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Alaska is a huge place, and there is so much to see. It requires planning ahead, making reservations, and ensuring you’re being as efficient as possible with both your time and your money during an adventure in the Last Frontier.

I’ve written three eBooks to help you plan your Alaska trip:

  • Alaska: Bucket List Inspiration
  • Alaska’s Best Travel Itineraries
  • Alaska’s Best Cruise Excursions

Each of these will help make your trip planning easier – but they work best all together! That’s why you’ll save $5 if you buy the bundle of all three eBooks.

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In the course of my life, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have an intimate relationship with The Last Frontier. I grew up in Alaska, spending 15 long winters and short, midnight sun-lit summers in a natural playground where we genuinely worried about running into moose while walking home from the school bus.

Since moving to the ‘Lower 48’ as an adult, I’ve also been able to visit a half-dozen times – far more often than the once-in-a-lifetime intentions behind most trips my stories and travel resources inspire. I love Alaska, and I love helping others explore her too.

If you’re in the early stages of planning your own once-in-a-lifetime Alaska trip, my Alaska: Bucket List Inspiration eBook was written to inspire you. You won’t find detailed itineraries with logistics and timetables; instead, you’ll find a collection of resources about what to do and how to do it – plus color photos to give you a sense of what traveling in Alaska is really like.

In my Alaska’s Best Travel Itineraries eBook, I’ve pulled together all of my knowledge from growing up and traveling back to Alaska to put together some itineraries and other travel suggestions you need to know as you put together your own Alaska itinerary. The advice here has been improved over the years as I’ve helped others plan trips; many people do these exact itineraries and routes exactly as I’ve laid them out because they really do help you plan an unforgettable trip to Alaska.

In Alaska’s Best Cruise Excursions, you’ll benefit from the several summers I spent selling what most companies call “land excursions;” I learned how to read the marketing brochures and understand which experiences were truly worth the expense – in both money and time (your most precious resources when port stops are all shorter than a day!) I know first-hand that an Alaska cruise is a travel experience you’ll never forget, and I want to provide you the best suggestions for each port you might visit on your Alaska cruise.


1 review for Alaska Travel Planning eBooks

  1. Susan Solomon (verified owner)

    5 Stars The books are great. Very, very helpful. Most publications are general in nature- these are not. You could plan your activities from this–however, we are going to hire her to detail our itinerary. This will be our third trip to Alaska. This is a five-star review–for some reason the five stars disappear.

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      Thanks so much, Susan! I hope we can work together, even if it’s just a few emails!

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