Klondike-Kluane Yukon Road Trip Guide eBook


The Yukon isn’t a place most people end up on accident, so I’m assuming if you’re planning a visit, it’s on purpose. It’s to discover what this unique corner of Canada (and the world) has to offer – and the Klondike-Kluane Loop is a great way to do that. 

Whether you do the loop in one drive as I did or you break it up into two segments as part of a trip to/from Alaska, this is the kind of road trip that sticks with you – trust me, as I still remember my earliest memories of the Yukon, twenty-plus years on!

In this ebook, you’ll find all you need to plan your own Klondike-Kluane loop road trip, including

  • A day-by-day suggested road trip itinerary
  • Detailed guides for major communities along the route including what to do and where to eat
  • Hotel recommendations for each major community
  • Over 150 full-color photos from my own road trip – to show you what it’s really like

… plus so much more! 



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