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Since I know that you’re dreaming of your first glimpse of Denali, you’re probably sitting there, a bundle of excitement and questions, like:

If these thoughts are running through your head, you’re definitely not alone. I get questions like these every. single. day.

Planning your first trip to Alaska is a big deal, and can quickly become overwhelming, even if you know where you want to go and what you want to do.

It’s not your fault though. The internet is a fabulous place, but there’s so much information that it’s hard to know if the advice you’re reading is A) accurate and B) helpful.

Never mind there are loads of websites written by people who’ve never even been to Alaska – or maybe, just once…
…on a cruise
….where they never left the boat.

That’s not me, that’s not this site, and that’s why you need a set of tools and resources that will help you cut through the noise, get organized, and plan the once-in-a-lifetime trip you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s where Alaska Itinerary Planning Packs come in.

With three pre-made itineraries that you can pull straight “out of the box” (or “off of the screen,” to be more accurate), yes, you really can book your Alaska trip TODAY.

No waiting on travel agents. No fees and commissions.

Just you, a few simple choices, and an unforgettable trip.

What You’ll Get

Planning Packs Mockup

In every Alaska Itinerary Planning Pack, you’ll receive:


Three completed itineraries for the exact number of days you plan to visit Alaska (not including travel days)

👆 So you can literally book your Alaska trip today!


spreadsheet database with all of the other hotels, restaurants, and tours I recommend,
so you can easily swap out my suggestions for your own must-do Alaskan adventures


An introductory video that helps you understand the itineraries and database and how to use them

Plus TWO bonuses:

Bonus #1

A free template to customize your own itinerary easily – think of it like Mad Libs for your Alaska trip.

($9 value)

Bonus #2

A free five-day video course – the B.E.A.R. Method – to help you plan your Alaska trip without breaking the bank.

($27 value)

All that stuff sounds great – sign me up!”

While my Itinerary Packs normally sell for $50, I’m offering 30% off as a thank you for taking my quiz.

What Past Alaska Travelers Say

Ready to feel this good after YOUR Alaska trip?

Questions Future Alaska Travelers Ask

Q) How long will it take to plan my itinerary with the Planning Packs?

A) Anywhere from 5 minutes – if you love the itinerary I suggested – to a few hours if you choose to swap out some of the tours and restaurants in the free database.

Q) How is this different than the free quiz results I just got?

A) The free quiz results on this page are very basic; Alaska Itinerary Planning Packs give you tons more detail and options.

If you’re curious, here’s a sample page from one itinerary to show how much detail is included.

Q) Are these Itinerary Planning Packs updated for 2022 travel?

A) Yes, they are. I checked them following my two Alaska trips in 2021 to confirm that every suggestion I make is available and accurate.

Q) Can I use this product for a winter trip to Alaska?

A) At this time, they aren’t designed for winter travel, but I have a handy free winter itinerary here.

Q) How do I access all of these goodies?

A) Everything is delivered digitally – after you purchase, you can download on the confirmation and you’ll receive an email with links to download.

Q) What if I’m not sure how many days I want to visit Alaska?

A) You’re in luck! I offer a discount for buying more than one pack. Buy 2 and get $10 off, or buy 3 and get $25 off!

Email me ( if you want the discount code for buying more than one pack.

Ready for this feeling?:

Get your Alaska trip plans sorted ASAP before the Denali Bus Tour, car rentals, and planning packs are sold out.


This 30% off offer is only available on this page… once you navigate away, you can only purchase itinerary packs at full price.

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