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Blogging Mentorship

Blogging Mentorship
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$499.95 $250.00

Ready to take your blog to the next level? After six years as a travel blogger, I’m ready to help!

Head’s up! Because I know we’re all struggling… Right now you can get your first 3 months for $250/mo with one call per month (instead of full price with two calls).



Here’s what you’ll get each month:

  1. Guided mentoring and goal setting to help you focus and improve the areas of your blog you care about most
  2. One on one accountability wagers – I’m in it with you!
  3. 4-article SEO Audit monthly with actionable to-do lists ($200 value)
  4. 2 one-hour calls per month to go through SEO to-dos and any other questions you have ($300 value)
  5. Free access to Blogging BOSSes, my blogging organization course ($99 value)
  6. Behind-the-scenes access to me and my blogs – so you can see the numbers and understand what’s possible
  7. Access to me 24/7 for questions and brainstorming (Priceless)

I'm having an issue across my site where some images are not appearing properly; I'm sorry if you encounter broken or blurry images in this post. I'm working to get this fixed and appreciate your support.

Initially, I ask for a 3-month commitment (at $499.95/mo) so we can start working together and get to know each other. After that, we can shift to a month-to-month system – or you can choose each month whether you want to work together or not.

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Brie Goumaz

Monday 3rd of February 2020

After my FIRST month into being mentored by Valerie I saw huge movement on my blog. I ranked on the first page of google for several blog posts which wasn’t happening at all beforehand. She helped me understand how to view my blog as a business through strategy and organization. To top it all off I made $400 my first month working with her (for perspective I made about $15 a month before that). 

Now in my sixth month, I am more productive than ever. I redesigned my website and continue to work on my SEO strategy. Most of my blog posts are ranking on the first page of Google or we are working towards the ones that aren’t. Every call I learn something new and my eyes are opened to another way of viewing my website and business. Valerie takes the time to help you to understand the things that she so easily has knowledge of. 

I am in my sixth month of being mentored by Valerie and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. This should speak volumes on how much value she provides as a mentor. 

Whether it’s a mentorship program, SEO audit or blogging course, Valerie provides way more value than most overpriced courses. I highly recommend anything she produces for bloggers looking to get focused, organized and take their blog to the next level.