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The 10 Best Juneau Shore Excursions for your Alaska Cruise in 2022

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As you plan your Alaska cruise, you’ll see there are some destinations that almost every single cruise will visit. Juneau is one of those places. Nearly every cruise provider offers at least one cruise that goes through the capital city. The mega-ships offer Juneau shore excursions you can take during your port stop there. For smaller ships, you’ll have to book your own excursion since Juneau is often an embarkation or disembarkation port.

You’ll undoubtedly realize quickly that not only is Juneau a popular port stop. It’s also one of the ones with the most excursion options. It’s easy to become overwhelmed while trying to choose which one to do. What are the differences? How do you combine the experiences you want to have – if such a tour exists at all? Which are the best shore excursions in Juneau?

In this post, I break it down: I looked at all of the Alaska shore excursions in Juneau and chose the 11 I think are the best. I chose them for you and put them in order based on what I know Alaska visitors will love. I also keep in mind some of the other tips on choosing Alaska cruise excursions. For each excursion, I list which cruise companies offer that one – so you can see whether your cruise is on the list. Read on for the best Juneau cruise excursions for your Alaska cruise!

While I personally do not support the mega-ship cruise industry due to its negative impact on local economies, damage caused to the environment, and evasive tax practices, I created this resource to allow you to make your own choice. Please consider booking a small-ship cruise instead, carbon offsetting, and buying local souvenirs to help reduce the negative impact of your Alaska cruise.

In this post, I promote travel to a destination that is the Lingít Aaní of the Tlingit peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation and respect to the past and present people of these lands. To learn more about the peoples who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Native Land.

This post was originally published in February 2020, and was updated in May 2021 and November 2021.

The Best Juneau Cruise Excursions

Given how many cool things there are to do in Juneau and how many cruise companies offer a number of interesting and unique shore excursions in Juneau, it was hard to choose which ones to recommend. But, I’ve weighed the options and consider these nine to be the best Juneau cruise excursions. Here’s how I calculated the scores:

  1. I went through all of the Juneau excursions and chose the ones I think are worth doing (the V factor 😂)
  2. I looked at the number of cruise companies offering that excursion in 2022.
  3. I force ranked the excursions by uniqueness. (That means each excursion gets its own number, no ties)
  4. I gave each excursion a boost or deduction for being a good value based on the “Money-to-Time” Math.
  5. Finally, I added up the metrics to come up with a final score.
  6. To break ties, I used top Uniqueness score, since I want to encourage you to try new things in Alaska!

Here’s my list of the best Juneau excursions:

Tour Name# of Cruises
1Mendenhall Glacier in a Traditional Canoe610+117
2Dog Sledding & Glaciers by Helicopter88-115
3Underground Gold Tour86+115
4Juneau Food Tour59014
5Five-Glacier Seaplane Ride to Taku Lodge84+113
6Mendenhall Float47+112
7Glacier View Sea Kayaking63+110
8Bike & Brew Glacier View35+19
9Fly Fishing by Float Plane61+18
10Bear & Wildlife Adventure by Floatplane42+17

Not everyone will agree with this list – and it wasn’t the original list I wrote back for the 2020 season (ha!). But I feel confident that this list is both impartial but also informed by my expert advice. Now let’s dive into each one!

1. Mendenhall Glacier in a Traditional Canoe

Juneau Cruise Excursions - Glacier Canoe -joiseyshowaa via Flickr
Photo credit: joiseyshowaa via Flickr

Who Offers This Shore Excursion in Juneau? Disney, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess, or Royal Caribbean

This excursion caught my eye the best Alaska cruise excursions in Juneau because it’s one of the only to have a cultural element to it. (There are other cities/port stops in Alaska that offer better cultural experiences, like Haines and Skagway.)

You’ll board a traditional Tlingit-style canoe and paddle up to the face of Mendenhall glacier; be ready to feel the cold emanating from this massive ice floe! You can try to spot wildlife (bald eagles are big in Juneau!), feel the mist coming off nearby Nugget Falls, and have a snack as part of the excursion.

2. Dog Sledding & Glaciers by Helicopter

Juneau Cruise Excursions - Glacier Dog Sledding

Who Offers This Shore Excursion in Juneau? Crystal, Disney, Holland America, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Windstar

Among the huge number of excursions you can book in Juneau – and even on this list of 11 – it’s hard to choose the best one. But I’ve gone with this one, which broadly incorporates a helicopter tour, glacier landing, and dog sledding depending on the tour operator and cruise company. After all, how often can you combine those three things?

Helicopter Tour + Glacier Landing + Dog Sledding = One Epic Memory

You’ll get epic views of Mendenhall Glacier on your helicopter tour, then touch down to board a dog sled – the huskies will give you a heck of a ride with all their energy and enthusiasm. [Notes: While there is no age minimum, children must be old enough to understand the rules of interacting with the dogs. There’s also a weight surcharge for the helicopter ride for passengers in excess of the individual weight limit.]

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    3. Underground Gold Tour

    Who Offers This Juneau Cruise Excursion? Carnival, Disney, Holland America, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, and Royal Caribbean

    It’s impossible to visit Southeast Alaska and not learn about the Gold Rush – and how important it was to the settlement of The Last Frontier. This tour is a fun combo of history and unique activities. It reminds me of the Seattle Underground Tour (one of my top Seattle cruise excursions); it also shows a bit more of how tough it was to strike it rich and how rugged the men had to be.

    On this tour you’ll visit an old mill where mining technology was developed, then descend into an old mine shaft (they’ll provide the hard hats!). After learning about mining techniques, you’ll come above ground to try your hand at gold panning. While you won’t find any nuggets (most of the gold at these demos is ‘placer gold’), it’s a fun chance to learn about this chapter in Alaskan history.

    4. Juneau Food Tour

    Who Offers This Shore Excursion in Juneau? Carnival, Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Windstar

    Love food? Juneau is a place to try some off-ship local options! There are several different food tours offered by the companies. They vary in terms of tastings vs meals, the stops you’ll make, and what you’ll try. But no matter what, you should opt for 1. local crab, 2. anything foraged, 3. some animal you never thought humans should eat before (reindeer, mmm), and 4. local beer.

    I also know that you can book this tour directly with Juneau Food Tours, a local operator (that’s what I did after my Alaska Uncruise in 2017 and before may Alaskan Dream Cruise in 2021). Owner Midgi offers her tours to work perfectly with cruise ship timing, so you can book directly and know all the money spent goes directly to a local business.

    5. Five-Glacier Seaplane Ride to Taku Lodge

    Juneau Cruise Excursions - Seaplane Flight

    Who Offers This Juneau Cruise Excursion? Carnival, Crystal, Holland America, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Windstar.

    As you can tell, some of the best excursions in Juneau are also pretty expensive. That’s primarily because Juneau has amazing sights that are best seen from the air. This one makes the list because it is worth the splurge: you’ll enjoy a 40-minute flight, a history lesson about living in rural Alaska, and then a meal of fresh Alaskan salmon. In fact, this excursion is often chosen by past guests as the top excursion on their whole Alaska cruise (source)!

    6. Mendenhall Float

    Juneau Cruise Excursions - River Float

    Who Offers This Cruise Excursion in Juneau? Disney, Holland America, Norwegian, and Princess

    You should only consider this Juneau cruise excursion if you’re not continuing up to Denali. (My favorite Alaskan rafting trip is one of the top things to do in Denali, so if you are going that far north, do that one instead of this.)

    On this excursion, you’ll do a five-mile river float with moderate rapids and river flow (this depends on the season and weather!). You can also see some epic views of Mendenhall Glacier and the Tongass National Forest. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife – and big rocks that might cause a splash!

    7. Glacier View Sea Kayaking

    UnCruise Adventures Kayaking in Misty Fjords

    Who Offers This Juneau Cruise Excursion? Crystal, Disney, Holland America, Oceania, Princess, or Royal Caribbean

    After days of seeing Alaska on a really big [bleep]ing ship, I think it’s important to get off your behemoth chariot and see Alaska’s waterways the way Alaska Natives did for millennia. That’s why included this sea kayaking excursion on the list. For those of you who love an active excursion, it’s a great option with plenty of amazing wildlife viewing opportunities and stunning vistas.

    During this half-day excursion, you’ll paddle around the waterways of North Douglas Island. Be sure to admire the wide-angle view of Mendenhall glacier, and learn Alaska history from your guide, too! Honestly, it sounds brilliant, plus you’ll burn off some of those buffet calories

    8. Bike & Brew Glacier View

    Who Offers This Shore Excursion in Juneau? Norwegian, Princess, and Royal Caribbean

    Get your blood pumping – then chill out on this excursion, which is a wonderfully active and delicious half-day tour. Like many Juneau cruise excursions, this one gives you a sample of how much the capital city has to offer. It includes history lessons, an 8-mile bike ride, and a stop at a historic building in downtown Juneau. There you’ll try some of Alaska’s best craft beer. (I’m not sure which beers are on offer, but I personally love 49th State Brewing, Seward Brewing Company, and – of course – Alaska Brewing Company – so be sure to try any beers by them!)

    9. Fly Fishing by Float Plane

    Juneau Cruise Excursions - Fly Fishing

    Who Offers This Juneau Cruise Excursion? Holland America, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, or Royal Caribbean

    I am not a fisher-person, generally speaking. But, if I do go fishing with my dad, I always prefer fly fishing. And I know that many people who visit Alaska want to try their hand at one of the many ways you can fish in the Last Frontier. (Broadly speaking, the options are: deep sea charters, dip-netting, salmon fishing, and fly fishing.)

    That’s why I had to include this Juneau cruise excursion on the list as one of the best in the capital. It’s a great chance to do some fly fishing and have a floatplane ride to/from the fishing hole. You don’t need experience or gear to do this excursion, and it’s even family friendly (kids 7+ are allowed).

    10. Bear & Wildlife Adventure by Floatplane

    Juneau Cruise Excursions - Bear Viewing

    Who Offers This Cruise Excursion in Juneau? Holland America, Norwegian, Princess, and Royal Caribbean

    One of the top questions I get from readers planning trips to Alaska is for bear viewing. This excites me because it means many of you are thinking bigger about how epic your Alaska trip can be (and want to tick off some bucket list items)!

    This excursion is a good option along the Alaska cruise route because you’ll take a bush plane from Juneau out into brown bear territory; the landing zone varies based on the pilot’s knowledge of where bears might be. While there’s no guarantees, it’s a good chance and one of the best if you’re only planning an Alaska cruise with no land component.

    There you have it – my take on the best Alaska shore excursions in Juneau. Have other questions about visiting Juneau, taking an Alaska cruise, or choosing Alaska cruise excursions? Let me know in the comments or join me in my Alaska Travel Tips Facebook Community!

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    • Melanie Book

      It all sounds fabulous on paper. What you are saying is that if I am booked on Norwewgian and I want an excursion that the ship does not offer, I cannot get it.Ban I not get an excursion from Juneau itself once we arrive?
      They all sound amazing and I am sure the their prices are equally amazing which unfortunately does not fit my budget.

      • Avatar photo


        Thanks for your comment, Melanie. It’s not necessarily the case that if NCL doesn’t offer the excursion you can’t do it – you could do the research to see if the company that offers it for other cruise lines also allows travelers to book it independently (like, for example, Juneau Food Tours, which does offer their tours to cruisers and non-cruisers alike). However, the logistics (timing, transport) are usually a lot more complicated if you try to do an excursion on your own, which is why the cruise companies discourage people from doing it. I recommend reaching out to NCL to see what they suggest, then if you’re really set on an excursion they don’t/can’t offer try to do it on your own.

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