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[Hiraeth Candles] Alaskan Morning (16-hour)

[Hiraeth Candles] Alaskan Morning (16-hour)

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Imagine stepping out into the chilly morning air, and seeing your breath rise in a mist before you. Taking a deep breath, you can smell the fresh scents of birch, pine, clean air, and damp fresh earth as you set out on another day of Alaskan adventures.

Our trial size is a 3oz candle that has an expected 15-20 hours of burn time.

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Alaskan Morning is a candle intended to inspire or remind you of that brisk start of a day before adventure. Here are the scent notes for Alaskan Morning:

  • Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Mint, Red Berry, Leafy Green
  • Middle Notes: Cypress, Camphor, Fir Balsam, Pine, Herbs
  • Bottom Notes: Oak, Cedar, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

Whether you’re still planning your Alaskan trip or fondly remembering a past trip, this candle is will transport you to the Last Frontier from the first smell to last light.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word to describe the feeling of longing for a home that never was, or to which you cannot return. The nostalgia and yearning for the places of your past.

1 review for [Hiraeth Candles] Alaskan Morning (16-hour)

  1. Nathan Anderson (verified owner)

    These candles were the perfect gift! My parents were thrilled to get something from me, and they love the fresh smell of trees. Just in time for Christmas, so they can burn this and casually pretend that they have a real Christmas tree, not a fake one.

    From two parents who are picky about scents, these candles get the seal of approval 🙌

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