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    The 9 Best Travel Gifts by Travel Experts (2022 Edition)

    Let me tell ya: it’s been a wild few years for travel creators. Almost three years after the pandemic began, people have certainly been traveling again – but those of us who create content to help you do so have still been on a rollercoaster of traffic and income. This might not seem relevant to you as the traveler, but it’s important to remember that we creators are business owners...

  • Alaska on a Budget Hero
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    How to Choose the Best Alaska Cruise Excursions in 2023

    Alaska is a dream destination, and people are always surprised to learn that I grew up there. After that, they often ask me "What is it like to grow up in Alaska?" I love answering this, as it reveals that – for all its magic – Alaska is a pretty normal place with spectacular scenery. Then, people usually follow up by asking "Can you help me plan my Alaskan cruise/choose my Alaska cruise excursions?"...

  • Where to Stay in Juneau Hero
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    Where to Stay in Juneau: 7 Great B&Bs and Hotels in the Alaskan Capital

    Despite not visiting often as a kid growing up in Alaska, I've developed a soft spot for Southeast Alaska and the cities there. Alaska's capital city of Juneau is one of those must-visit spots, though many visitors only have a few hours in town, usually on a cruise excursion as part of their Alaska cruise. If cruising isn't for you and you know you want to spend time in Juneau, you'll need a night or two to see the main sights and enjoy the experiences the city has to offer...

  • One Day in Ketchikan - Totem Bight
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    The 9 Best Ketchikan Shore Excursions for Your Alaska Cruise in 2023

    Alaska's first city, Ketchikan, is surprisingly colorful. The buildings and waterfront are a mosaic of color: greens, reds, purples, and yellows are punctuated with totem poles (including the one in the U.S. passport!) and fishing industry memorabilia. Like most ports in the Last Frontier, Ketchikan has character – as do the Ketchikan shore excursions you can book during your Alaska cruise...

  • Mendocino Weekend Hero
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    The 12 Best Things to Do for a Mendocino Weekend Getaway

    Every time I explore a new destination along the Pacific Coast, I think it will be my forever favorite... And then I visit somewhere new, and it gets even tougher to choose! Mendocino County is one of those places that made my choices tougher; after spending 3 days in Mendocino in January 2020, Mr. V and I came home keen to turn right around and go back for another weekend...

  • Juneau Cruise Excursions Hero
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    The 9 Best Juneau Shore Excursions for your Alaska Cruise in 2023

    As you plan your Alaska cruise, you'll see there are some destinations that almost every single cruise will visit. Juneau is one of those places. Nearly every cruise provider offers at least one cruise that goes through the capital city. The big cruise companies offer Juneau shore excursions you can take during your port stop there to help you fill the time (though you can certainly spend the time on your own)....

  • Alaska in January Hero
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    Alaska in January: A Complete Guide to Visiting in Winter

    There's something magical about your first experience of winter in Alaska. Maybe it's spotting the alpenglow on mountains as your plane descends down to land; maybe it's stepping off the plane onto the jetway and seeing it covered in snow. No matter what, you probably won't forget those first few moments in The Last Frontier in the snowy months – a true winter wonderland...