While I’m a full-time traveler and writer now, I didn’t always have unlimited time to travel. Over the years, I got really good at one-day trips – or multi-day trips with one day each in a bunch of destinations. I started writing “make the most” posts to share what I had learned.

If you only have one day to travel or experience a place, here are my tips:

1. Make a Plan

The best way to get the most out of one travel day is to have a plan. Know what you want to see, where it is, and how long the lines will be. Then you can create an itinerary (yes, a real document with times and locations). I still do this for my trips if I’m short on time!

2. Factor in Transit Time

One of the biggest time sucks you might forget to account for is transit time. Use Google Maps – and set it to the time you plan to go between each spot. This will help you see what you can really fit in.

3. Go Dawn til Dusk

If you only have one. day to travel somewhere, pack it full! It’s not a day to sleep in or call it an. early night. Make the most of. all the daylight hours – and you can even try stargazing once the sun is down (depending on the destination).

Now you’re ready to get inspired and start planning your own trip. Read on for some of my top posts about one day in a variety of destinations.

Cool Cities

I’m a city gal, and I love experiencing the culture in cities. While I normally recommend spending three days in any given city, there are a few exceptions.

Food & Drink

I love food experiences when I travel – and some of my most memorable ones have been one-day food tours. Here’s a sample.

The Great Outdoors

I’m not the most outdoorsy, so when I do venture beyond city limits, I like to make the most of my time.

All Things Harry Potter

You’re in a judgment-free zone for all things Harry Potter – including Harry Potter-inspired travel. Here are some of the posts I’ve written to help you take advantage of even one magical day.

In Croatia

Croatia is one of Mr. V’s favorite destinations. Even if you only have a day, it’s not hard to see why.

Festivals & Events

I’ve also written a couple of guides to festivals and other events around the world. In the future, I plan to add even more!

(Bastille Day! Oktoberfest! What others should I write?)