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A Guide to Santa Barbara, the American Riviera

Looking for a destination you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the best flavors in life? America's Riviera is the place – here's my guide to Santa Barbara.

One Day in L.A.: A Guide to Visiting Los Angeles

Can you really see a dynamic city like Los Angeles in one day? Take it from me – I once swore I would never visit, now I'm writing the guide to see it all in L.A. in one day!

One Magical Day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Universal Studios Hollywood

If you are planning a visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Hollywood, here's a guide to making the most of your day.

What to Pack for San Francisco

Unsure what to pack for San Francisco? It can be tough since the weather changes so much! Here is my perfect packing list for a trip to SF.

The 10 Best Meals I Enjoyed in 2016
(+ Tons of Others!)

Looking back on a year of travel and food, it's hard to choose the best. However, I looked at all the photos, and here are the 10 best meals I had in 2016.

My 10 Favorite Instagram Photos – To Celebrate 10,000 Followers!

Hundreds of photos and thousands of followers later, I'm celebrating crossing that '10k' line with my 10 favorite photos from my Instagram account. See which ones I picked, no matter how many likes they have.

5 Bed & Breakfasts That Prove Millennials are Missing Out

Think bed & breakfasts are just for older generations? Here are five properties that prove otherwise, whether you're a foodie, adventurous, or luxury lover.

Sutro Baths

Dipping My Toes into Sutro Baths

Dive into the history of Sutro Baths, and discover why I loved the fact that I could really explore this unexpected wonder near San Francisco.

The V&V Photo-Guide to the PCH

There are countless places to stop along the PCH. Here are my favorites from a few days on California 1, as well as the tips I remember collecting for future reference.

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