Everything You Need to Know About Tieks: An Honest Review in 2018

The number one barrier to buying a pair of Tieks is the price.

Trust me, I get it.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably curious if a simple ballet flat can really be worth all the hype – and the price. Tieks cost $175 per pair, after all! (Prints cost even more!)

This isn’t pocket change for most of us and is a bit scary when it’s time to hit the ‘Checkout’ button.

I was nervous too when I bought my first pair in April 2016. As I was saving up for a seven-month trip around the U.S. and Europe, I didn’t have money to spend on a pair of flats that couldn’t hold up to cobbled streets, stone staircases, and a whole lot of museums.

Tieks at the Arc de Triomphe

I decided to take the risk and invest in Tieks, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. Despite being a big investment, my Tieks are potentially one of the most cost-savvy wardrobe pieces!

If you have questions before buying Tieks, this is the post for you! I’ve updated it for 2018, so it’s the most up-to-date Tieks review on the internet.

Before we jump into the numbers, let me answer some of the most common questions I get asked about Tieks when people notice I’m wearing them.

Are Tieks Comfortable?

In many other reviews, you might read that Tieks are uncomfortable when you first receive them.

When I got my first pair, I agreed. Then I realized I was wearing the wrong size!

So how does Tieks sizing work?

Since Tieks are made from Italian leather and only come in whole sizes, Tieks advises you size down to make sure they will stretch to fit your feet (rather than being too big since they won’t shrink). I originally bought a size 8, but found it was incredibly painful, even for short walks in my apartment building.

After contacting Tieks, they sent me a size 9 shoe to try instead. From the moment I slipped them on, my Tieks were comfortable.

I typically consider myself an 8.5 shoe size, but in Tieks I wear a 9, and they were perfectly comfortable from day 1. By sizing up, I also gave my feet room to fit more naturally in the shoe, reducing the chance of foot problems like bunions – which I know we women who love cute shoes are often willing to endure!

Do Tieks Provide Enough Foot Support?

I don’t know for certain if I’m “flat-footed” or “have high arches,” but I do know that my feet are almost 30 years old, and they can’t get away with wearing crappy $8 H&M flats anymore.

After a day in poorly supported shoes, my feet hurt! After a day of sightseeing in London or exploring Versailles in my Tieks, my feet were ready for more.

The secret to Tieks and support is that the shoes will mold to your feet. Eventually, you will receive some of the support you need right from the sole of the shoe, because it fits you so well.

How Well Do Tieks Last?

As I approach the anniversary of purchasing my Tieks, I decided to do a little math. According to my Apple Health app, I took an average of 6,677 steps per day in the past year. I wore my Tieks roughly 60% of the time I was walking. Here’s the math:

6,677 steps * 365 days * 60% of days = 1,462,263 steps 

Yes, you are reading that correctly. I took approximately 1.4 million steps in my Tieks this year!

I am wearing my Tieks right now, and will continue to wear them until the day the soles fall right off! Once I broke them in, they have become my most invaluable pair of shoe. I wear them in the house, while working, and to the grocery store. Heck, I wore them around the world!

How well do Tieks Last?

Tieks last as well as the ruins in Athens – where this was taken!

The only notes I can make about “wear and tear” on my Tieks after one million steps:

  • The fronts of my toes are quite scuffed up right along the edge where they meet the sole.
  • The back of the sole under my heel shows significant wear, probably because I drag my heels just a little when I walk. As a result, the sole is slowly coming detached now that I’ve worn through the sole and thread that keeps the sole stitched tight. This will probably be the most significant reason I stop wearing this pair.
  • I spilled something weird on them in Greece and there’s a small discoloration most people probably wouldn’t even notice.

Other than that, they are still in great shape. Seriously, though: 1.4 million steps. 

Speaking of Greece…

Are Tieks the Perfect Travel Shoe?

When Mr. Valise and I packed up our lives and hit the road in late April 2016, I took two pairs of shoes with me: running shoes and my Tieks. Since Tieks fold up into a small bag, I was able to tuck them in with all of my clothes and work gear, and explore the world.

Where have my Tieks gone?

My Tieks with me in London, my favorite city.

I wore my Tieks all over the world, from Jordan to Paris, from London to Athens. When the rains came over Bavaria in October, while visiting churches in Montenegro, and standing on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich – I wore my Tieks!

I wore my Tieks everywhere, and I have the photos to prove it:

Tieks are incredibly versatile shoes, capable of handling whatever adventure you choose to have. Whether it’s chasing toddlers or exploring the Louvre, your Tieks will be comfortable. In my book, yes, that makes them the perfect travel shoe.

Are Tieks Worth the Price?

All that said: it’s $175 for a pair of Tieks.

Is all this really worth it? Are Tieks really worth the price?

In my opinion, yes. Tieks are worth the price. I wear them every day, and I’ve worn them all over the world. I’ve pushed them harder and farther than any other shoe I’ve ever owned, and I still love them.

Are Tieks worth the price?

Are Tieks worth the price? Yes, even after getting scraped and worn on the Croatian coast.

The stains and scuffs are endearing to me, and the well-worn spots where my feet slip right into place are worth more than any money.

Tieks are an investment, but they’re a worthwhile one. 

Are Tieks Worth the Hype?

If you can’t tell already, I totally drink the Tieks Kool-Aid. But, I drink the Kool-Aid because I think it’s delicious.

My Tieks are the best shoes I own, and I am sad every time the weather is too cold or rainy to wear them outside (sometimes I wear them anyway!).

Lots of women rave about Tieks being the most comfortable and versatile flats in their wardrobe, and I am one of them. I am a skeptical consumer too, but there’s hype about Tieks because they are actually worthy of the hype.

How Do You Take Care of Tieks?

If you’ve made it this far, you probably want Tieks. It’s okay to admit it!

Once you buy your Tieks, give yourself a week to make sure your feet are used to them. They may not be uncomfortable, but every pair of shoes has to be broken in a little.

For regular care, I use a simple leather shoe polish on a sponge. I wipe it around the leather, taking extra care at where the shoe meets the sole and in the stitching at the top of the shoe. Not all Tieks should be treated this way, but my Matte Black Tieks look almost brand new every time I do this – even 12 month later!

Where Can You Buy Tieks?

Sold on buying a pair of Tieks? Yay! I think you’ll love them. Now it’s time to make the big purchase.

Unfortunately, Tieks are not sold through stores like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, and you also can’t buy them online through Amazon or Zappos. The only place to buy Tieks is through their online store, the Boutiek.

Additionally, Tieks doesn’t offer any coupons or sales. If you want new Tieks, you really do need to shell out the $175+ for a pair. But there is a way to save money on Tieks. There are several great Facebook groups where you can buy, sell, and trade Tieks to your heart’s content (check out Tieks by Gavrieli Addicts Buy, Sell, Trade). For example, I saw many new or barely-worn Tieks for $100-$125. Facebook groups are a great way to save on Tieks. (You’re welcome!)

Would I Buy Another Pair of Tieks?

Updated (January 2018): Yes, I did buy another pair of Tieks! My Tieks have held up remarkably well considering how much I’ve worn them. They are so comfortable now that I have broken them in – and they continue to stay that way, even when other flats would stretch out!

The only tough choice when it comes to Tieks is picking out the right color. I went with Matte Black again because they go with everything, but here are some of the other popular colors I considered:

  • Ballerina Pink – $175 per pair
  • Giraffe Print – $235 per pair
  • Mustard Yellow – $175 per pair
  • Olive Green – $175 per pair
  • Cobalt Blue – $175 per pair

On the fence about purchasing Tieks? I recently reviewed a different pair of flats and think they’re a good Tieks alternative.

Which color Tieks will you choose?

If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in deciding to invest in your own Tieks, please share with fellow Tieks fans by pinning one of the images below.

This post was originally published in January 2017, and updated in June 2017, January 2018, and March 2018 to keep it as accurate as possible.

36 Responses to “Everything You Need to Know About Tieks: An Honest Review in 2018

  • Wow, this is probably one of the most extensive Tieks review I’ve ever read! I’ve known the brand for years now, but I’ve always been on the fence about getting a pair since I’m more of a sneakers type of girl. The fuchsia screams my name, though!

    • Jae, I gotta say, I was on the same page as you are. I liked flats a bit, but I could never imagine spending so much money on ANY pair of shoes. I’m telling you though, they’re worth it. Perfect for those times you need cute, comfy shoes but don’t want to suffer heels. You won’t regret it if you eventually make the investment 🙂

      • Ha—thanks for the input! I’ll take note of these tips!

        • Carla Henson
          1 year ago

          i just ordered a pair of black ones and can’t wait. I have a whole closet full of shoes(literally wasted my money on) and if these actually are the answer to having comfy shoes that I can wear to the office and travel in etc, then I’ll be hooked for life. Thank you so much for your awesome opinion. I’d never even heard of them until I googled comfy flats. I’ll let ya know how it goes when mine come and I’ll take your advice and wear for a week to break them in.

          • Carla, hi! I’m sorry I missed your comment — what do you think of your Tieks? I’d love to see your reply here (and maybe other readers would too!).

  • You seem very very pleased with your Tieks, but I’m still not entirely convinced. I’m sorry, it seems so much money for a pair of flats! ? I’m dying to try a pair, but can’t get over their price. I’ll probably discuss this later with my boyfriend and who knows maybe I’ll decide ordering one anyway. ? Not looking forward to make the colour choice though! ? Thanks for your honest review!

    • Forgot to mention: I have to pay an extra $50 for shipping to Belgium. That’s a big extra on top of the normal price.. ?

      • Birthe, ugh, I totally feel your pain. It IS a lot of money, and adding on an extra $50 for shipping makes it seem really high! Maybe you could look at a service like Grabr and have someone deliver them for you? I can promise that if you do invest, you won’t regret it once you start wearing them every day (like I do 🙂 ).

        • Grabr, never heard of it, but seems interesting. Thanks for the tip, Valerie! I’ll definitely look into it. Or I have to be patient ’till the end of the year, when we head back to New York City. 😉

        • paula harvey
          1 year ago

          $50 4 $HIPPING! Where r the coming from the SIBERIA or Chernobyl?

    • paula harvey
      1 year ago

      Look what UGGS cost! $250 & up! & THEY r so HOT! Even with NO socks on! So it’s ALL what Your little toooties prefer! If my feet R warm MY Whole body is HOT! I am just at that age! Flats R right up my Alley! Since I am on a fixed income this is a PERFECT GIFT from my Kids when they ask me WHAT I want! This way I get exactly what I need & I don’t get a bunch of CRAP I won’t use or will end up giving AWAY myself! Its NICE 2 GETStuff U really Need & want! That U will use everyday instead of mindless dust collectors! People with Grown Children let them KNOW! What U want or NEED! Your Children r NOT mind reader’s & in FACT U R DOING Them a Favor! Because Most have NOT CLue what 2 get U 4 the Holidays! SO LET THEM KNOW! & Don’t worry About WHAT IT COST! They have ALLOT more then WE did we were trying 2 Feed & Clothe Them! They want 2 BUY U WHAT U WANT! & They find pleasure in seeing U wear or Use what U ASKED 4! So don’t Be SHY! Your the Only Mother or Dad their EVER going 2 have So let THEM SPEND ON U! And ENJOY!

  • Hi Valerie,

    I hope you don’t mind but I a young man and I’ve been wearing ballet flats for a while and I love this kind of footwear. I purchased my first pair of Tieks also in 2016 , CA Navy and I love how comfortable are. Now I own 7 pairs, I mostly bought them pre owned on a Facebook group and I could tell you that the sellers took care of their Tieks and I saved between 35 to 62%. I bought them pre loved because I live in Canada and the shipping and duties fee are really expensive almost US $55 plus the price of a new pair of Tieks, the cost is really high. In that way I can enjoy beautiful, well made and comfortable flats saving money and recycling footwear. I only protect them with a Frye cream and if they get some scuffs I apply Tarrago cream in the color that matches better the color of my Tieks. Thank you for you detailed review I really loved !
    Ivan https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/738b27252966c6a72fb87af2dd8f6856251445757db11faa1287d66ed4f3860e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/709dd35ee1fd794f6ec66330e3e8249cb09668c18e5a81253dba5e14a53ca1fa.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d122924c19b653ee86244f0615d2f008b87504fb7d3a532007da61e9b03aa29.jpg

    • Ivan, thank you so much for being open and sharing your tips on Tieks care here! I will be trying your care tips on my new pair!

    • Marie Buttree
      2 years ago

      HI IVAN! I’m in Canada too, which Facebook group did you find used Tieks on? i just purchased my first pair of TIEKS – chestnut coloured and you are right the shipping is atrocious ….. hoping so much the size fits and I don’t have issues. I am a true 7 and ordered a 7, hoping for a good out of the box experience!

  • Katherine
    11 months ago

    My sister got a pair of these for Christmas and I was so jealous then, but now I REALLY want them! You’ve answered all of the questions I would have had for her in a few months. 🙂 I just might have to splurge ASAP. Thanks for the honest review and updates!

    • They’re pretty amazing! Owning two pairs, I am obviously a bit biased, but I think they’re worth it!

  • Ashley Stephenson
    11 months ago

    I have been wanting a pair of tieks for so long! I have heard wonderful things about them!

  • Amanda Schreiber
    11 months ago

    Every time I plan for an extended trip I think about buying Tieks and every time I talk myself out of it (I don’t even like spending money on hotels when traveling haha). But maybe one of these days! I appreciate your honest review, there aren’t many out there!

  • This is so great!! My cousin swears by them – she loves them and wears them all the time! I love the colors they come in!

    • Your cousin has great taste 😉 I love mine too, but I didn’t find the colors as comfortable as the black ones I wear almost every day.

  • Taylor Smith
    11 months ago

    I have such a hard time talking myself into spending $175 on a pair of flats but they look amazing!

    • I hear ya — they were a tough sell for me too. Now they’re one of my daily shoes, so I definitely get my money out of them (I used to buy $85 TOMS flats that would only last 3-4 months!).

  • I bought a pair in my size, and they hurt so bad, I stretched them for a long time…I tried to ask them to change them out… NO so, almost $200 wasted…gone…I was gonna buy in all colors but, NOT know..Making sure you are happy, NO…..They are not guaranteed….DON’T BUY!!!

    • Erika, ugh — I’m so sorry this happened to you! Which color of Tieks did you buy? I tried to buy a pair of Pacific Green and they hurt SO MUCH — they just wouldn’t stretch out, like yours! (It was my second pair even, so I know my size!) Now I stick to the Matte Black ones exclusively.

      Also, how long did you try to stretch them out? Tieks are very particular about returns if you’ve worn them outside your house or if they show signs of wear, unfortunately. If you try them on and they aren’t comfortable within 10-15 minutes, it probably means you had the wrong size.

      • I wear a size 10, and never any other size before. I even bought the wooden shoe stretchers off Amazon and kept them in it for 5 days straight.

        • What color were they? I think they way they coat the leather when making colored pairs makes them less stretchy.

  • Elisa Romero
    11 months ago

    I just bought my first pair , I’ve been eyeballing them for long time I finally sold clothes I no longer used and saved up the res. I have to say I am slightly disappointed. They are not as comfortable as I had hoped. I am trying to remain positive but I guess I’ll have to give it time and see if they stretchout or mold to my feet as you had mentioned. I purchased them mainly for my trip in Europe in May as a investment. But so far not to happy. But I know I can resell them if I don’t care for them in the end. I purchased the Matte Black , everyone is calling me crazy but ehh , oh well. You review was great. I’ve been researching them and reading reviews for a bit. You only live once go for it , if it doesn’t work out , you can always look back and laugh. That’s my motto

    • Elisa, thanks for commenting! I love my matte black ones, and I hope you grow to love yours too. One of the things I’ve found is that if I wear them on a rainy day once, they mold to my feet much better; it’s like the moisture helps soften the leather. So maybe try putting them on and spray them lightly with a water bottle and then let them air dry on your feet? That might do the same effect.

  • Teri Pugh
    10 months ago

    I’m older and need support. I purchased these lovely shoes but my feet hurt without any support. I spent a lot of money for shoes to just sit in my closet.

    • Teri, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear your Tieks don’t feel great. I need support in my shoes too but I’ve never had any pain — once I broke mine in, the leather and insole molded to my foot to provide enough support.

      Thanks for letting my readers know about your experience!

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