Uncruise in Alaska with Me in 2024!

Hey there, future (/repeat) Alaska traveler!

I’m so excited that you are interested in joining me in Alaska next year. I’ve waited and wondered and then thought long and hard about exactly what kind of trip I want to offer the V&V community, and I’m confident I’ve found the perfect one. We’re going to have an amazing week together, exploring somewhere few travelers go, and living the good life the entire time.

Here are the details

  • We will be sailing with Uncruise on their brand-new Prince William Sound Explorer itinerary; we will be the second ship ever to do this route.
  • Our cruise embarks in Whittier on June 7, 2024 and ends (in Whittier) on June 14, 2024 – perfect for enjoying the Midnight Sun!
  • We’ll explore Prince William Sound in great depth, including visits to College Fjord, Meares Glacier, the air-and-water-access-only town of Cordova, and Icy Bay.
  • Everything is included once you get on the boat – the best part of Uncruise!
  • I’ll be on board – and Mr. V too, hopefully – the best part of this Uncruise! πŸ˜‰

Here’s what we’ll experience

As you know if you’ve read my reviews of Uncruise, the itinerary is fluid based on weather, water, and wildlife; here’s the plan for our cruise itinerary. I’ve included some of my own pictures to help you get a sense of what we’re going to experience.

June 7 / Day 1: Embark in Whittier

Our transfer will meet us at the airport in Anchorage, whisk away our luggage, and drive us* along the Seward Highway and through Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel to Whittier. We’ll then meet our crew and tour the Safari Explorer, UnCruise’s flagship vessel – and our home for the week.

After champagne and a safety demonstration, we’ll enjoy our first of many farm-to-table gourmet meals. Adventure, here we come!

June 8 / Day 2: Exploring Icy Bay

Wake up in the glacial waterways of Icy Bay. (I’ll be up at 4am, too excited to sleep!!) Flowing down from the 4,000-foot surrounding peaks, the Chenega, Tigertail, and Tiger glaciers are all options this morning. Hop in a skiff, and if conditions are right, kayak in a remote cove tucked into the shoreline.

Our expedition team will share how glaciers sculpt and alter the landscape on a daily basis. You’ll feel the essence of this land of the Chenega people, meaning β€œbeneath the mountain,” as you weave through these deserted islands by kayak, skiff, and yacht.

June 9 / Day 3: Captain’s Choice

These are my favorite days aboard Uncruises because it’s the spirit of true, unplanned exploration. We’ll tuck into the southern reaches of Prince William Sound, exploring its sculpted islands. Some call it “gunkholing” – nosing around the next cove – and there’s plenty to see.

We’ll search for whales, seals, sea lions, and seabirds from the bow or opt to kayak or beach comb for a closer look at island life with natural and cultural history notes from your guides. 

June 10 / Day 4: Cordova

Not my pics as I’ve never been to Cordova!

Accompanied by guides, we’ll head out for a hike below Sheridan Glacier this morning with an afternoon on our own to explore Cordova. Or if hiking isn’t your jam, join your shipmates on a walking tour of this tiny fishing town at the mouth of the Copper River.

With a population of 2,300 and no roads connecting to other towns, Cordova is only accessible by air or water. (I have never been here so I’m really excited to visit!) Take in the town’s Native history on a nature walk or hike, an Eyak Tribe cultural program, or at the Prince William Sound Science Center exploration before settling back on board for a quiet overnight anchorage.

June 11 / Day 5: Columbia Glacier

John Hall's Alaska Review - Day 1 - Cruise to Valdez Whale Watching

There are adventure options aplenty this morning. Hike, kayak, skiff, or try your hand at standup paddle boarding in a quiet cove before a hearty lunch back onboard. Next up: towering icebergs born from the approaching Columbia Glacier.

Winding its way 32 miles back through the Chugach Mountains and with constantly changing conditions, our captain will find the best route to view this massive glacier. (I saw humpbacks in this area in 2021, so it’s also a great whale-watching opportunity!)

June 12 / Day 6: Unakwik Inlet & Meares Glacier

Uncruise 2024 - Meares Glacier

Wake up to the call of arctic terns and bald eagles, spot harbor seals resting on icebergs, and sip coffee with the massive Meares Glacier as your backdrop. Located in Unakwik Inlet, this is the perfect place to dip our paddles in the water for a kayak. Or, you can join a skiff tour to get farther faster in glacier country. View a fish hatchery and learn about Alaska’s salmon species.

Tonight, We’ll join our expedition leader for an interpretive presentation before a relaxing soak in the hot tub under the fading sun. (Yes, there’s a hot tub aboard our ship!!)

June 13 / Day 7: College Fjord & Barry Arm

This is a day of the grand finales – in a state full of them. While smaller day cruises visit this area, we’ll have the whole day to explore big mountains, big ice, and big smiles as we wind down our adventure in the company of all that is quintessentially Alaska. Take it all in from a kayak or skiff before capping off your week with a celebratory Farewell Dinner and slideshow.

June 14 / Day 8: Disembark in Whittier

Sadly, we’ll have one last breakfast with new friends before our coach transfer** from Whittier along Turnagain Arm on your way back to Anchorage.

I’ve got bonuses, too, of course!

Who would I be if I didn’t make this an even more special trip?!

  1. Everyone will receive a free custom Alaska packing list from me for our cruise. Uncruise provides guidance – I’m going to go above that to give you an exact list of what we need, based on my experience visiting Alaska (and Prince William Sound).

  1. You might have noticed the little asterisks in the itinerary above. I’m going to reach out to my friends at the Alaska Railroad to try and secure a special treat. We’ll start our cruise with a ride aboard the Alaska Railroad to Whittier, followed by a short walking tour of Whittier before embarkation. I also hope we can end our cruise with an optional hike up Portage Pass before taking a coach back to Anchorage.
  1. Everyone who books this cruise will get free Alaska itinerary planning support from me. Yes, everyone. Whether you just fly into/out of Anchorage for this cruise or you want to extend your trip and explore the rest of The Last Frontier, I will help you plan your trip – totally free. (As you know, I don’t normally offer this!)

Plus, I’m kind of over-enthusiastic, so I’ll probably come up with some other freebies and goodies to throw in during the cruise!

Hit me with the tough stuff, V

Our cruise will take place aboard the Safari Explorer, a 36-40 passenger small cruise ship. (Y’all know I love small ship cruises – and you should too!)

This means there are a limited number of places/cabin available, as follows:

Cabin TypeNavigatorTrailblazerAdmiralJr CommodoreCommodore Suite
# of Cabins92312

It is my hope that the entire boat is filled with the V&V community, so we can have an incredible trip – just us, a special lil thing that has never happened before – and may never happen again!

In terms of pricing, here’s what we’re looking at:

Cabin TypeNavigatorTrailblazerAdmiralJr CommodoreCommodore Suite
Price per person$8,700$9,500$11,300$12,400$14,600

Best of all, our group will receive a $500 per person discount for this cruise – because we’re adventurous souls heading out on a brand new route together!

I understand that this is not in the budget for many people; Uncruise is not the experience or price point of larger, more affordable ships in Southeast Alaska. We’re taking an all-inclusive small ship into a relatively untraversed waterway for multi-day cruises – and the price reflects that.

To secure your spot, you need to fill out the form at the end of this page – and then it will be a $750 per person deposit to hold your cabin. (Full payment will be due 90 days before departure, so March 7, 2024.)

Have other questions?

You may have a lot of questions – I totally get it! Please just reply to the email I sent which included the link to this page, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Here are some common questions:

Can I travel solo?

Yes, Uncruise offers a solo traveler cabin option – but honestly, it’s ridiculously expensive. If you’re able to find a travel companion, that’s a better option.

Alternatively, you could inquire with me and I could match you with another solo traveler (if any are interested in sharing). Cabins can be configured as two twin beds, so everyone has their own bed.

Do you have any discount codes for this cruise?

Actually, yes! Even though you already get all those bonuses from me and the joy of my presence… πŸ˜‰… all guests will also receive $500 off (per person) because this is a brand new route for Uncruise and they love the V&V community! (I mentioned this early – so that’s the same discount I already mentioned.)

Will we be the only ones on the boat?

It is my goal to fill this boat completely with V&V community members and intrepid, like-minded travelers. However, we may have other guests or other bloggers/journalists like me in the event there isn’t enough interest to fill the whole boat.

Can I visit other parts of Alaska during this trip?

Absolutely! As mentioned, I can help you plan any pre- and post-cruise travel you want to do. Additionally, Uncruise offers a fabulous Talkeetna & Denali rail tour that you can easily add before the cruise.

Are You In?

I hope you’ll consider joining me in Alaska for this unforgettable cruise – I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

If you’re strongly interested, please fill out the form below and I will reach out personally to learn more about your travel plans, budget, and how we can make this work for you.

I can’t wait to meet you and explore Alaska together!