their Alaskan Halibut Fish & Chips

If you follow this blog at all, you already know that I recommend 49th State Brewing as my Best in Show restaurant in Anchorage – it’s truly my favorite place to eat in Alaska’s biggest city, which says a lot. 49th State Brewing actually started up in the Denali area, Healy to be specific, which is 10 miles north of the Nenana Canyon business district.

Healy is a small community of actual locals – like, people who live in the area all year long, not just during the summer tourist season. They are also lucky to have closer access to the original 49th State Brewing location, which sits just off the Parks Highway on the southern end of town. As with their Anchorage branch, this is the place to grab a beer and great food; in Healy, you can also sit outside in the beer garden, which includes the “Into the Wild” bus replica from the movie of the same name.

If you have a car and want to make the drive up to Healy (which is a beautiful drive anyway!), be sure to enjoy a bite and a pint before returning back to Nenana Canyon.

People’s Choice(s): Other Great Restaurants in the Denali Area

While I’ve been to Denali many, many times – and even spent a summer working there – I don’t ever believe I can ever completely cover/visit/experience every single place in any part of Alaska. To that end, I’ve asked the V&V community to help me out; here are some of the other restaurants in Denali recommended by locals, readers, and past Alaska travelers:

  • The Overlook – Mr. V and I tried to visit The Overlook at Crow’s Nest Cabins during our most recent Denali trip together (2021); they were closed due to staffing. I’ve heard they’re a great option for a nicer dinner (if you don’t want to trek/ride all the way up to The Alpenglow).
  • The Perch – I had never heard of the Perch before, but it’s a lovely option if you’re staying south of the Denali Park Entrance and don’t want to fight the crowds in the Nenana Canyon area.
  • Prospectors Pizza – As I said earlier, I am biased in favor of Denali’s other pizza spot (Lynx Creek) in part because of the experience I had at Prospector’s Pizza – but many people have said it’s great, with good food and a fun atmosphere.
  • Rose’s Cafe – For another option up in the Healy area, Rose’s Cafe was recommended to me, especially for breakfast, lunch, and a ‘sack lunch’ option you can use for your Tundra Wilderness Tour option.

While some folks might say there aren’t a lot of options for where to eat in the Denali area, I think there are plenty – this is far from a comprehensive list too, so if you didn’t see anything you like on my list, Google can help you find other options. Have any questions about these restaurants in Denali? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Susan Taylor

    We’re staying at Denali Park Village. Which restaurants do you recommend near there? I’m hoping they offer shuttle service to some locations.

    • Valerie

      I actually don’t know of any restaurants down there, other than the ones at the property. I’m pretty sure their shuttle only runs to the Park Entrance, but I’ve never stayed down there so I’m not sure – you might try contacting them.

  • Allan Pearl

    Google shows The Great 1 grocery store store is permanently closed! Do you know if will be open for the 2022 season?

  • Patty Parsons

    I noticed on your recommendations for restaurants in Denali that Parks 229 is not permenantely closed. I also highly recomment The Overlook at The Crow’s Nest Cabins. It is an amazing place to eat. It took reservations when we ate there. Prospector’s Pizza is also a wonderful place to eat and took reservations when we visited.

    • Valerie

      Great tips, Patty. I am aware 229 Parks is closed – I’ll be updating this soon to remove them. I’m glad to hear Prospector’s Pizza has improved because they were *SO* rude to us when we tried to eat there.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for chiming in, Patty! I’m adding it to a section of this post in a forthcoming update – hopefully others will have a great time as you did.

  • Joy Simon

    Thanks for your great recommendations. I’ll be going to Denali summer of 2024. Can we walk to these locations or are there shuttles that will take us to restaurants?

    • Valerie

      There are no restaurant shuttles – I recommend mapping any you want to visit compared to your hotel so you understand how far they are and whether you’ll be ablet o visit without a car.

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