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Tieks Review: 5 Years, 6 Pairs – Are Tieks Worth It? (2021)

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The number one barrier to buying a pair of Tieks ballet flats is the price. Trust me, I get it. If you’re reading this post or any other Tieks review, you’re probably curious if a simple ballet flat can really be worth all the hype – and the price. Tieks cost $175 per pair, after all! (Prints cost even more!) This isn’t pocket change for most of us and is a bit scary when it’s time to hit the ‘Checkout’ button.

I bought my first pair of Tieks in April 2016, and I was nervous too. I decided to take the risk and buy Tieks, and they were worth every penny. Despite being a big investment, my Tieks are potentially one of the most cost-savvy wardrobe pieces! In fact, I’ve since bought five more pairs.

Given how many years I’ve owned Tieks, I’m confident that my Tieks review is among the most comprehensive on the internet. In this post, I’ll cover:

  1. Tieks Designs and Styles – which ones I recommend and how to choose your first pair of Tieks
  2. Tieks Sizing – answering questions about how to choose the right size Tieks
  3. How to Care for your Tieks – to make sure they last as long as possible and look great longer
  4. Tieks Pricing, Sales, and Coupons – to help you get the best deal!
  5. Other Tieks FAQ (like will I buy another pair? Spoilers: YES!)

And if I don’t answer your questions in my Tieks review, I’m happy to answer your Tieks questions in the comments.

If you’re already pretty sure you want Tieks and just need help deciding ones to get, I created an easy, fun quiz to help you choose! Answer these questions and you’ll be taken to a specific style based on your answers:

Click here if the quiz is not showing up!

Update, March 2021: The quiz now includes every single style and color of Tieks! Enjoy trying to find your perfect pair!

This post was originally published in January 2017, and updated in March 2018, November 2019, and November 2020, and March 2021.

Tieks I’ve Purchased

Before we launch into my Tieks review, I think it’s important to share exactly which Tieks I’ve owned so you understand I’m speaking based on my own experience.

  • My first pair was Matte Black. These are the Tieks I wrote my first Tieks review about.
  • Next, I bought Pacific Green as my second pair. I liked these but didn’t love them because they fit differently than the Matte black version (more on that later).
  • For my third pair, I went back to Matte Black. Tried and true!
  • Then I bought Midnight Blue (the 2019 Black Friday style); I also wore these Tieks at my wedding. (It’s common for brides to switch to Tieks for the wedding reception because they’re so comfortable!)
  • In mid-2020, I invested in another pair of Matte Black – what can I say? I love this style!
  • Update! Even after just buying my 5th pair in September, I splurged on the Black Friday 2020 style, Tyrian Purple. I now have my sixth pair, and two pairs at once for the first time!

Tieks are by far the most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn. From soft leather uppers and non-elasticized heels to their rubber soles in eye-catching Tieks blue, Tieks just fit and feel great on my feet from the very first step.

Tieks Designs & Styles

Tieks come in four main styles:

  • Classics – Solid colored Tieks made with standard leather; this is the style I’ve always bought.
  • Prints – Tieks made with standard leather in a number of fun patterns like Leopard Print, Plaid, and metallics.
  • Patents – Solid colored Tieks made in patent leather.
  • Vegan – Tieks that are made entirely without animal products.

There are also Mini Tieks (for girls) and one design in suede (Rouge).

Once you decide you want to buy Tieks, the next decision is choosing which style and design you want. I have a separate blog post about how to choose the perfect color Tieks, or you can take this quiz I created.

Tieks Sizing

Once you’ve chosen the Tieks style and color/design you want, you need to pick the right size. While Tieks has great customer service (more on that below), it’s best to try and get the sizing right so you don’t have to deal with exchanges. In this section of my Tieks review, I’ll break down some of those issues so you can make the right purchase on your first try.

How Tieks Sizing Works

Tieks come in whole sizes only, in women’s size 5-13. Tieks do not come in half sizes.

Here’s what Tieks says if you typically wear a half-size:

Many women can comfortably size up or down in Tieks. We typically suggest going down unless you have a wide foot, or sometimes size up. Try your Tieks on at home and if they aren’t the perfect fit, we have an amazing exchange policy for pairs in their original condition!

I typically wear a size 8.5, so I sized down to 8 for my first pair – but they were really uncomfortable! I reached out to customer service and exchanged them for a size 9. Since then, I’ve been happy with size 9 in every Tieks color I’ve purchased.

Tieks Sizing Up or Down

So should you size down for Tieks? Or size up? Here’s what I suggest:

  • If you wear a half-size, consider which of your feet is larger. (For me, it’s my right foot.)
  • With another pair of shoes in your standard half-size, consider: does your larger foot feel spacious or cramped in the half size?
  • If your larger foot feels more cramped, size up for Tieks. Tieks do stretch (more below) but probably won’t stretch enough for your Tieks to feel as comfortable as they really should.
  • If your larger foot feels more spacious, try sizing down for Tieks. Tieks are made with elastic that will hold them on both feet.

After I exchanged and sized up my Tieks, I knew I had the right size immediately. From the moment I slipped them on, my Tieks were comfortable. That’s what you’re going for!

By sizing up, I also gave my feet room to fit more naturally in the shoe, reducing the chance of foot problems like bunions – which I know we women who love cute shoes are often willing to endure!

Do Tieks Stretch?

Tieks do stretch, but since Tieks are made with high-quality leather, they’re not going to stretch quickly. I have found that my Tieks generally stretch out in a small way over the course of 2-3 months and are noticeably stretched out after a year of wear.

If you’re hoping to stretch out your Tieks to make them fit better, I don’t recommend that. They’ll take too long. Instead, just try to get the right size! However, if you buy a pair and need to stretch them, you can do it with shoe stretchers and golf balls in the toes (these are the two top recommendations I’ve seen in the Tieks Anonymous group).

If you’re concerned that Tieks will stretch out quickly and fit poorly, I have not experienced this. Typically when my Tieks reach the end of their life, it’s because of wear and tear – not because of stretching.

Sizing & Fit for Different Tieks Styles

You may have heard that different styles of Tieks fit a bit differently. I have experienced this too. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Matte Black Tieks (the ones I love) are the “baseline” Tieks. They’re made with standard, uncolored leather. (For me, they fit perfectly right away out of the box.)
  • Colored Classic Tieks are colored, which makes them less likely to stretch in the first few weeks/months of wear. I found they gave me a bit more rubbing as a result.
  • Patent Leather Tieks stretch even less than colored Classic Tieks, so you definitely have to get the sizing right for them to be comfortable! They might also require more breaking in for your feet to adjust.
  • Print Tieks vary: some are made of the same/same leather material as Colored Classic Tieks and Patent Tieks, and will thus stretch only a little. Others are made with other materials and may stretch more.
  • Vegan Tieks are made with a woven fabric material that will fit very differently than the leather Tieks and stretch out differently too.

Do Tieks Hurt?

Theoretically: no, Tieks do not hurt. They are designed to be comfortable – that’s why you see glowing Tieks reviews and they’re Oprah’s favorite flats.

If your Tieks hurt, you likely have the wrong size. It’s also possible that your foot shape doesn’t quite work for Tieks, though most people do fit comfortably into Tieks with minimal breaking in.

Owning & Caring for Your Tieks

Valerie wearing Tieks in Croatia

Once you receive your Tieks, you might have questions about how to make sure they stay as pretty and comfortable as possible – for as long as possible. In the next part of my Tieks review, I want to share tips and tricks I’ve learned over my five years and five pairs of Tieks.

Breaking In Your Tieks

Once you receive your Tieks, give yourself a few days to make sure your feet are used to them. While Tieks should feel pretty comfortable right away, there might be a few spots where your feet and Tieks need to get. to know one another. If you’re uncertain, remember: don’t wear your Tieks outside if you think you might need to exchange them.

I generally find that it takes 2-3 days for my feet to adjust to my new Tieks, and the same amount of time for my Tieks to adjust/start stretching and forming to my feet.

If after a few days of trying them you’re still not comfortable in your Tieks, reach out to the team to see if a size exchange is possible.

Tieks, Foot Sweat, and Odor

I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years about Tieks and whether they cause your feet to sweat or get smelly after wearing them.

You might find that Patent Leather Tieks and some styles of Print Tieks offer less breathability because of the finish, but most Tieks designs generally shouldn’t make your feet sweat more than normal.

I am lucky: I don’t have sweaty feet. But, here are my tips for dealing with sweaty feet and stinky Tieks.

  • If you know you have sweaty feet, consider investing in a pair of no-show socks like Gekks to help absorb sweat. I haven’t tried them but I get served their ads a lot – probably because I’m always browsing Tieks!
  • If your Tieks start to smell, I recommend trying spray deodorant in your Tieks, or keeping dryer sheets in them when you are not wearing them.

Scuffing on Tieks

The number one issue most people experience with Tieks is scuffing, especially on the toes and heels. This is a normal part of wear and tear on most shoes, unfortunately!

To help protect your Tieks from scuffing, I recommend using shoe polish regularly to keep the leather soft and healthy.

If you do scuff your toes, you can use Tarrago Shoe Cream to try and repair the scuffs. (Here’s an incredible guide matching shoe polishes with Tieks colors.)

Cleaning Your Tieks

For regular care, I use a simple leather shoe polish on a sponge. I wipe it around the leather, taking extra care at where the shoe meets the sole and in the stitching at the top of the shoe.

Not all Tieks should be treated this way, but my Matte Black Tieks look almost brand new every time I do this – even 12 months later!

If you have a different style, I recommend spot-treating your Tieks with a damp washcloth. Tieks are not machine washable, so this is the best way to keep your Tieks looking good.

How Well Tieks Last

3 Days in Huntington Beach

If you’re going to spend as much on Tieks as they cost, it’s important to know how well they hold up. To help make my Tieks review ever more helpful, I’ve done the math to show you exactly how well my first pair of Tieks held up.

According to my Apple Health app in my first year of owning Tieks (2016-2017), I took an average of 6,677 steps per day. I’m just guessing, but I think I wore my Tieks roughly 60% of the time I was walking. Here’s the math:

6,677 steps 𝗑 365 days 𝗑 60% of days = 1,462,263 steps

Yes, you are reading that correctly. I took nearly 1.5 MILLION steps in my Tieks during the first year I had them!

Note, January 2019: I did end up throwing away my first pair of Tieks. They lasted three years before a hole developed in the toe of one shoe. That’s a good indicator of their quality, considering how much I wore them during those three years!

The only notes I can make about “wear and tear” on my Tieks after one million steps:

  • The fronts of my toes are quite scuffed up right along the edge where they meet the sole.
  • The back of the sole under my heel shows significant wear, probably because I drag my heels just a little when I walk. As a result, the sole is slowly coming detached now that I’ve worn through the sole and thread that keeps the sole stitched tight. This will probably be the most significant reason I stop wearing this pair.
  • I spilled something weird on them in Greece and there’s a small discoloration most people probably wouldn’t even notice.

Other than that, they are still in great shape. Seriously, though: 1.5 million steps.

Tieks Cost & Shipping

Now let’s dive into the most important part of this Tieks review: a breakdown of Tieks pricing, where you can buy Tieks, and more.

Where to Buy Tieks

Where can I buy Tieks?, you ask. The only place to buy Tieks is through their online store, the Boutiek. Get it?! Bou-Tiek!

You cannot buy Tieks at stores like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, and you also can’t buy Tieks online through online retailers like Amazon or Zappos.

Sometimes, you can find Tieks on Poshmark and available in several great Facebook groups where you can buy, sell, and trade used or like-new Tieks to your heart’s content (search Facebook to find them).

Tieks Costs

Tieks start from $175 per pair, but the price can increase up to $345 depending on the style and design. Here’s a breakdown:

  • All Vegan Tieks and most Classic Tieks cost $175, as do some Print Tieks styles.
  • The remaining Classic Tieks and all Patent Tieks all cost $195, as do some Print Tieks styles.
  • Remaining Print styles range typically cost $235, $265, or $295.
  • The most expensive Tieks are $345 (Arabian Night, Aquarella, & Toscani).
  • All Mini Tieks cost $135.

Yes, I really have considered splurging on those Arabian Night Tieks!

Tieks Shipping

Tieks offers free shipping in the U.S.! That’s a nice benefit given how much the shoes cost on their own. If you live outside the U.S., shipping does add an extra arm and leg, unfortunately (it varies by country). I’ve never tried it, but you could look into a service like Grabr to have someone bring you Tieks on their own travels!

First Trip to Central Asia - Almaty

Tieks Sales

Next question: do Tieks ever go on sale? Unfortunately (for my wallet!), Tieks doesn’t ever offer sales. Instead of offering discounts for Black Friday or other occasions, Tieks usually offers a special design you can only get for a limited time. (I’ve got a list of all of those special edition colors on my Tieks color-picking post.)

Tieks Black Friday & Other Holidays

While Tieks doesn’t do sales, one of the few things you can count on is their Black Friday special release – and other holidays throughout the year (usually 1 other holiday per year). Every year, Tieks releases a brand new design or color that is only available for the Black Friday weekend or until they sell out – whichever comes first. Needless to say, there usually aren’t any left by Cyber Monday!

For example, for the Tieks Black Friday style in 2019, they offered a pair in gorgeous Midnight Blue – I bought them as my third pair of Tieks. For Black Friday in 2020, they released Tyrian Purple … which I also bought!

Back to the point though, if you want new Tieks, you really do need to shell out the $175+ for a pair. I think they’re worth it, but it’s up to you to decide if that will work in your finances!

Tieks Coupons

Similar to their no-sale policy, Tieks also doesn’t offer coupons. While they did have a special campaign in Summer 2020 for frontline workers (Tieks for Heroes) that offered a special discount, there are no other Tieks coupons or discount codes.

If you really need to save on Tieks, try checking sites like Poshmark and Facebook, which I mentioned above. For example, I’ve many new or barely-worn Tieks for $100-$125 on Facebook; Facebook groups are a great way to save on Tieks.

Tieks Returns & Exchanges

Tieks has a generous return/exchange policy if you know it in advance and follow it!

Here’s the policy: “Unworn Tieks can be exchanged or returned for a full refund at any time. We’ll even pay the shipping both ways anywhere in the U.S.!”

When you receive your Tieks, try them on at home and walk around indoors on clean floors, to see if you have the right size. Do not wear your Tieks outdoors until you’re sure you have the right size!

Tieks Customer Service

Lastly, in the event that something isn’t quite right or you need to return/exchange your Tieks, rest assured: Tieks has an excellent customer service team.

Since I’ve been a Tieks owner for almost five years, I’ve interacted with their team regularly and am always impressed. I’ve had no problem making exchanges when I needed to; they even helped put me on a custom waitlist for a different size last year for Black Friday.

They also send a nice hand-written note with every pair of Tieks, which is a lovely touch!

Other FAQ About Tieks

Before wrapping up my Tieks review, here are a few more questions. I receive a lot and my answers to them.

Where are Tieks Made?

On their website, Tieks says that their ballet flats are made from ‘premium, soft Italian leather,’ but does that mean they’re made of Italian leather – or made in Italy? Tieks are handcrafted in Arzignano, Italy using Italian leather (so the answer is both!). It takes over 150 steps to make a pair of Tieks (again according to their website) so you know they’re really as nice as we all say they are!

Can You Wear Tieks With…

  • High Arches? By design, Tieks are naturally flat, so they don’t offer built-in support for high arches. If you find that unsupported flats cause you a lot of discomfort, you might try these 3D Sponge Insoles that come in several colors to match your Tieks.
  • Flat Feet? If you have the opposite problem and have flat feet, Tieks also might be less comfortable for you. You also might want to opt for those insoles to get extra support for your feet.
  • Wide Feet? If your feet are wide, Tieks recommend going up one size to accommodate that.
  • Bunions? If you have bunions (I have one!), I recommend going up one size to ensure your toes have enough room and aren’t cramped to make the issue worse.
  • Plantar Fasciitis? If it’s your heel that causes pain through Plantar Fasciitis, the hand-sewn insole of Tieks might not provide enough cushion for you. The insoles I just recommended will help provide extra cushioning to help with that.
  • My Wedding Dress? Can you wear Tieks with your wedding dress? Absolutely! I wore my Midnight Blue Tieks at my wedding once my heels got too uncomfortable.

Do Tieks Run Small?

On their website, Tieks claim that they run true to size, and I’ve generally found this to be true; Tieks do not run small.

Tieks do stretch to varying degrees based on the style (which I mentioned in the “Sizing & Fit for Different Tieks Styles” section). Keep in mind that some styles (Patent, some Prints) won’t stretch as much as others and you may want to size up instead of down as a result.

Can/Do You Wear Tieks with Socks? Tights?

Absolutely, you can wear Tieks with socks or tights. Tieks work really well with tights, even opaque ones. You can also wear Tieks with socks, though thick socks might make your Tieks feel less comfortable if you have them sized correctly.

The Best Socks to Wear with Tieks

If you want to wear socks with your Tieks to cut down on foot odor/sweat or just to be more comfortable, there are a couple of companies that specialize in ultra-thin socks to wear with your Tieks ballet flats. I recently tried a brand that made me (and my feet) truly happy: Sheec.

Sheec’s No Show Socks for Ballet Flats are perfect to wear with Tieks. They have several areas with silicone grips on each sock that hold them in place on your foot and in the shoes. Their Ultra Low Cut Sheec socks are also completely invisible once you slip on your Tieks – no one will know you’re wearing them to be more comfortable!

Are Tieks the Perfect Travel Flat?

I first wrote this Tieks review because everyone was talking about how Tieks are great for travel and I wanted to share my thoughts.

When Mr. V and I packed up our lives and hit the road in late April 2016, I took two pairs of shoes with me: running shoes and my Tieks. Since Tieks are foldable ballet flats and fit into a small bag (which they come with!), I was able to tuck them in with all of my clothes and work gear – and set out to explore the world.

I wore my Tieks all over the world, from Jordan to Seattle, and from London to New York City. When the rains came over Bavaria in October, while visiting churches in Montenegro, and standing on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich – I wore my Tieks!

Tieks are incredibly versatile shoes, capable of handling whatever adventure you choose to have. Whether it’s chasing toddlers or exploring the Louvre, your Tieks will be comfortable. To me, yes, that makes Tieks the best travel flats.

Are Tieks Worth the Price?

Valerie wearing Tieks in Ohio

It’s $175 for a pair of Tieks. That’s a lot! Is all this really worth it? Are Tieks really worth the price?

If you can’t tell yet based on my Tieks review, in my opinion, yes, Tieks are worth the price. I wear them almost every day, and I’ve worn them all over the world. I’ve pushed my Tieks harder and farther than any other shoe I’ve ever owned, and I still love them.

For each pair I’ve owned, the stains and scuffs are endearing to me, and the well-worn spots where my feet slip right into place are worth more than any money. Tieks are an investment, but they’re a worthwhile one.

Why are Tieks So Expensive?

Tieks are expensive for a number of reasons:

  • Tieks are made from high quality materials
  • They’re hand crafted in Italy
  • They are durable and last
  • People love them

Together, these factors have allowed Tieks to create a company that sells a premium ballet flat that people are willing to pay for. The way I’d reframe it is: if they weren’t really that good, would so many women (and some men) be obsessed with them?

Are Tieks Worth the Hype?

If you can’t tell already from my Tieks review, I totally drink the Tieks Kool-Aid. But, I drink the Kool-Aid because I think it’s delicious.

My Tieks are the best flats I own, based on their quality and how well they hold up over years of wearing them. I am sad every time the weather is too cold or rainy to wear them outside (sometimes I wear them anyway!).

Lots of women rave about Tieks being the most comfortable and versatile flats in their wardrobe, and I am one of them. I am a skeptical consumer too, but there’s a hype about Tieks because they are actually worthy of the hype.

Are there Tieks Knock Offs?

I’ve seen Tieks knock-offs floating around the internet, so yes: there are Tieks knock offs out there. But like everything that you can find as a knock off, they’ll be both cheaper and much lower quality. I know it’s a lot to think about committing this much money, especially for your first pair. However if you choose to buy Tieks knock-offs instead of the real deal, I’m confident you’ll quickly discover that they’re not as comfortable, stylish, or durable as the real deal.

Have You Ever Tried Other Flats?

Since I bought my first pair of Tieks, there are a number of other flats available now, like Rothy’s and Allbirds. I would like to try them both, but I keep spending my annual shoe budget on Tieks! While I haven’t tried these two companies yet, I have tried other flats like Toms. I used to love their Julie flat, but once I started wearing Tieks, I was hooked.

Would I Buy Another Pair of Tieks?

When I first wrote this Tieks review, I added this section to ensure that I shared my enthusiasm for Tieks beyond just buying one pair.

Now that I’m in the market for my seventh pair, my only question is… which color Tieks do I choose? Here are some of the other popular colors I’m considering: Ballerina Pink, Leopard Print, Emerald, Ruby Red patent, and Tieks blue.

How Can I Afford Tieks?

How do I afford to keep buying Tieks? As you now know, I usually buy one pair of Tieks at a time and wear them until they wear out. (This is the first time I’ve ever had more than one pair at a time now that I have both Matte Black and Tyrian Purple at the same time.) I save up each time to buy my next pair; it can take a month or two of not spending on other everyday indulgences, but it’s possible if you are willing to do that.

I justify the cost of buying Tieks because I now know that they will last and more than make up for the initially higher upfront cost – plus they save my feet the pain and discomfort of cheaper flats. (Comfort is priceless to me!)

What are the Best Selling Tieks Colors?

There are a lot of different ways to decide what the best selling Tieks colors are. As I don’t have access to their sales data, here are the two ways I come up with what I consider the list of most popular Tieks colors:

Based on my quiz and the sales I drive for Tieks, the best selling Tieks colors are:

  • California Navy
  • Ballerina Pink
  • Matte Black
  • Leopard
  • Rouge

Based on Google search interest (how many people search), the best selling Tieks colors are:

  • Poppy
  • Lovestruck
  • Taupe
  • Leopard
  • Chestnut

As Leopard is on both lists, we can safely assume that’s probably among the best selling Tieks colors for sure!

What is the Most Versatile Tieks Color?

Based on the list of popular Tieks colors above, the most versatile Tieks colors are the neutrals: California Navy, Ballerina Pink, Matte Black, Taupe, and Chestnut.

If you want to find your own perfect versatile style, that’s the first question I ask on my Tieks quiz to give you a personalized color recommendation:

Where are the Tieks Negative Reviews?

If you’ve made it this far into my Tieks review (4,500 words and counting…) and you’re still looking for the other shoe to drop (no pun intended), let me explain why you don’t see many negative Tieks reviews.

  1. For most people, Tieks are really that great and they are happy with their purchase(s).
  2. In most cases, Tieks excellent customer service is able to resolve issues so that people don’t feel the need to leave a negative Tieks review.
  3. Many bloggers are part of a Tieks affiliate program, including me. When you buy a pair of Tieks after reading this Tieks review, you help support my business – and I’m recommending something I love, which hopefully makes it an easy sell!

And there you go – I’ve tried to give you all the info you need to make a decision and hopefully an investment in Tieks that you’re happy with! Do you have other questions about Tieks or my Tieks review? Let me know in the comments!

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I was born on the East Coast and currently live in the Midwest – but my heart will always be out West. I lived for 15 years in Alaska, as well as four years each in California and Washington. I share travel resources and stories based on my personal experience and knowledge.


  • Jae

    Wow, this is probably one of the most extensive Tieks review I’ve ever read! I’ve known the brand for years now, but I’ve always been on the fence about getting a pair since I’m more of a sneakers type of girl. The fuchsia screams my name, though!

    • Valerie

      Jae, I gotta say, I was on the same page as you are. I liked flats a bit, but I could never imagine spending so much money on ANY pair of shoes. I’m telling you though, they’re worth it. Perfect for those times you need cute, comfy shoes but don’t want to suffer heels. You won’t regret it if you eventually make the investment 🙂

        • Carla Henson

          i just ordered a pair of black ones and can’t wait. I have a whole closet full of shoes(literally wasted my money on) and if these actually are the answer to having comfy shoes that I can wear to the office and travel in etc, then I’ll be hooked for life. Thank you so much for your awesome opinion. I’d never even heard of them until I googled comfy flats. I’ll let ya know how it goes when mine come and I’ll take your advice and wear for a week to break them in.

          • Valerie

            Carla, hi! I’m sorry I missed your comment — what do you think of your Tieks? I’d love to see your reply here (and maybe other readers would too!).

      • Jamie

        One small correction regarding pricing: you mentioned several colors/prints (leopard, emerald…) and said that they all cost $175. This is incorrect; the $175 is for classics like matte black, lilac, chestnut, etc. Patents and metallics are $195, and some prints are $265. Still worth the money IMO (I just ordered my 13th pair).

    • Kristine

      Don’t buy the hype. I bought a pair, my 2 friends bought a pair. We all despise them. They are not quality. Notice u can’t leave a REAL review on their site. This person had to have received a free pair because honestly I wore them in paris and my feet killed within hours. Worst blisters ever. Save your money.

      • Valerie

        Because I want people to see that not everyone has a rosy experience, I’m leaving your comment up, Kristine.

        However I don’t appreciate you saying I wasn’t being honest when I said I bought my Tieks. In fact, I bought two pairs – and I’m currently saving up for a third. Yep, with my own hard-earned money. Maybe they aren’t for you, but I still endorse them and stand by my review.

        • Anna

          Kristine, could it be that maybe you had the wrong size? I work in personal home care and bought a pair for myself, since I spend 12hrs – 13hrs a day standing and take 10,944 steps in a day. My normal shoes meant for hiking as wonderful as they are, (weatherproof and all from Eddie Bauer) was hurting my feet and they are GREAT QUALITY shoes not cheap, price wise and are usually the only shoes that last a long time with me, however the sizing wasn’t right for my pair and that’s why my feet and ankles hurt when I use them sometimes. I remembered that there was a ballet styled flat meant too supposedly be really good and comfortable for those who are active and on their feet for making periods of the day, hence my purchase but they haven’t come in yet and I’m concerned about the sizing, since I’m a 6.5 usually, the website stated to size down for half sizes and I ended up getting a size 6 instead but my feet are quite petite and are not wide at all. I’m worried if they’ll be big

      • Amy

        Kristine & Valerie – I got my first pair of Tieks as a gift and love them. They were a bit too small for their original owner, who passed them to my sister, for whom they were also a bit too small. I was Cinderella! The gifted pair is metallic pewter, and I’m contemplating getting a pair of the matte black for an upcoming trip.

        I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t consider them quality, Kristine, and would like to know more about that. I’ve been wearing mine for three years and am a huge fan. Because I have narrow feet, it’s been tough to find shoes that fit well and look good, but these do it. Also when you have narrow feet, cheap shoes are a non-option, so the price, while steep, wasn’t as big a surprise to me as to others. That they never go on sale, though, is kind of a challenge. I really had to save up for my subsequent pair. #TeamValerie on this one.

      • michele

        hi, KRISTINE:
        i know flats have low/no heels, hence, the name “flats”.
        what about ARCHES, though?? i don’t see any arches (which means i cannot wear them).
        thanx, Kris!)

        • Valerie

          Michele, hi! Unfortunately, I don’t think Kris will get a notification of your comment. Personally, I don’t have flat feet or high arches, but I’m assuming you do have the high arches which is why you’re asking.

          I’m not sure if anyone makes an insole that would help, but *personally* I’ve found that over the course of the first month, your feet put an imprint into the Tieks insole and that helps provide arch support. I’m not sure that will be enough for you, but I’m happy to try and answer any other questions you have.

          (And I was not compensated at all for writing this review – I’ve bought 4 pairs of Tieks with my own money and re-sold one pair that wasn’t comfortable, so I try to be honest about what I like and dislike!)

      • Paula

        I doubt the person writing the review received a free pair. I absolutely love my Tieks and feel that they are definitely worth every penny. Maybe you should’ve reached out to the company and tried a different size. Tieks will send you another size and give you about two weeks to make a decision. Sounds like an awesome shoe company to me!!!! They let you try both pairs of shoes and you send back the ones that you aren’t keeping, or both if they aren’t to your liking. If you have never bought a pair…. Do yourself a favor and give them a shot!!! You will not regret it!!!

  • Birthe (from Wandering.World)

    You seem very very pleased with your Tieks, but I’m still not entirely convinced. I’m sorry, it seems so much money for a pair of flats! ? I’m dying to try a pair, but can’t get over their price. I’ll probably discuss this later with my boyfriend and who knows maybe I’ll decide ordering one anyway. ? Not looking forward to make the colour choice though! ? Thanks for your honest review!

    • Birthe (from Wandering.World)

      Forgot to mention: I have to pay an extra $50 for shipping to Belgium. That’s a big extra on top of the normal price.. ?

      • Valerie

        Birthe, ugh, I totally feel your pain. It IS a lot of money, and adding on an extra $50 for shipping makes it seem really high! Maybe you could look at a service like Grabr and have someone deliver them for you? I can promise that if you do invest, you won’t regret it once you start wearing them every day (like I do 🙂 ).

        • Birthe (from Wandering.World)

          Grabr, never heard of it, but seems interesting. Thanks for the tip, Valerie! I’ll definitely look into it. Or I have to be patient ’till the end of the year, when we head back to New York City. 😉

        • Heidi Smith

          I would like to know specifically where the shoes are made, and if the cobblers are fairly compensated. The only place ever mentioned on their website or on Google search is “overseas.”

    • paula harvey

      Look what UGGS cost! $250 & up! & THEY r so HOT! Even with NO socks on! So it’s ALL what Your little toooties prefer! If my feet R warm MY Whole body is HOT! I am just at that age! Flats R right up my Alley! Since I am on a fixed income this is a PERFECT GIFT from my Kids when they ask me WHAT I want! This way I get exactly what I need & I don’t get a bunch of CRAP I won’t use or will end up giving AWAY myself! Its NICE 2 GETStuff U really Need & want! That U will use everyday instead of mindless dust collectors! People with Grown Children let them KNOW! What U want or NEED! Your Children r NOT mind reader’s & in FACT U R DOING Them a Favor! Because Most have NOT CLue what 2 get U 4 the Holidays! SO LET THEM KNOW! & Don’t worry About WHAT IT COST! They have ALLOT more then WE did we were trying 2 Feed & Clothe Them! They want 2 BUY U WHAT U WANT! & They find pleasure in seeing U wear or Use what U ASKED 4! So don’t Be SHY! Your the Only Mother or Dad their EVER going 2 have So let THEM SPEND ON U! And ENJOY!

  • Ivan

    Hi Valerie,

    I hope you don’t mind but I a young man and I’ve been wearing ballet flats for a while and I love this kind of footwear. I purchased my first pair of Tieks also in 2016 , CA Navy and I love how comfortable are. Now I own 7 pairs, I mostly bought them pre owned on a Facebook group and I could tell you that the sellers took care of their Tieks and I saved between 35 to 62%. I bought them pre loved because I live in Canada and the shipping and duties fee are really expensive almost US $55 plus the price of a new pair of Tieks, the cost is really high. In that way I can enjoy beautiful, well made and comfortable flats saving money and recycling footwear. I only protect them with a Frye cream and if they get some scuffs I apply Tarrago cream in the color that matches better the color of my Tieks. Thank you for you detailed review I really loved !

    • Marie Buttree

      HI IVAN! I’m in Canada too, which Facebook group did you find used Tieks on? i just purchased my first pair of TIEKS – chestnut coloured and you are right the shipping is atrocious ….. hoping so much the size fits and I don’t have issues. I am a true 7 and ordered a 7, hoping for a good out of the box experience!

  • Katherine

    My sister got a pair of these for Christmas and I was so jealous then, but now I REALLY want them! You’ve answered all of the questions I would have had for her in a few months. 🙂 I just might have to splurge ASAP. Thanks for the honest review and updates!

  • Amanda Schreiber

    Every time I plan for an extended trip I think about buying Tieks and every time I talk myself out of it (I don’t even like spending money on hotels when traveling haha). But maybe one of these days! I appreciate your honest review, there aren’t many out there!

    • Valerie

      I hear ya — they were a tough sell for me too. Now they’re one of my daily shoes, so I definitely get my money out of them (I used to buy $85 TOMS flats that would only last 3-4 months!).

  • Erika

    I bought a pair in my size, and they hurt so bad, I stretched them for a long time…I tried to ask them to change them out… NO so, almost $200 wasted…gone…I was gonna buy in all colors but, NOT know..Making sure you are happy, NO…..They are not guaranteed….DON’T BUY!!!

    • Valerie

      Erika, ugh — I’m so sorry this happened to you! Which color of Tieks did you buy? I tried to buy a pair of Pacific Green and they hurt SO MUCH — they just wouldn’t stretch out, like yours! (It was my second pair even, so I know my size!) Now I stick to the Matte Black ones exclusively.

      Also, how long did you try to stretch them out? Tieks are very particular about returns if you’ve worn them outside your house or if they show signs of wear, unfortunately. If you try them on and they aren’t comfortable within 10-15 minutes, it probably means you had the wrong size.

  • Elisa Romero

    I just bought my first pair , I’ve been eyeballing them for long time I finally sold clothes I no longer used and saved up the res. I have to say I am slightly disappointed. They are not as comfortable as I had hoped. I am trying to remain positive but I guess I’ll have to give it time and see if they stretchout or mold to my feet as you had mentioned. I purchased them mainly for my trip in Europe in May as a investment. But so far not to happy. But I know I can resell them if I don’t care for them in the end. I purchased the Matte Black , everyone is calling me crazy but ehh , oh well. You review was great. I’ve been researching them and reading reviews for a bit. You only live once go for it , if it doesn’t work out , you can always look back and laugh. That’s my motto

    • Valerie

      Elisa, thanks for commenting! I love my matte black ones, and I hope you grow to love yours too. One of the things I’ve found is that if I wear them on a rainy day once, they mold to my feet much better; it’s like the moisture helps soften the leather. So maybe try putting them on and spray them lightly with a water bottle and then let them air dry on your feet? That might do the same effect.

  • Teri Pugh

    I’m older and need support. I purchased these lovely shoes but my feet hurt without any support. I spent a lot of money for shoes to just sit in my closet.

    • Valerie

      Teri, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear your Tieks don’t feel great. I need support in my shoes too but I’ve never had any pain — once I broke mine in, the leather and insole molded to my foot to provide enough support.

      Thanks for letting my readers know about your experience!

  • Brandy


    I was wondering if they are made for people with wide feet also?
    That’s the problem that I usually run into with flats.

    thank you!

    • Valerie

      Thanks for your comment, Brandy! They don’t make Tieks specifically for wide feet, but I’ve heard people have great success sizing up one size and then because they are leather, they will mold to fit your feet better. I hope that helps!

  • Bernice Gardner

    Great review!
    For those wondering about how these work with Plantar fasciitis and a Metatarsal injury, they work great!
    I have both and to my amazement my Tieks do not irritate either one!
    They are now my favorite flats and I too am sad when I can’t where them!
    I have black matte and an saving to purchase the AQUARELLA!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Markus Weber

    Hi all,

    i plan to buy tieks to but i am not sure of size me feet is 26.5cm Long and normaly i wear 9 and some Times 10
    can help me to find the Right size?


    • Valerie

      Markus, thanks for your comment! I’d recommend starting with a size 9. Depending on the style you choose, they should stretch out nicely and fit perfectly. If they are too small, Tieks has a great exchange policy as long as you haven’t worn them extensively or outside. I hope this helps!

  • Crystal Cates

    Do you wear socks with these or not? I haven’t ever really seen anyone say. I’m trying to narrow down to a color before I order. Your article was very informative. Thanks.

    • Valerie

      Crystal, thanks for your comment. I personally don’t wear socks with mine because I don’t love wearing socks ever… but I am pretty sure you can! I could see having fun with patterned socks and Ties as part of a fun outfit 🙂

  • Tania

    So I could use some advice. I invested in three pairs. Normally I’m either an 8 or and 8.5 in shoes but also have a wide width and the site advised going up if that’s the case, so I ordered my pairs in a 9. I’m not sure how they feel. They rub a little on the top of one of my feet but at the same time feel a little like they’re going to fall off. I’m worried they might not be for me because I feel like sizing down would mean more rubbing.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for your comment, Tania. Can I ask: which pattern/style are you trying? I found the Matte Black had a lot more stretch to them, and so I was able to size down properly to get them to fix. I bought a pair of Pacific Green ones at one point, and maybe it was just that pair, but they didn’t stretch at all or fit anywhere near as comfortably.

      • Cassie

        First of all I want to say, I love Tieks and enjoyed your review! I have several pairs. I have very prominent bunions I’ve had since I was a small child and I find them to be very comfortable. I was wondering if you had tried any of the colors other than pacific green? I think it has to do with the leather. Pacific green is made from top grain and matte black is made from full grain leather. Most of the colored Tieks are full grain like the matte black which you would probably find more comfortable. My cardinal red and lilac are very comfortable and more molding to the foot. But I know poppy, pacific green, clover and cobalt are top grain. The leather is a little stiffer in those.

        I am one in the minority who actually prefers the patents. They are always consistent in fit and fit my foot perfectly. However, they don’t really stretch much. But I liked that about them. I’m a 7.5 and always order an 8. Sometimes the classics feel a little loose like they might fall off my heel. (I think this is because other people might have tried on and returned. My fuchsia didn’t seem stretched at all.) But I would never go down to a 7 due to my bunions. But I’ve always had success with the patents in an 8.- perfect fit for me. Again, I am not the norm with preferring the fit of patents.

        • Valerie

          Cassie, thank you SO MUCH for your in-depth comment! I also tried the Midnight Blue BF2019 Tieks; those were a little more comfortable but I still didn’t *love* them. I think I’m just a matte black gal 😉

  • Katie

    My biggest question has to do with the breathability of the shoes – I tend to wear flats for work and have several pairs, but the biggest issue tends to be my feet feeling hot towards the end of the day. I can’t wear flip flops in my office (otherwise I definitely would!). Do your feet ever feel uncomfortably hot after wearing these for long periods of time?

    • Valerie

      Katie, they do, but it’s usually after walking *a lot* (like, hours while walking around a city or something like that). For the most part, my matte black Tieks are very breathable and I don’t feel they’re uncomfortably warm. I hope that helps!

  • Amanda

    I’m just gonna ask it because I’m curious and no one else has. If you’re not wearing socks, what do you do about the odor? I love it Texas and the only way your feet ain’t sweating is if you have no sweat glands. Please advise.

    • Valerie

      Amanda, fair question! I don’t know if I just don’t have super sweaty feet (I definitely think my feet sweat), but mine rarely smell. You could also put a dryer sheet into each shoe after wearing, which will help cut down the aroma after wearing.

  • Brenn

    I really enjoyed your review of Tieks. As someone who travels a lot too, I have found them to be awesome travel shoes. I can get 3 pair of Tieks in the space of 3 regular shoes. I started with the intent of just getting a pair of matte black, but my collection has now grown to 6. Kepp on travelling and Tieking!

  • Sandy

    Five years ago I took the plunge and bought a pair of navy blue Tieks. I’d had no luck finding a true navy blue shoe anywhere. I was thrilled. I’ve since bought two additional pairs – tan and poppy. I’d love a pair of the Drago Tieks, but that goes way over my budgeting for ballet flats!
    I am notoriously picky about shoes. Before buying Tieks, I read EVERY review of ballet flats I could find (I, too, have a healthy dislike of only positive reviews on online stores – sometimes criticism clues me in on whether it is a user-issue or size issue or something else that may be surmountable.) I tried several other brands of ballet flats, but they either had major toe cleavage or just crummy materials. Note: I have very high arches and do have to use arch supports (I use Pro Foot, bought at good old Publix).
    Thank you for your review and for updating it for 2019!

  • SJ

    I read this review and tons of others before buying so I feel like I should share my experience. I bought a pair after wanting them for years. I was concerned they were a bit tight and with the famous customer service I asked them to exchange. Well it turns out that if you live in Canada the famous customer service doesn’t apply. It is ridiculously expensive and not worth it. I’ve already paid for shipping and customs and to do an exchange I’d have to pay for more shipping for the small pair to go back then more shipping AND customs for the new pair to come here. I give up. It isn’t worth it. This was a very expensive lesson.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for sharing your experience, SJ. Have you considered reselling them on a Facebook group? I know there are some where Tieks fans sell shoes.

  • Rachael

    Thanks for the super helpful review. I do have a question am hoping you can answer. How do I know if you teaks are too big? They are comfortable, do not slip off my heals but my big toe has pleanty of room away from the end of the shoe. I am typically a size 7.5 in flats but wear an 8 in running shoes to allow space for my toes on long runs. For this reason I chose the 8s in my tieks. I think I made the right choice but if I stare at my feet I can see they area little big. Am I in the right size?
    Thank you,

  • Shannon

    I saw a woman at work wearing Tieks this past week. I simply had to stop her and inquire if they were truly as comfortable as I have heard. She whispered, “I have 15 pairs…just don’t tell my husband.” LOL If that isn’t loving a brand then I don’t know what is! I am being lured…

  • Sarah

    I’m trying to convince myself to buy 2 pair right now. They’re sitting in my basket waiting for me to jump on it. I probably *should* go with black. But I work in a shoe store and can get a screaming discount on shoes. The Poppy Red is only available (at the time I’m writing this) until TOMORROW. And they are such a gorgeous red! But, recently I’ve discovered that I look fairly decent in *certain* shades of yellow, and that I have both a sweater and a dress with the exact shade of “lemon” on their website. It’s a Matter Over Mind matter that I’m working through.

    • Valerie

      Oh no, Poppy Red is going away? I *love* that color. My friend Amanda has them in that color and they are soooo beautiful. If it were me, I’d snag a pair of Poppy Red – if you don’t love them, you can definitely find someone else who wants them once they’re no longer available!

  • Pascale

    I’m a little torn on my new Tieks – I usually wear a size 5, and originally ordered that size, but they were unbelievably tight. I returned them for a size 6, and they fit much better. They still do feel tight across the top where the edge is just above my toes, but I’m assuming this will adjust over a few days if I wear them enough? (Unfortunately I cannot wear them at work because they aren’t the right color – I guess I’ll just HAVE to buy the Dracos to fit in with policy!!!) What I love about them is they aren’t bothering my bunion and, although I usually need a shoe with some arch support, these feel GREAT on my arches! I appreciate your review!

    • Valerie

      Pascale, thanks for reading! ? My first pair (size 8) also didn’t fit well and I ended up shifting up to a 9 and then they were perfect. Which pair do you have? I think the material type affects how much they stretch.

      I’m sooooo tempted by the Drago ones too… they’re gorgeous! ?

  • Kris

    I am contemplating buying a pair for my wedding in October. I really would like a good flat but I have wide feet. Do you think these would be good for someone who has to buy wide shoes? Most flats seem to only be comfortable for people with normal/narrow feet….would going up a size do the trick?

    • Valerie

      Great to hear from you, Kris, and congrats on your wedding! I’m planning to buy a pair for my wedding too. I recommend sizing up one size for wide feet – the shoes will mold a bit to your feet over time, which should help make them comfortable by your wedding day. Be sure to break them in though (2-3 weeks of regular wear) so they’re ready for the big day!

  • Paula

    I heard about Tieks when it flashed on my FB page. After reading a ton of blogs, decided to try them. I have a narrow foot and have never found ANY flats to be comfortable. Most feel wonderful till I try to walk in them. Tieks has been a game changer! I no longer have to suffer with heels that kill my feet. It took a while to get used to wearing a flat, but can honestly say I love them! I have bought pacific green which you mentioned, and actually prefer the top leather just because it feels a little more stiff( if that makes sense)

  • Allice Eustace

    I ordered a pair (my first) on November 28, 2018 as a Christmas Gift and I still have the shoes (today is 8/27/2019). There was a mix-up in the shipping , the shoes were lost and I keep getting different answers from Customer Service. It’s going on nine months and I would like my money back or my shoes. It seems I fell for one of their “tricks” and ended up purchasing a second pair which I received in less than a week. They gave me a small bit back on that pair but wouldn’t return the original money as “that is against their policy”. It appears to me that this company doesn’t care one iota about their customers. By the way the second pair (black matt) has a string coming loose after only wearing about 6 times.

    • Valerie

      Allice, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I’ve definitely had that happen with other companies, especially around the holidays since people steal lots of packages. Have you reached out to them about the issues with your new pair and the thread?

  • AB

    I have to say that I’m a big fan of Tieks! Over 5 years I have acquired 14 pair, and my 1st pair of matte blacks STILL look new! I wear them to work daily and have no feet issues after all day on my feet. I do prefer the classics to the patents; the patents just aren’t as comfortable to me. I’m interested in trying Rothys, but I love the leather quality of Tieks too much! I love the smell of a new pair of Tieks and mustard yellow is the next on my list for fall. #worthit

  • Helen

    It took me a while to pay 175 for ballet flats and it also took some back and forth to figure out that I need to size up to 9’s but honestly, I’m in love with my camel and pewter tieks and I wear them as often as possible. TheyAlways make me happy. The leather is fabulous (much nicer than plastic bottles) and the style is so simple and feminine. Keep in mind that I’ma Birkenstock and Dansko girl.. I like comfort and tieks don’t disappoint.

  • Jules

    Hi there – great post! I just received my first pair and I’ve worn them about three times and I am already experiencing the scuffing of the back sole under my heel. I normally wear a size nine so that is what I ordered and they are very comfortable. I’m wondering if I should size down on next pair to an 8 since there might be too much give in the back contributing to early scuffing? I need your Tiek-expert advice?!

    • Valerie

      Jules – great question, and one I don’t have a good answer for. I agree that having a smaller size will reduce the scuffing *but* I’ve accidentally ordered one size too small twice now and they’re *so* much less comfortable in the wrong size… Question: are you driving a lot? I heard someone describe this as “driver’s heel” which might be how it’s happening to yours?

  • Cheryl

    I just received my first pair! I am a 7.5 and ordered an 8 in Metallic Bronze. I have just about a thumbs-width at the tip of my toes, so I think a size 7 would have my toe jammed all the way up to the tip of the shoe. My issue has been with the elastic. Everything feels good. Toe box, back of the shoe, but the elastic is hurting the tops of my feet. Have you ever run into this problem? I’m not sure if this is an issue that will “break-in”.

    • Valerie

      Cheryl, great question! I have experienced that before too – and I’m experiencing it right now with my latest pair in Midnight Blue (I’m an 8.5, accidentally bought 8, definitely had to size up to 9 so you made the right call sizing up!!). It is just a matter of breaking in, unfortunately. I think it’s a combo of the leather and the “dye” (or whatever they add for the metallic/color combo) and that takes longer to break in than just plain leather would. I hope they get more comfortable soon!!

  • Kathryn Seow

    I’m so glad I read this review!!! I’ve been considering buying a pair for a while now but….that price tag…eek!!!
    I’m terrified of buying things like that online because of the hefty price, and what if they don’t fit….then I have to send them back and wait forever for a refund or a new pair ???‍♀️
    I usually wear a 6.5 so I think I will order a 7 and ??
    My feet are flat and its EXTREMELY hard to find comfy flats. Here’s hoping these will work for me ??

    • Valerie

      Kathryn, a couple notes to help assuage your anxiety:
      1. Tieks customer service are great – when you get your Tieks, try them on at home and wear them just a bit to see how they fit. *If they don’t fit, don’t try to break them in* – just reach out to their team and see if you can exchange or refund.
      2. I personally find Tieks super comfy, and I hope you do too!

  • Deborah

    Hi Valerie. I read some of the comments, so I just wanted to add mine. I love the look of Tieks on my foot. However, I wished the the sole was a little bit thicker for impact.

  • Celia

    Hi! I just bought a matte black pair of Tieks. I’m normally a 7.5-8 in shoe size. The left fits beautifully but the right side is not quite so perfect. The back kind of digs into my heel a little. It’s not painful, but I do feel it. Considering the left side fits so well, do you think these just need to be broken in? I received last night, wore them around my apartment, and am now wearing them again today (with tights so hopefully that’ll help them break in a little better). Other than that I LOVE these and am hoping to use them for work and future travels (and I walk a TON when I travel)! Thank you!?

    • Valerie

      Celia – 100% it should stretch. Black matte is my favorite style because it doesn’t have any extra dye or coloring on the leather so it’s the most likely to break in. I recommend maybe putting a piece of scotch tape on the back of your ankle to help protect the skin while they break in. Enjoy!

  • Marie

    I bought my first pair in 2017, a chestnut brown in size 7 . I’m a normal 7.5, but decided to take the Tieks advice and size down. Wrong choice! I’m in Canada, so no free trials for me with exchange and $65 shipping plus $14 duties and taxes to pay ONTOP of $175! Those shoes never feel comfortable and within a hour, my feet are hurting. I recently bought a red and white pokadot dress and looked high and wide for some cute yellow flats with no luck. I decided to try Tieks again and am happily looking forward to my classic mustard yellow coming in the mail. This time I chose to size up to a 8. I am hoping no sore feet this time around! Buying from Canada is definitely pricey! This is probably my last pair, I’m willing to give it another try and just see if it was a sizing issue with my first pair

    • Valerie

      I’m so sorry to hear your first pair didn’t work out, Marie! Hopefully sizing up will help – I always have to size up since I’m 8.5 normally. If you aren’t able to make these new ones work, you could always try selling your Tieks in a Facebook community to try and recoup the costs. I think there are some for Canadians specifically since it costs so much for you!

  • Marie

    Now that my pair of mustard Tieks size 8 arrived to me in Canada yesterday, I can comment on the differences!!! Oh my goodness! Right out of the box, the size 8 was comfortable! I wish I’d have known Tieks run small when I bought my chestnut brown ones in 2017! I love them but the size 7 hurt my feet so badly within a hour of wearing them! Tieks are expensive, especially paying $64 on top of the $175 plus exchange and an extra $14 duty and customs! By the time I get them, they are practically a $300 pair of shoes to a Canadian!! At least now I know my true Tiek size is a 8. I can confidently recommend sizing UP in these! Your feet will thank you if you wear a half size like I do! I love my new mustard yellow, looking forward to spring to wear them!

  • Nancy

    I have very flat feet. I also need support with the metatarsal and heel. Will they work for me. I’m currently wearing MBT. They support all r areas of my feet. I would like a flat shoe like this, not sure it will work on my feet.

    • Lori

      They do looked wrinkled compared to regular tieks. I thought that was weird too when I first tried my ruby red patent( my first, 3 years ago). But, it was comfortable then and now, my go to pair of the four I own. I am partial to the patent ones as they don’t scuffed up easily. Saw that in the camel I own. But thanks to some comments here, I can probably fix it with some shoe cream. I’m looking forward to my fifth one and was grateful for the discount.
      As for comparing tieks and rothys, I do own 1 rothys, and it is also a favorite of mine and as comfortable.

      • Valerie

        Lori, thanks for coming back to comment! I see the OP probably meant “to loosen and wrinkle.” I personally don’t own any patent pairs because they rub funny on the top of my big toe (the classic don’t, so I think it’s a matter of the material), so I really appreciate your insight here.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for your comment, Mary Ann. It *does*, as all shoes do, but I have had three pairs and haven’t had an issue with that until well into the second year of owning each pair. I hope that helps!

        • Valerie

          What do you mean by natural terrain? I don’t wear them hiking… but I’ve certainly worn them on cobblestone and gravel/dirt walkways. I wear mine in the rain too if I must (if I get caught out in the rain), but I’d recommend water-resistant shoes instead if you know it’s going to be a wet day!

          • Mary Ann

            Well I see in your pictures you wearing them on desert, rocky landscapes, rolling hills… not hiking but I suppose some short dirty paths, some grassy slopes and maybe also a bit of mud. How they fare in those conditions?

  • Lisa

    Every flat I have ever owned I have had to toss due to them becoming stinky after awhile, especially the ones I wear to work all of the time. That is just what happens when you wear shoes with no socks. How do Tieks hold up the to this test? Do you ever treat/clean the inside of the shoe to avoid them from becoming stinky?

    • Valerie

      Great question, Lisa! I don’t treat mine, but I also haven’t had an issue with them getting too stinky. There are several comments above with people asking the same question! Try searching for “smell” on the page 🙂

  • Tami

    I bought a pair in black leather. It was (by far) the most I d ever paid for a pair of shoes. I wear a 7.5-8 and ordered them in 8. They hurt! The top of my big toe hits the top of the shoe. I have never worn them outside the house as I can t stand to have them on more than a few minutes. I don t think I could wear them with socks. I am also pleasantly surprised (and, honestly, shocked) that they replaced your pair after a year of wear. There are reviews all over the place saying they wouldn t replace theirs because they had been worn outside! I wonder whether they ve had a change of policy? Anyone think I should try a size 9?

    • Valerie

      Tami, sorry if there was confusion! Tiesk didn’t replace mine – I bought a new pair! I always have to go a size up when I buy them, and even then, some of the styles are a little bit tighter than others.

  • Janice Morgan

    I’ve wanted to try them for quite a while but I felt the price was too much. I got my first pair as a gift last year, Blush Pink. It did take a little while for them to be comfortable, now I love them. In fact, I’m going to buy myself another pair in black for my birthday. The price is well worth it.

    • Valerie

      I’m so glad to hear it, Janice! Thanks for sharing – hopefully others will agree! (I’m about to get myself another pair in Black too – they’re my FAVE.)

  • Jennifer

    Since April 2020, I’ve purchased 7 pair. Tieks is like a relationship. There are a few pair I’ve sent back to be stretched and polished because there were scuffs so I couldn’t exchange for the larger size. I do size up now however the California navies were too large at a 9 and instead of exchanging for an 8 I opted to exchange for chestnut because the navy didn’t work well with my skin tone. Funny thing is that navy blue is my favorite color. Overall, I absolutely love my tieks and will be purchasing more. I have chocolate brown, taupe, tangerine, mustard yellow, clover green, ruby reds, and chestnut. My next pair will be the patent tieks blue ($195 not $175,) or the leaopards at $235. It’s worth the investment and patience. Customer service is awesome. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you love your tieks.

  • Shannon Serio

    Fingers crossed that I get a verification code for $100 off, I am a pharmacy technician who has been working throughout all of this pandemic, I’ve always wanted a pair of tieks!

  • Ash Green

    Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond.

    There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Read our guide if you wish.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Martha

    So you say they recommend downsizing if you are a half size.. I wear 8-1/2, yet you said 8 was uncomfortable, so 9 won’t be too big? I have a narrow foot.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for reading, Martha! *Personally* I found that downsizing made them too small. Maybe I’m more of an 8.75 than an 8.5 (I typically wear a 39 in European sizes, which falls between 8.5 and 9 on the U.S. shoe scale!) – but I found that it was unbearable to try and stretch a pair of 8s to fit my feet comfortably. I’m not sure this helps, but I can say: if you choose a size that doesn’t fit properly, just wear them a few minutes and take them back off. You can exchange them easily!

  • Christine

    I just bought my fourth pair of Tieks. I bought my first pair in 2016. I have the Sienna Brown Croc (patent), Obsidian black (patent), Brentwood (Vegan), and I just bit the bullet and ordered the Leopard. I started with patent ones because reviews say they hold up to scratches and water better. I find that to be true. Unfortunately, I have bunions and my arches are collapsing so its hard to find stylish shoes that fit well and are comfortable. I love how my Tieks look and feel. I’ve traveled all over the world with them and they have held up amazingly. I get a little sad in the summers when its too hot to wear but for the most part (my Brentwood vegan pair are cool when its hot out), I can wear them all year round in Southern California. I’m a size 7.5 but with my bunions I always go a size up. I don’t wear socks with them and I haven’t had any issues with stinky shoes. I think perhaps it’s because it’s leather? It may not work for everyone but it’s definitely worth saving up to at least give them a try. Most people love them.

  • Claudia A

    I loved your post and decided to buy a pair of red Tieks. Since Tieks don’t have sales, I went on eBay. I became a victim of fraud. Someone sold me Tieks using a stolen credit card and had them shipped to me. Tieks contacted me and I told them I wanted to do the right thing but I didn’t want to lose my money. @Tieks threatened me By blackmailing me saying that if I didn’t refuse the shipment, that I would be banned from buying from their website again. They didn’t care that I could lose my money. I am an essential worker during Coronavirus and they treated me extremely poorly. Tieks is a terrible company. I am very sad because I wanted their shoes.

    • Valerie

      Claudia, I’m so sorry to hear it. I’m a little confused – you bought your Tieks through eBay? Did you ever receive them? They had a big discount for essential workers back in June and July. (Another option is to look for Facebook groups to see if you can find anyone selling the ones you want there.)

  • Laurie

    You didn’t mention the cute boxes with elastic bows the Tieks come in. So cute. Also, imao the chocolate brown perfectly matches Louis Vuitton handbags, California blue matches jeans very well and for brides there is a pretty lacey fabric flat.
    Thank you for your post. I’m tempted to buy another pair now!

  • Laurie

    Just to add to my remarks, I wear size 10, and all of my Tieks become comfortable with wear. I started with the taupe which goes with everything. Now I have chocolate brown, Cal blue, Mohave (woven fabric which is colorful and fun) and the copper metallic…..expensive and pretty but NOT versatile. I use cedar shoe trees to stretch them out if they are a bit tight when new. Thanks again for your insight/opinions!

  • Denise Calanese

    Thank you, Valerie! This was an in-depth review on Tieks, and just what I needed to convince me to spend more than I have been comfortable spending on a shoe. But it really seems to be worth it in the long run. I have wasted more time running from store to store, trying on shoes, only to find I may be sacrificing appearance for comfort or sacrificing comfort for appearance. Tieks covers both beautifully!

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