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Alaska eBook:
The Best Cruise Excursions

Alaska eBook:
The Best Cruise Excursions


In this eBook, I’ve scoured all of the cruise company websites and reviewed the excursions they offer. Inside you’ll find:

  • The best cruise excursions in Alaska after I reviewed over 1,000 excursions in more than 20 ports.
  • Suggestions for activities, tours, and excursions in 13 Alaska cruise ports.
  • Ranked-order lists of the best excursions in 7 of Alaska’s most popular ports – you’ll most likely visit several of these on your Alaska cruise. 
  • A list of the cruise companies offering each excursion, updated for 2020.
  • 4 tips I use to evaluate every cruise excursion, so you can make your own final decision based on my suggestions

… plus so much more!

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Cruising is one of the most popular ways travelers visit Alaska and also one of the best ways to sample all of the experiences The Last Frontier has to offer!

I started my own professional career promoting Alaska travel by working for one of the major cruise companies. I spent several summers selling what most companies call “land excursions;” I learned how to read the marketing brochures and understand which experiences were truly worth the expense – in both money and time (your most precious resources when port stops are all shorter than a day!)

I know first-hand that an Alaska cruise is a travel experience you’ll never forget, and I want to provide you the best suggestions for each port you might visit on your Alaska cruise. 


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The Best Cruise Excursions”

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