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July 2021 Income Report & Recap

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After a few months of limited travel as we adjust to life here in Ohio, July finally saw my return to the open skies and open roads – just in the nick of time!

Not being able to travel has been hard for my mental health and my business, and sneaking in a few trips before the Delta Variant began sweeping across the country helped soothe that discomfort some. While I have a few more trips coming up, it was nice to be on the road and feel like things were almost getting back to normal… for a minute there.


  • Travel: ✈️🚀🚗
  • Blogging: 📉
  • Income: Also 📉

This month’s photos were taken in New Mexico & New Jersey. Both new places I had never visited before!

Travel in July

Since moving to Ohio, we haven’t traveled much. It turns out that 1. Cleveland is a really bad place to get direct flights to basically anywhere, and 2. our finances are still recovering from the move and new budget of home ownership. But it wasn’t entirely travel-free: I had a chance to take a last-minute once-in-a-lifetime trip plus head out to the East Coast – a new destination within our reach!

  • Destinations Visited: 3
    • Albuquerque & Las Cruces, New Mexico
    • Cape May, NJ
  • Flights Taken: 2
  • Days on the Road: 6 out of 31

July Travel Highlights & Lowlights

The best travel experience I had in July was… seeing the Virgin Galactic launch in New Mexico. I took a last-minute and short trip to New Mexico. I put in 500 miles of driving and saw a lot including the awe-inspiring launch. I put together a highlight of the trip on my Instagram profile.

The worst travel experience I had in July was… driving 8 hours each way during a short weekend trip to Cape May, NJ. That’s a lot of driving, but the rest of the trip was great.

My July travel highlight from years past was… celebrating the Apollo 50th Anniversary in Houston last year. I didn’t even have to check my calendar of past travels – that one will always be a highlight!

Blogging in July

After three banner months clocking over 200,000 pageviews each month, the downward trajectory I saw in June continued into July. I can see now that I was affected by the June Core Update that Google rolled out, plus a new wave of increased concerns about travel safety and the natural slowing of interest in Alaska travel planning contributed to my traffic losses. That said, it was still a great month, and I’m proud of how far this site has come since the pandemic hit and travel disappeared.

July 2021 Teaser

… Wait, what happened?

I’m launching a brand new site to help travel bloggers like you create sustainable and financially successful websites! If you want to read the rest of this recap, you’ll need to head over to Site School to see all the details:

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  • Adrian

    Hi, so glad you’re doing well.

    We just got back from our 3 week road trip starting in Seattle and ending up in LA roughly following your 10 day guide but with a few “extras”. So helpful to have been able to base our trip on your recommendations.
    Thanks again

  • Bill

    Looking forward to your next blog!! Just received you email about taking a 9-day tour with John Hall’s Alaska. My wife and I are on the ‘wait list’ for Hall’s “UNTAMED ALASKA” in Aug 2022 as a 50th Anniversary celebration. It would be really nice to know if this lives up to hype and price. Seemed a good deal when you consider all the meals, tips, baggage handling, fees, etc. are included, but will be nice to know from someone who has experience of the ins and outs of Alaskan travel what the highs and lows are so we can manage expectations.

    Have a great trip!

    • Valerie

      Bill, glad to have you! I’ll be sure to report back!! You receive my Alaska-specific emails, right? (They are sent on Fridays, if you want to double-check for past emails.)

  • Meshia

    Just discovered your blog and really enjoy it! I live in the midwest also and understand about the “direct flight” issue! My husband and I are what I consider WEEKEND WARRIORS and I have to travel in a wheelchair so your posts on short trips have been really useful. I hope your finances stay strong as the Delta Variant washes over us. I look forward to your August report.

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