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The concept of ballet flats is pretty simple – it’s the execution that’s tricky. Want a pair that’s super cute? You’re going to pay. Want a pair that’s comfortable? You’re going to pay. Want a pair that lasts when you travel the world? You’re going to pay.

Into this space, Tieks by Gavrieli has risen as the winner. If you’re looking for a Tieks alternative, I’ve got one for you. In search of the perfect ballet flats for travel, I’ve tried a lot: from cheap $8 H&M flats that break in a month and almost broke my feet to $80 Toms that look great and last okay but don’t pack well… The search continues!

I recently had the chance to try the Ballerine flat from Softstar Shoes. Read on to learn more about these flats and determine if they might be perfect for you, your style, your feet, and your carryon.

A Recap: My Tieks Review

If you remember, I have a long, pretty much glowing review of Tieks. I wrote it for the first time in January 2017 and have updated it a few times since.

In my review, I talk about how well Tieks hold up, my comfort in them, and how to travel with them. I road-tested Tieks while traveling through Europe for five months, and when I got home I bought a second pair.

I’m always on the lookout for flats that travel well and go with everything — because I travel all the time and always pack an assortment of outfits. Like you, I was on the hunt for a flat comparable for Tieks.

Introducing the Softstar Ballerine Flat

Softstar Ballerines Review

Early this summer, I heard about the Softstar Ballerine Flat. Could I really find a comfortable, travel-friendly pair of flats that didn’t seem to fall apart after a few trips? Was there a good company looking to help us lady travelers find comfy flats?

The answer is yes! Softstar is an Oregon-based company that produces what they call “Minimal shoes,” read: shoes that aren’t bulky, clunky, or garish. They use eco-friendly materials, hand-make their shoes in the U.S. (in Oregon), and have styles for men, women, and kids.

While they have a variety of shoes, their Ballerine flat is among their most popular women’s style. It toes the line between the more funky/casual/comfy designs (like the Roo moccasin and Phoenix boot) and common designs at other shoe companies. I decided to give Ballerines a try.

Quality & Comfort: Reviewing Ballerine Flats

Is it possible for flats to be too comfortable?! ?

I know that’s the literal opposite of what most women say about their shoes. My Ballerines are so comfortable, I almost feel like I’m wearing slippers. Like I shouldn’t go out of the house because no outdoors shoe could possibly be this comfy!

From the first time I slipped on a pair (not the pair I ended up keeping), I was shocked how buttery soft the leather was. It hugs your foot, almost like a low sock, and there’s little structure in the shoe to keep its shape – your foot does that.

The Vibram sole also makes them super comfortable to stand in, despite seeming like a quite thin sole when you look at them. I don’t have flat feet or other issues that make most shoes uncomfortable, but I’m guessing you’ll need extra support in these flats; probably the same insoles you wear in other shoes.

The only comment I have on comfort is that the thinness of the sole makes me feel like I can feel everything beneath my feet. For example, crossing the textured yellow ramp at intersections, I can feel that. I step on a gap between pieces of sidewalk, I can feel it. I can imagine cobblestones would be unpleasant – but I’ll be testing this in London later this month, and will report back!

In terms of quality, I have no complaints. Ballerines are beautifully made (in Oregon) and have held up through the few months I’ve been wearing them. All this is good, because, like Tieks, when you invest in a pair of flats you want them to feel good and last!

Style: Wearing Ballerines with Everything in my Suitcase

On the spectrum of the flats I own, my Ballerines are somewhere on the more casual end. 

At the core, Ballerines are a casual flat that can be dressed up or down – and their versatility directly depends on having ways to match them to your outfit. As usual, if you go for the black Ballerines, you’re going to be able to wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t require heels. If you go for a less conventional color like Oxblood or Pacific, it might be harder to dress them up.

Since I don’t travel with my whole wardrobe, and I dress pretty casually to begin with, I’ve had no problem creating lots of outfits where my Oxblood Ballerines complement one of the colors I’m wearing or serve as the colorful element in a neutral outfit.

Travel-ability: Are Ballerines Good for Travel?

This is the one area where I give a resounding ‘yes:’ Softstar Ballerines are a great flat for traveling.

First of all, Ballerines are very lightweight. One of the worst parts of being a lady traveler is needing shoes for every occasion and every pair weighing a million pounds. If you are a carry-on-only traveler like me, you actually feel the weight from schlepping all of those shoes around!

The thin sole and supple leather allow you to press them basically flat in the tiniest part of your bag. Additionally, the flexible Vibrams sole means you can fold them in half, just like Tieks. Heck, you can even roll them up, if that’s your packing style.

As a simple flat, they’re perfect for traveling. They may not hold up for the variety of occasions you could potentially encounter while traveling (if say, you’re a fashion Instagram ‘influencer’ and go from exploring the city streets to the penthouse suite of some comped hotel…), but they’re comfortable as day shoes and can get you in anywhere flats are acceptable footwear.

Cost: A Cheaper Alternative?

As I’ve hinted, Softstar Ballerines are not a golden ticket of super-comfy, durable, stylish, travel-friendly and affordable shoes.

But let me hop on a quick soapbox here: women are on the hunt for that golden ticket shoe, when it’s totally not fair to the shoe companies. It’s hard work to make attractive, high-quality shoes that fit well and cost $20. If you find those shoes, lemme know.

For the rest of us, if you want shoes that look good and last – flats or not –, you need to be willing to invest.

Ballerines start from $150 per pair. There are four main colors at that price, plus a pair that has a ‘sport closure’ (a strap to help keep them on if you’re super adventurous in them). You can also customize your Ballerines and choose from 40 different colors and materials – and various materials and add-ons can take up the price as high as $195.

Actually, a pair of bespoke leather ballerina flats in your favorite color for under $200 is actually a good deal.

I had some fun playing with the Ballerine customizer to come up with these custom flats. I made one for this blog, one for my space site, and one to make anyone feel like a star! ?

Is Softstar a Good Company to Buy Shoes From?

My experiences with the team at Softstar have been great. Their customer service is great, and I was able to easily swap pairs when I got the wrong size. I’m not sure about exchanges on custom Ballerine designs, but I am confident they’ll try to make it work if you end up with the wrong shoe or size.

Softstar Ballerines are a good travel flat. In their own right, they’re the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned, are fantastic for traveling, and look good with my wardrobe (at home or on the road).

Have other questions? Let me know in the comments!

This post was produced in partnership with Softstar Shoes. I was provided with a complimentary pair of Ballerines in exchange for this post. The team at Softstar had no input into the final content I’ve included – the opinions here (the goods and the bads) are based on my experience.



Thanks for the great Softstar review (even if they biased you by giving you a free pair 🙂 ) I have become a Tieks fan myself, but really like the fact that Softstar makes their shoes in the USA and that they have unisex sizing. I am more convinced than ever that I need to give them a try!


Thanks for reading, Brenn, and for your interest in Softstar. It *is* nice that they’re made in the USA!


Are Tieks good for walking on cobblestone streets? I’m tempted to buy, but just like anyone else, $175 is not a joke!


Imee, Absolutely, they are great on cobblestone streets! I wore mine all over Europe for four months and they held up amazingly well!


I usually where a 7 double E. I have very wide feet. Any suggestion on what brand to try?


Judi, thanks for your question. Gosh, that’s a tricky one. I don’t have wide feet so I don’t consider that as part of my shopping. Have you tried Toms?


Hello, when you got your first pair of the ballerines, were they too small? I ordered a pair and found that the high curve of the heel was pushing my foot forward and placing tremendous pressure on my achilles. I also found the rest of the heel to be a bit loose fitting. I’m debating if I should just return them or if I should try sizing up, since I have to pay return shipping. I’d love to have your input.



Eileen, thanks so much for your comment. My first pair also didn’t fit right and I did have to size up. Maybe try reaching out to them and say you and I spoke to see if they can offer a free shipping/exchange option?

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