• Visit Stehekin Hero
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    How to Visit Stehekin, Washington State’s “Little Alaska”

    As the boat made its way along the meandering waterway, the mountains slowly changed. Initially low and rolling, they became snow-capped, then steeper, finally towering above our tiny vessel. As we navigated deeper into the North Cascades along Lake Chelan, it became quite obvious that the claim of being the deepest gorge in North America is not an exaggeration: this huge, deep waterway reminded me instantly of the many fjords I've visited in Alaska over the years...

  • Alaska on a Budget Hero
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    Alaska on a Budget: How Much Does it Really Cost to Visit?

    If your heart is set on visiting Alaska, you might be willing to pay whatever it costs. But for some of us, we have to be budget-conscious on every trip we take – so we can take more trips in the future! While I consider Alaska to be a bucket list destination that's totally worthy of splurging for, I also understand that not everyone can blow the annual vacay budget for just one week... and heck, even I have booked my trips to Alaska on a budget...

  • 10 Days in Alaska Itinerary Hero

    How to Plan the Ultimate 10-Day Alaska Itinerary in 2022

    If there is one destination about which I receive more questions than any other, it’s Alaska. At the core, everyone wants to know: how do you plan a trip to Alaska? What’s the perfect Alaska itinerary? Since I started this blog, I’ve become a bit of an expert in Alaska trip planning and at times I publish so many stories that it seems like I’m running an Alaska travel blog!...

  • California Missions Road Trip Hero
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    California Missions Road Trip:
    21 Historic Sites in 7 Days

    Imagine California before the sprawling cities, mixing cultures, and futuristic tech that has defined the past few decades. Imagine it before the interstates cut giant scars into the earth, before the Gold Rush brought tens of thousands of pioneers, and before the fields were laid. Imagine California when those who lived there called it Alta California and spoke Spanish – making sense of the many Spanish-named places you find there today. This is the California of the era when Missions were being built up and down the coast of what we now call The Golden State...

  • Where to Eat in Anchorage Hero
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    Where to Eat in Anchorage, Alaska:
    A Local’s Guide to 30+ Places

    For most people, the order of operations in planning an Alaska trip is: flights - hotels - transportation - meals. However, I personally love to mix it up and do research into the restaurants I might be enjoying in each place I want to visit before I start nailing down other details like hotels and transportation. Food is far from the only reason I travel – but it is a big one. If you're like me and love to plan your travels around your meals, you might wonder where to eat in Anchorage...