Packing Lists for Travel

Once you’ve booked the trip, there are only a few questions left – and the biggest one is “what should I pack?” For that reason, I have written a series of packing lists over the years. These offer you tips and tricks to pack lighter (travel smarter) and only include the essentials. General Packing Advice I have a specific packing philosophy: life is too short to wait at the baggage claim. For that reason, I’ve written these posts to help you pare down all the things you don’t need to bring. U.S. Packing Lists If you’re traveling domestically, here are packing lists that help you know what you need for specific destinations I love. Packing Lists for Specific Trips Sometimes you’re headed off on a special trip, to an event, or for a specific travel experience. These packing lists can help. Other Travel Products I Love Over the years, I’ve discovered some amazing travel gear and products, and here are some of the reviews I’ve written.