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    The 27 Best Things to Do in Anchorage (According to a Local!)

    Many people have mixed feelings about their hometowns. Even I did – my parents recently reminded me that I once declared that once I left Alaska, I was "never going back!" (Boy, did I turn out to be wrong! Now I can't wait to go back.) You see, I grew up in Eagle River, a small community just outside Anchorage, Alaska. At the time, as many young people do, I had very little perspective on what made the place I called home so special...

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    One Day in Vegas: The 10 Best Things to Do in a Single Day

    I'll be totally honest: for most of my life so far, Las Vegas was one of the last destinations I wanted to visit – and certainly the last place I ever thought I'd actually like visiting. But then I took my first trip to Vegas in 2019, and discovered there was more to Vegas than late-night casino benders and drug-laden dance parties. Certainly, you can still find those experiences, but there are also lots of other things to do in Vegas too. Las Vegas has something for everyone!...

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    Cabo Adventures Review: The Best Cruise Excursion in Cabo San Lucas

    After two days at sea, the sight of land was a welcome change. We slowly pulled into the huge bay, past the famous stone arch and beautiful sandy beaches. As our cruise ship made anchor, I was excited: we were getting off the boat! To explore a place I've never been! That place? Cabo San Lucas. But would we get a feel for this place or have any positive impact on the local economy by sticking to the cruise excursions offered aboard the ship?...

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    The 19 Best Places to Stay in Alaska, Across the Last Frontier

    When it comes to Alaska, the first thing you'll discover is just how big this state is. Travel times take a while, places are spread out from one another, and there's much of the state that isn't even reachable by car in the first place! As such, some people who want to pick one city to base themselves in for their entire Alaska itinerary quickly discover that they'll need to stay a few nights in a few different places...

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    Majestic Princess Review: A Royal-Class Cruise Experience (2022)

    From a distance, the ship blends into the landscape, almost like a large apartment block in any of the coast communities where she made port. But as we approached each time – first to embark, then to return from shore excursions in places like Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta – the Majestic Princess showed her true size. Rising over 200 feet from the water level, this Princess Cruises ship is a city and community unto itself... and we called her home for a week on an escape from wintery Cleveland weather...

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    7 Ways How to Learn Hawaiian (Inspired by Ni’ihau)

    Did you know that the small island of Ni’ihau is the only place in the United States where Hawaiian is the primary language? While many local Hawaiians speak their native language, it is usually as a secondary language after English. On Ni’ihau though, the goal is to preserve Hawaiian culture – including the language. In fact, the dialect of Hawaiian spoken on Ni’ihau is so unique that linguists think it may be the closest example to how the language sounded when the islands were first settled...

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    Where to Buy Ni’ihau Shell Leis & Other Ni’ihau Souvenirs

    Located far west on the chain of Hawaiian islands, Ni'ihau is the smallest inhabited Hawaiian island – and has a unique history to match its nickname as Hawaii's "Forbidden Island." Very few people visit each year (though visiting is certainly possible), despite the allure of exploring a place that seems almost untouched by the passing of time – especially as it's within the United States...