Cruise Travel Tips

Cruising has a romantic allure – there’s something about it that captivates every kind of traveler, given the right ship, the right crew, and the right route. Whether you want an everything-is-taken-care-of experience or a rough around the edges seafaring journey, you’ve come to the right place. (Heck, I know boats – I live on one!) I personally love small ship cruising, but I get why people love the big ships too – so I’ve got advice for both, organized by destination. Alaska Cruise Tips I write a lot about Alaska travel, and that includes Alaska cruises! I’ve got a number of posts to help you have an unforgettable Alaska cruise – plus choose the best excursions in every port! Cruise Tips for Other Destinations I’ve also done cruises in other places around the world; here are my posts about those experiences. Want to Keep Exploring? Here are my recent posts from across the globe!