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On my 28th Birthday: A 30 Before 30 Checkup

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Another year, come and gone! Six months ago today I released a list of 30 goals I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30 years old (at that time, it was 30 months away). Now, I am a mere 24 months, away, and want to start having at least annual checkins on my progress.

To those who’ve supported my idea of 30 Before 30, and to those who’ve been inspired by it — thank you! My goal accomplishment is not exclusively of my own doing; by sharing with you all, I made myself accountable for my dreams, and have been inspired and encouraged by you so far. I hope we can continue the adventure together in the coming year.

Also, Happy Birthday to me!

Goals Accomplished

  1. Get an article published in an outside publication, online. I was published in Lonely Planet on December 3, 2014. I’m still working with them, and am also working on my first piece for Yahoo Travel.
  2. Purchase a new digital camera. I bought a new digital camera on December 8, 2014. I’m still getting the hang of it, and of shooting with my phone, my GoPro, and my Pentax, but it’s getting better!
  3. Have someone outside of my family pay for one of my canvas prints. I shipped my first canvas print on January 22, 2015. Thanks again, Wendy!
  4. Cross 5,000 Twitter Followers. I crossed 5k followers on March 9, 2015, and haven’t looked back. We’re now 6,700 strong and counting! If you have Twitter, join me there!

Goals In Various States of Progress

  1. Have 500+ email subscribers. Over 225 of you have joined my email list! If you’re not yet subscribed for weekly emails, please send me a note and I’ll get you signed up.
  2. Pay off all my credit card debt and pay down the rest of my car. Still working at this one!
  3. Buy a really, really nice set of sheets. Having just moved to a new apartment, I predict this will be the next goal I accomplish!

Goals Left

With a little math, I seem to have 23 goals left if I can complete my Goals-in-Progress soon. I’m still on pace for one goal a month, but I know very well that there is a lot of work left to do. Hopefully there will be a 30 Before 30 post coming soon!

What goals do you have right now? How can I help support your accomplishing them?

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