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There was a steady London drizzle and my bag weighed a ton. I was fresh off an overnight flight and had a few hours to kill before I could check into my Airbnb. What’s a travel pro to do? Schlepping around luggage in the rain is pretty darn miserable, so I tried something new: I googled “Left luggage not train station.”

After all, I know that London has left luggage at most of the train stations. But I wasn’t near one of those places and didn’t want to go out of my way to deal with my bag. What popped up? A service called Luggage Hero – and my world was opened to the idea of luggage storage apps and alternatives to left luggage services.

Now I’ve used left luggage services – and they’re super handy. I’ve also dropped my luggage at the hotel before checking in (when I’ve stayed in a hotel and needed to) and left it with the bell hop after check out. But sometimes, you just need another option.

If you’re planning a trip and have a few hours to kill before check-in or after check-out – and aren’t able to reach another left luggage service, there is a solution! Luggage storage apps are a great solution, and I’m here to compare them, break ’em down, and help you figure out which ones you should try.

Luggage Storage Apps Compared

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Below, you’ll find a table that compares the top luggage storage apps based on my research of options around the world. I ranked them based on the number of locations they offer in the number of cities they operate in, and the maximum cost you’ll pay per luggage per day (which are pretty much all way less than left luggage services!).

In the end, I considered the combination of those factors to rank them, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically use the top one on the list. Some only operate in certain destinations, so you may need to try another one depending on where you are traveling. (For example, I used Airkeep in Santiago since they’re all over South America.)

Browse the table, then read a short synopsis of each luggage storage app. At the end, I cover the traditional left luggage storage options too, so you can pick the best one for you and your trip in any destination.

ServiceLocationsCitiesMax per DayRank
BAGBNB3000+~300$5.42 (€5)1

1. Radical Storage

Radical Storage Logo

After changing their name from BAGBNB (which I never loved), I’m excited to share that Radical Storage is still the best left luggage app out there. At the time of writing, they have over 3,000 locations in 300 cities pretty much worldwide… And they’re the cheapest option too.

2. NannyBag

Nannybag logo
  • Locations: Europe, North America, Australia
  • Website:

No lie, don’t love the name of Nannybag either, though at least now I’m thinking “it’s like Mary Poppins will take care of your bag for you while you explore this magical world.” ?

Nannybag actually has more locations around the globe than any other service. But, they currently offers their service in fewer regions than Bagbnb and at a higher cost. However, they are a great option if you don’t have Bagbnb in your area, or if the exchange rate for Euros doesn’t stay favorable.

3. Stasher

Stasher Logo

At the time of writing, Stasher is one of the big luggage storage apps in Western Europe. They have a huge number of cities in just three countries, so you’re probably closer to a Stasher spot than you realize if you’re traveling in the UK, Germany, or France.

4. LuggageHero

I first tried LuggageHero in London a few years ago – and like Stasher, they have tons of locations in just a few places. In the scene I described in the introduction to this post, I managed to drop my bag off at a small shop and paid the owners via LuggageHero. When I came back a few hours later, my bag was a bit drier then before I dropped it off (and certainly more dry than I was!) and I became a convert to this whole left luggage app thing.

Check out if LuggageHero is available in your next destination and sign up for their mailing list to get a free hour of storage!

5. Vertoe

I actually worked on another company called Verto at one point – so it’s a bit funny that there’s a luggage storage app of almost the same name. Broadly speaking, Vertoe is a good alternative to the others already mentioned. They operate in a large number of cities with a good number of locations (though on average you might only find a few locations in most cities and a ton in others), and they’re affordable. Worth checking out if the others mentioned don’t have a good option wherever you’ll be looking to store your luggage!

6. Bounce

Bounce Logo
  • Locations: United States, Canada, Europe, Australia
  • Website:

Bounce is a relatively smaller left luggage service provider app. They claim to be the best, though I’ll be honest that I haven’t tried them and I’m uncertain by standards way they’re making that claim. They seem to cover a good number of U.S. cities, and could be a great option for domestic travelers who want to try something new while closer to home.

7. Airkeep

Airkeep Logo
  • Locations: South America, Central America, Europe, North America
  • Website:

As I mentioned above (and which you can see in the featured photo at the top of this post!), friends and I used Airkeep while in Chile in March 2019. (I was looking for Luggage Hero and found them as the alternative for that region.)

Airkeep is a Chilean luggage storage app that’s dominating the Spanish-speaking world. They have locations across South and Central America, as well as Spain and other parts of southern Europe and North America. It’s super easy to use and they offer an app in English so you don’t need to be proficient in Spanish to use their service (though it obviously does help if you’re traveling in a Spanish-speaking country!).

8. BagsAway

BagsAway Logo
  • Locations: Canada, United States, Israel
  • Website:

BagsAway is the smallest luggage storage app on this list based on cities and locations. But, they have focused on developing a small number of markets to begin with then presumably expanding elsewhere. As such, you’ll probably find better options with other services on this list, but they provided enough info on their site to make the list.

Other Luggage Storage Apps

I found a few other left luggage app options, but to be honest, I wasn’t as confident in these as the others that made the list. Specifically, they didn’t provide enough information on their website for me to really tell where and how they operate. Still, they may be worth checking out depending on where you’re traveling.

  • Holibag – Primarily in France but also other European cities
  • lalalockers – Currently only in Taiwan
  • LugLockers – A few locations across Europe
  • Mind My Bag – Currently only in Australia, max $10AUD per day
  • Repono – Loads of locations but their website isn’t working well…
  • Store Me – Cities across the U.S. & Canada

Other Luggage Storage Options

TSA Tips Featured

Obviously this article focuses on luggage storage apps – but I can’t skip over more analog options out there!

Train Stations

Train stations are one of the last places you can almost always find a left luggage service when you’re traveling… Honestly, I’m not sure why that is. But, it’s still a great help when you’ve got a layover between trains or just need to store your bags for a while while traveling. Usually you’ll see signage to help you find left luggage services if they are offered. The main downside of left luggage at train stations is that it’s often pretty expensive – I remember paying about $18/day for each piece of luggage I left when I last used a service like this at a train station.


Airports sometimes have left luggage services too, but it’s increasingly uncommon. Before you assume there will be left luggage at the airport you’re doing a layover or stopover in, be sure to check the website and see if they offer this service. (Also, I would guess the cost of left luggage services are comparable to train stations and thus more expensive than the apps I mentioned above.)


Hotels can be a great option for storing your luggage, but they only offer services if you’re a guest of the hotel – either before check-in or after check-out. Best of all, they’re free aside from any tip you might want to offer the bell-hop for keeping your luggage secure. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option if you almost always stay in Airbnbs like I do.

Have other questions about storing your luggage and left luggage apps? Let me know in the comments!

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