Homesick Candles Reviews: These Don’t Smell Like ‘Home’

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If there’s one thing I can count on every holiday season, it’s additions to our candle collection. Mr. V loves candles, and both of our moms give them to us as gifts pretty regularly. We also love stocking up on three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works every Black Friday. This year, we’re probably going to skip those mass-market candles, as we’ve been slowly purchasing candles all year – including two new Homesick Candles.

I bought our Homesick Candles in September as a little treat. Like so many, we have been pretty much home for most of 2020. I thought Homesick Candles might be a nice way to bring some of the outside world into our little houseboat home.

I also wanted to include them in my gift guide for travelers-who-aren’t-traveling this year and wanted to actually try them myself before recommending them. I’ve seen many friends and fellow creators sharing them on social, and naturally, I’ve been targeted with the ads!

Once our candles arrived, I unboxed them, and we started to enjoy them. As you’ll see though, Homesick Candles don’t hold up on what I consider to be one of the most important factors of a candle that’s all about assuaging feeling “homesick.” Read on for my own Homesick Candles review, as well as Homesick Candles reviews from a number of friends.

My Homesick Candles Review

Homesick Candles Review - Seattle

To start out, I wanted to discuss my own experience with Homesick Candles, before diving into some Homesick Candles Reviews from friends of mine and those in my network.

As I mentioned in the intro, I purchased two Homesick Candles in September 2020. They didn’t have a candle for London (my favorite city!), so I went with Alaska (my home state) and Seattle (my second favorite city, and somewhere I lived for several years).

Here are my thoughts.

Alaska – My Home State

View of Eagle River Valley

From Homesick: Mountain spruce, cedar and forest moss with hints of crisp winter air, and glacial melt water take you back to America’s Last Frontier.

  • Top Notes: Spruce, Spearmint, Cedar 
  • Mid Notes: Glacier Water, Peppermint 
  • Base Notes: Moss, Amber, Musk
Homesick Candles Review - Alaska Candle

If you’ve read this blog for two seconds, you’ll quickly learn that I grew up in Alaska. I have fifteen years of memories, experiences, and yes, scents from that time. This means I have a bit of a high standard!

The description and notes for the Alaska Homesick candle sounded perfect: woody and a little bit wintery, like a perfect spring morning. (I can literally imagine that scent right now – I last experienced it on the same morning I took the picture above!)

Unfortunately, the candle smells nothing like that. While some Homesick candles seem too heavy on the Top Notes (see Hawaii below), the Alaska candle is way too heavy on the Base Notes, especially the musk. And guys, you know I generally love (Elon) Musk, but that is not what Alaska smells like!

It’s a pleasant enough smell, more like spending a weekend in a cabin in Hatcher’s Pass when your damp gear is drying out by the fire (musky, woody) than that Great Outdoorsy smell I expect for the Last Frontier.

Bonus: My friend and fellow Alaskan, Kyle, also let me know what she thought of the Alaska candle:

I feel like “smell accuracy” is so subjective 😂 Like, depending on where you live in a state, things that evoke “home” are going to be slightly different. I enjoy the Alaska scent, though I probably would have made it more tree-forward.

She says exactly how I feel, much more succinctly! (She’s definitely the better writer!)

Seattle – One of my Favorite Cities

Seattle Bucket List Hero

From Homesick: A strong cup of coffee on a perfectly rainy afternoon. Pine needles, lemon, and cedar meld with a hint of rhubarb and musk. 

  • Top Notes: Coffee, Pine Needles 
  • Mid Notes: Rain, Cedarwood, Musk 
  • Base Notes: Rhubarb, Lemon
Homesick Candles Review - Seattle Candle

As I browsed for a second candle that wasn’t London, I was naturally intrigued by Seattle. It’s another place I love and have called home, and it too has a distinctive scent in my mind. The description and notes totally match that too: coffee, evergreen, and rain.

When I unboxed my Seattle Homesick candle, it seemed spot-on: a delightful scent of coffee and pine – perhaps a bit too strong, but that can happen when it’s been in the box a while.

Over time, the scent has mellowed a lot, to where it’s almost hard to pick up any Top Notes at all. Like my Alaska candle, I’m now getting a lot more of the Base Notes, especially rhubarb. And while I like rhubarb, that’s not what Seattle smells like either.

Homesick Candles Reviews from Fellow Travelers

So now that you’ve heard from me, I wanted to share some thoughts and feedback from others in my network. It’s probably pretty obvious that while I think Homesick Candles are nice, I don’t think the scents are really accurate or capture the place I’m “homesick” for.

Sampling from others will let you see what they think too; their Homesick Candles reviews will give you a more diverse range of feedback than my thoughts alone. As you’ll see, some people liked the scents, others thought they were (more or less) accurate, and there’s a really good commentary on how hard it is to make scented candles that tie people to locations.

(I chose a photo for each destination too, because I thought that might help evoke your own idea of the scent as you read about the candle and each Homesick Candles review.)

India & San Diego – Mimi from The Atlas Heart

From Homesick: Simmering curry and the scent of cardamom. Faint notes of wet soil after a summer monsoon. Agarbathi burning surrounded by vibrant colors.

  • Top Notes: Cumin, Nutmeg, Tea Tree
  • Mid Notes: Curry, Cinnamon, Cardamom
  • Base Notes: Maple, Tonka Bean
Homesick Candles Review - India Candle

From Homesick: Notes of marine and sandalwood swirl through the sea air. Taco trucks and sun-kissed shoulders. A perfect day in the bay.

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Marine 
  • Mid Notes: Sea Air, Jasmine, Amber 
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sea Moss 
Homesick Candles Review - San Diego Candle

Mimi is a fellow Bay Area blogger I’ve been connected with for years – I think our blogs are roughly the same age! Like me, she bought two Homesick candles: one for her hometown of San Diego, and the other for India, a destination I know she has visited and loves.

Here were her thoughts on how accurate Homesick candles are:

I think it depends on what smells you associate with each place – the India one smelled more accurate to me than the San Diego one which smelled kind of like musky men’s cologne (still nice but not what I generally associate with San Diego). But overall they’ve been great in terms of smell and the right amount of potency.

I’m not gonna lie: the food-heavy notes of the India candle sound fantastic, and in some ways are exactly what I’d expect India to smell like in my mind – though I’ve heard the country itself definitely has a, erm, distinctive odor.

But, this is great feedback to keep in mind: some Homesick candles may well be more accurate to our ideal scent versions than others. And some Homesick candles may just be more accurate in general than others.

Hawaii – Dave from GoBackpacking

Homesick Candles Review - Hawaii View

From Homesick: Juicy pineapple and coconut combine with sandy shore breezes, ocean tides, cyclamen flowers, and just a hint of sugar cane. Aloha Hawaii.

  • Top Notes: Pineapple, Coconut
  • Mid Notes: Seashore, Cyclamen
  • Base Notes: Sugar, Vanilla, Musk 
Homesick Candles Review - Hawaii Candle

I’ve known and followed Dave for years now, since we worked together on his much-beloved and no-longer-existent Travel Blog Success courses and community. Like Mimi, Dave actually bought the Hawaii Homesick candle not because he’s from there or calls it home, but because he loves that place.

Here was his feedback:

I’ve only burned it a few times, it’s quite strong, so I think it’s better for a little here and there. Mine is [accurate], mainly smells of pineapple. If anything I feel like the pineapple is a little too strong.

Pineapple is the primary top note for the Hawaii candle – and it leads their product description, so it’s not really a surprise that it’s a nose full of Ananas comosus (pineapple!).

Dave’s other feedback about the intensity of the scent is interesting – with my own candles and other reviews I read online, there seems to be a ton of variance in how strong the scent can be even for the same candle. Either Homesick has a consistency issue (possible) or it’s further proof that it’s really hard to make a candle everyone will love and think accurately represents their favorite place (more likely, see Mari’s feedback below).

Chicago – Mari, My Maid of Honor

Homesick Candles Review - Chicago View

From Homesick: A freshwater breeze sweeps the air with hints of jasmine bouquets. The Windy City captured by scents of rich chocolate and sandalwood.

  • Top Notes: Sandalwood, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Fresh Water, Chocolate
  • Base Notes: Jasmine, Musk
Homesick Candles Review - Chicago Candle

Mari and I go way back, to 2005 when we met during our first year of college. We’ve been friends ever since, and she served as my Maid of Honor at our wedding this summer. I actually bought Mari her Chicago Homesick Candle as a birthday present, around the same time I bought our candles. She lives in Memphis but has been talking about missing home (Chicago) and wanting to move back.

Once it had arrived and she had a chance to burn it a time or two, I texted her:

Me: Do you think the Chicago candle actually smells like Chicago? Does it match what you’d expect?

Her: Ehhh no. But then again how do pick a smell for an entire city?

This is obviously great feedback: one of the hardest things Homesick Candles is facing is the fact that everyone has different scent memories of the places they visit. Heck, our olfactory systems just work differently all the time! It’s hard to capture a scent and make everyone happy.

(My counterpoint, because this is my review and I’m obviously biased is that I can tell you in an instant that London has a smell, as does Alaska, New York City, Paris, even Jordan… Some places are indelible and consistent in our scent memories.)

Florida – Claire (@Daycationgram)

Homesick Candles Review - Florida View

From Homesick: Bergamot, woody mangroves and Spanish moss mix with smooth vanilla and amber. Undertones of Florida’s finest citrus.

  • Top Notes: Spanish Moss, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Mangrove Wood, Orange
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Musk
Homesick Candles Review - Florida Candle

Claire and I are following each other on Instagram, and is the person I’m least connected with on this list: other than our Insta-friendship, we have never met in real life and I don’t know her any better off Insta than she knows me. To me, that makes me think she’s probably more likely to give me her honest opinion over an answer she thinks I want.

Claire bought the Florida Homesick candle and here are her thoughts in response to my questions, “Did you like it? Think it smelled accurately?”

I liked it a lot, and it did smell like THINGS that remind me of Florida, but it didn’t smell like Florida itself if that makes sense? I think of the air there as having a very specific nice smell and that wasn’t it.

Claire’s feedback is a sum and parts issue: the parts of the scent are right, but the final product just doesn’t capture the location accurately. This is kinda how I feel, as I mentioned. Theoretically – and in reality – my Homesick candles have the components of the scents I’d expect… but the end result doesn’t match what I expect each place to smell like.

Rhode Island – Kerri, My Friend

Homesick Candles Review - Rhode Island View

From Homesick: An afternoon on the Cliff Walk with hot apple cider and cozy sweaters to keep warm. The rolling tides carry the sweet and spicy scents of fall.

  • Top Notes: Nutmeg, Apple, Maple 
  • Mid Notes: Seashore, Cinnamon, Clove 
  • Base Notes: Hay, Vanilla, Tonka Bean
Homesick Candles Review - Rhode Island Candle

My friend Kerri and I go back to 2012, when we met while living in London – a place we both love. One of the first things you learn about Kerri is that she loves her home state, Rhode Island, though she did move with me to Seattle after graduating in London and there met her husband and is starting her family.

Back to the Ocean State though, this is how she answered my questions about the Rhode Island Homesick candle:

I liked how it smelled! To be fair I grew up very close to the landfill so an accurate candle would not be very soothing 😂😂

Fair enough! 😂 Personally, I can 100% imagine exactly the description in my mind: I’ve been to Newport (where the Cliff Walk is located) twice – in fact, it’s where Kerri got married in early 2020! I know the smell of apple cider and tides well. All that sounds great together! (And yeah, a landfill candle doesn’t sound good, even if it is accurate.)

Suppressing Neutral & Negative Homesick Candles Reviews

Homesick Candles Review - Alaska

I’ll be honest: this point is the primary reason I decided to start writing a Homesick Candles review on my blog. While I wasn’t in love with the scents of the two Homesick candles I bought, I felt okay since they still smelled nice and I was able to leave a review that let others know that they – especially Alaska – didn’t smell quite right.

When I received the email from Homesick asking for reviews of my purchases, I dutifully wrote my reviews: 4 stars for Seattle, 3 stars for Alaska.

A few days later, I went back to see what other reviews said and realized: Homesick doesn’t publish any review of 3 stars or less.

I kid you not – they literally just don’t let any review that doesn’t speak highly of them be published. That is wrong.

While I definitely believe companies have a right to screen reviews, it’s unscrupulous to blanket hide all reviews that suggest people don’t love your product based on the star rating. My Alaska Homesick Candle review wasn’t negative – it just (like others I found at the 4- and 5-star level) pointed out that the smell wasn’t accurate for Alaska.

Yeah, I’m salty about that. I think people have a right to know the scents aren’t accurate. I reached out to others who have bought candles and they confirmed they felt the same. And I used my platform so that you – dear reader – have a complete picture of their product.

What about Homesick Candles Reviews on Amazon?

Because Homesick Candles can’t suppress reviews on Amazon, I decided to go through those too, to try and see if they were more fair. Here’s what I found:

  • For location-based (City, State, Country) candles, there were only 12 reviews total: 9 were positive (3+ stars) and 3 were negative.
  • They offer mini versions of some location scents (Arizona, California, New Jersey, etc.) through Amazon only; these seem to be their most popular products and are generally in the 4-star range on average.
  • Their non-location scents (for “Holidays” or “Memories” such as “Road Trip,” “Book Club,” or “Thank You, Mom”) are far more reviewed, also in the 4-star range on average.

In sum, I think it’s fair to say that Homesick Candles reviews on Amazon are generally 4-stars on average, but location-based candles are polarizing. My favorite review that echoes my own thoughts about the accuracy (or lack) of Homesick Candles location-based scents:

Texas does NOT smell like burning plastic! This is one of the WORST smelling candles EVER!! … Please come up with a different Texas scent because you missed it by a mile. An oil field would be better. A steer patty would be better.

Guys. “Steer patty.” I’m dying. 😂

Takeaways? Nice Candles, but Not Accurate

I’m sure you’ve gotten the thesis by now: Homesick Candles are nice, and most people like having them – but they don’t accurately capture the scents we all have in mind for the places we love and call home.

I will point out that most of the people I chatted with (and myself) chose candles for places we have lived. I wonder if my little “study” is limited by the fact that people who call a place home have a different scent-understanding than those who just visit a place. (i.e. Do those who’ve visited Alaska think the candle is accurate while locals don’t? I don’t know!)

That’s not to say they won’t make a nice addition to your candle collection or a nice gift – after all, I’m recommending them in my gift guide for travelers-who-aren’t-traveling this year.

Just pay attention to the notes, and be prepared that the distinctive scent memories you have of “home” are difficult to capture, hard to standardize for everyone, and probably won’t be in the Homesick candle you choose.

Do you have thoughts or feedback on Homesick Candles? Do your smell accurate or inaccurate? Let me know and share your Homesick Candles reviews in the comments!

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  • Michelle

    This was the exact information I was looking for, thank you! We are travel bloggers who can’t travel right now and I was hoping these candles would be a fun way to experience places we love without leaving our house. The candle descriptions *sound* great, and the reviews are excellent. I hadn’t even considered that they might be suppressing reviews! Good to know – I think I’ll wait until I can find some of these candles in-store so I can smell them in person instead of having them shipped.

    • Small Candle Business Owner

      Homesick Candles has trademarked cities, countries, zodiac signs, common phrases like “Thanks” & is taking down candles from small candle shop owners. Do not buy from them. They are shameless. Imagine saying you’re violating on a trademark because you have “Mexico” or “New York” written on your candle. Garbage company.

  • mike curry

    Hello – here is my experience with Homesick Candles. The candle got hot enough to melt the label and burn my table. While the scent was intriguing the potential harm (burned down house) far outweighed other considerations. I have pictures that I would be happy to provide. Their response to the damage was “check out terms and conditions – we are not responsible”. Guess they have no responsibility to provide guidance or warnings about their candles. No other candle I’ve used has caused this level of damage.

  • Wendy Zimmerman

    I just happened to find this article and I figured I’d throw my 2 cents in, I bought South Carolina, Florida, and Las Vegas, all different places I lived in growing up along with multiple other places I didn’t buy, because let’s be honest I’m a military brat and I don’t have enough money to buy for all the places I’ve lived. I can’t remember to much about the smells of each place but while they all smelled nice only Las Vegas actually made me think of the place I lived at (and loved) plus they weren’t very strong, which was a little bummed about. Like I said just my 2 cents.

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks so much for sharing your own experience, Wendy. I’ve heard from others that the scents are either too strong or not strong enough – so you’re not alone in that feedback.

  • Lillian

    I don’t like to leave negative reviews, but the company’s Customer Service leaves much to be desired.

    I received a Homesick (San Francisco) candle as a Christmas gift and within 3 times of lighting the candle, it started turning black, leaving about a half-inch layer of black/brown wax. I reached out to Homesick Customer Service per their website info and they said they would be happy to send a replacement candle to me. That was in early-March and I am still waiting to receive this replacement.

    I have reached back out to the company numerous times since then, but they have chosen to ignore my inquiries and have yet to fulfill their commitment. I have never had a candle go black the way this candle did, and I have never had such a terrible Customer Service experience either – how does a company go MIA after they promised to send a replacement? Unbelievable….

  • Kimmie

    These over priced candles come with poor customer service. They all read “Homesick” which is awkward when it follows Just Married

  • Jessica Moore

    My daughter gave me a Homesick Thank you, MOM and it literally doesnt smell at all- I know its not me as I had a different brand right before this and that one was so nice! I basicallly light this homesick one and thats all- no smell- nothing at all

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks for sharing your experience, Jessica! Glad I’m not alone in not loving them – and I’ve heard of others reporting your concerns with it not smelling enough either!

  • Steven Bobby

    My name is Steven Bobby and I would like to purchase some Scented Candles from your company. Kindly get back to me so we can begin with placing my order.

    Thank you,

  • Livvia

    I was collecting them because I like white candles and I saw homesick Dallas which I thought wow amazing and how I feel. I have a lot of them now, I prefer cites or states but some of the others like new job, new home, lake living, date night etc..but have only burned one. It smells like nothing, except something I don’t like, no throw no notes and it’s in a small bathroom so I should smell something reminiscent of what’s on the label. So now I just sit them on a shelf or home office in my home office–you get it. I will say, the black jar from burning mentioned above (all instructions followed for trimming burn time etc.) does not meet its price point. It also means I can’t keep the jar if I use it. Of note, the container is exact dimensions and identical to birthdate candles (not unique) ones so figure this is the same supplier. Same box, jar, weight, wet spots, same everything. Excellent name/labels but dollar store candle.

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks for sharing your thought and experience too! What do you think of Birthdate candles? I’ve bought several of their Mercury Retrograde candles and love them!

  • Logan Downer

    Just an FYI from a candle maker, if their label says soy blend it likely contains a good amount of paraffin. I can’t speak to their exact blend but s common labeling practice to use the word sou while still using paraffin is to use about 80/20 paraffin to soy and call it a soy blend.

  • David Campbell

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article on Homesick Candles! It’s fascinating to read about the unique scents and stories behind each candle. The article does an excellent job of highlighting the different scents available and providing honest reviews of each one. It’s clear that Homesick Candles puts a lot of thought and care into creating scents that evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort.

    Additionally, it’s refreshing to see a company that prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness in their products. From using natural soy wax to avoiding harmful additives, Homesick Candles seems to be making a positive impact on the environment.

    Overall, this article can serve as a useful resource for anyone interested in trying out Homesick Candles. It provides valuable insights on the different scents available and the company’s commitment to sustainability.

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