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[Hiraeth Candles] Southwest Sunrise (16-hour)

[Hiraeth Candles] Southwest Sunrise (16-hour)


Rise early, before the hot sun, and breathe deeply as you step out the door for a morning hike. The desert may seem like life is sparse, but flowers reveal how much life there is, drawing out the birds, bugs, and those of us willing to brake the heat.

Our trial size is a 3oz candle that has an expected 15-20 hours of burn time.

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Southwest Sunrise is a candle that evokes the hot-but-not-yet-scorching times of day in the desert. Whether that means rising early before the sun or staying up to watch those beautiful sunsets, this scent will transport you to the unique climate of the beautiful Southwestern U.S.

  • Top Notes: Green, Citrus
  • Middle Notes: Coconut, Floral
  • Bottom Notes: Wood, Musk

Whether you’re still planning your Southwestern adventure or fondly remembering a past trip, this candle is will transport you to the desert in bloom from the first smell to last light.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word to describe the feeling of longing for a home that never was, or to which you cannot return. The nostalgia and yearning for the places of your past.


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