Blogging SEO Audit

Blogging SEO Audit


This is a rocket. It is an analogy for Google. Let’s strap your blog to this rocket!



When you first start blogging, traffic is probably your number one concern: how do you get readers on your blog? Once you figure that out, all of the other fun parts of the job: sponsored travel, a living wage, pride in your work… Well, they all fall into place!

If you’re just starting out and have a few posts but don’t yet have a grasp of SEO, my Beginner SEO Audit will help. Over the course of working together, I’ll give you a simple crash course in the basics, point you to my favorite free resources to learn more about SEO, and take a look at your blog to give you actionable advice you can replicate across all of your posts. (If you already think you know this SEO stuff, consider my Advanced SEO Audit instead.)

Here’s what this SEO Audit includes:

  • A deep audit of four blog posts to come up with advice and to-dos to SEO optimize them
  • A one-hour call to discuss these posts, their action items, and any other SEO questions you have
  • Two documents following the call: the notes on each post, and a handy, easy-to-use to-do list for each post
  • A one-page SEO Checklist for each new post that will optimize for every post
  • An annotated list of my favorite SEO resources and tools – paid and free!

If you’ve made it this far in blogging, it’s time to level up. Let me help you harness the power of SEO to get Google to love your site and give you traffic. Trust me, it’s way easier than fighting with Facebook or busting your chops to hit 10k on Instagram and unlock the ‘swipe up’ feature.

Note: You cannot purchase more than one audit at a time; if you would like to purchase multiple audits, I offer a discount – contact me for details.


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