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Alaska eBook:
The Best Travel Itineraries

Alaska eBook:
The Best Travel Itineraries


In this eBook, I’ve pulled together all of my advice on how to plan the ultimate Alaska itinerary. Inside you’ll find:

  • 20 reasons to visit Alaska during each of the different seasons of the year
  • A breakdown of all 12 months and what weather you can expect during your trip
  • The 20 items you need to pack for your Alaska trip
  • 4 jam-packed itineraries, ranging from 5 days to 10 days in length (and everything in between!)
  • Over 70 full-color photos from Alaska – to show you what it’s really like

… plus so much more! 

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Alaska is a huge place, and there is so much to see. It requires planning ahead, making reservations, and ensuring you’re being as efficient as possible with both your time and your money during an adventure in the Last Frontier. 

In this book, I’ve pulled together all of my knowledge from growing up and traveling back to Alaska to put together some itineraries and other travel suggestions you need to know as you put together your own Alaska itinerary. The advice here has been improved over the years as I’ve helped others plan trips; many people do these exact itineraries and routes exactly as I’ve laid them out because they really do help you plan an unforgettable trip to Alaska.


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The Best Travel Itineraries”

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