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[Hiraeth Candles] Blue Hawaii (16-hour)

[Hiraeth Candles] Blue Hawaii (16-hour)

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Imagine the sand between your toes, and the gentle feeling of sea mist washing over you on a warm breeze. Taking a deep breath, you can smell the delicious scents of tropical fruit and peaceful waves lapping the shore as you relax into your own version of Hawaiian paradise.

Our trial size is a 3oz candle that has an expected 15-20 hours of burn time.

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Whether your idea of paradise is exploring a tropical jungle to discover a secret beach – or just spending the day laid out on that beach with a fruity cocktail in hand, Blue Hawaii is a candle intended to give you that feeling no matter how many miles you are from sun and sand. Here are the scent notes for Blue Hawaii:

  • Top Notes: Green, Peach, Citrus, and Maple Sugar
  • Middle Notes: Tropical Hawaiian Flowers, Coconut
  • Bottom Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Driftwood

Whether you’re still planning your Hawaii trip or fondly remembering a past trip, this candle is will transport you to the Aloha State from the first smell to last light.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word to describe the feeling of longing for a home that never was, or to which you cannot return. The nostalgia and yearning for the places of your past.

1 review for [Hiraeth Candles] Blue Hawaii (16-hour)

  1. Nathan Anderson (verified owner)

    My parents love this candle and the tropical vibes it evokes! Thanks, Valerie, for making these for all of us to share!

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