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2012, 2013-2017 (Lived), 2018, 2019, 2020

If I could settle forever in just one part of the U.S., it would be the Pacific Northwest. I love the grey, drizzly winters and the brilliantly verdant summers. That’s why, after leaving my favorite place on earth (London), I moved to Seattle for four years. There, I explored far and wide and met Mr. V – my lifelong travel partner!

There are lots of reasons to visit the Pacific Northwest or travel within the states that make up the PNW: Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. You might be taking an Alaska Cruise and start or end in Seattle. You might be on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip and go from the start in Olympia to the end in San Diego. You might want to sample Portland’s donuts and craft beer scene, or escape the crowds in Idaho. Whatever the reason, I feel you, and I want to help you get there.

Read on for the Pacific Northwest travel tips and guides I’ve put together over the years. I’m always exploring and adding new resources, so So check back if you’re curious where I’ve been traveling recently. You can always contact me or tweet at me for personalized Pacific Northwest travel tips.

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