Bucket List Travel

Not everyone loves the concept, but I do: I’ve had a bucket list since I was about 13 years old, and have used it often to plan some of my most important trips in life. I don’t write about it often – because I think everyone has their own bucket list – but I do love sharing my own progress on accomplishing lifelong goals and inspiring you to do the same.

Bucket Lists for My Favorite Destinations

I’ve traveled a lot of places – but there are some I love more than others. For these, I’ve written bucket lists that help you figure out those totally bucket list-worthy experiences you should seek out on your trip.

My 30 Before 30 Challenge

30 months before my 30th birthday, I wrote a list of 30 goals I wanted to accomplish. Here is the series of posts where I tracked that project.

My 40 Before 40 Challenge

After turning 30, I decided to set a new goal challenge: 40 goals I want to accomplish before my 40th birthday.
Here are the posts in that (ongoing) series.

Want to Keep Exploring?

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