What to Pack for Travel in Alaska

Traveling to Alaska? You may wonder what you need to pack. After years of living in – and traveling to – Alaska, here are my best packing tips.

A Local Guide to the Anchorage Market and Festival

The Anchorage Market is a top-recommended experience in Anchorage because it allows visitors to experience so much Alaskan culture. Here's my guide!

How to Pick Alaska Cruise Excursions

If traveling to Alaska this summer, there are lots of tours to compare. Here are my guidelines on choosing Alaska cruise excursions.

My 10 Favorite Instagram Photos – To Celebrate 10,000 Followers!

Hundreds of photos and thousands of followers later, I'm celebrating crossing that '10k' line with my 10 favorite photos from my Instagram account. See which ones I picked, no matter how many likes they have.

Teatro ZinZanni

3 North American Dinner Shows Worth Watching

Unexpectedly, live dinner shows can actually add a great element to an upcoming trip. Here are three I was surprised to enjoy.

Falling in Love with Hope, Alaska

Falling in Love with Hope, Alaska

A few hours in Hope, Alaska gives a snapshot of what life is like for most Alaskans: generally quiet, occasionally tourist-laden, and marked by good food and love of the wilderness around them.

Chasing the Great One: Denali

Even as I drove back to Anchorage, I found myself sneaking peeks of Denali in my mirrors. She was always hanging over my shoulder, just waiting for me to turn around and look.

A Day on the Water with Major Marine Tours

I always love taking the cruises: you never know what you'll see, so every experience is unique and worth doing! I'm sure I'll go back again, since this cruise was so enjoyable, and I look forward to the chance to sail with Major Marine Tours again.

Three Hikes Any Cheechako Can Do

Here are three hikes I did this weekend: none of them are long, they're all just challenging enough to get your Cheechako heart pumping, and they'll put a little bit of Sourdough strength in you.