The V&V National Parks Guide

Over the course of my travels, I’ve been fortunate to visit 34 of 63 National Parks across the U.S. I always love putting together resources about them, as I know they’re one of the most popular destinations for many travels ā€“ especially in the Western U.S.

In addition to the park-specific resources I’ve linked en masse below, I’ve also got some interesting general National Park resources: every year, I look at the NPS visitation data to put together a list of the most visited parks and least visited parks; I also like to make a few observations from the data. There are also guides to former national parks, the newest national parks, and my ideas for future national parks.

I have a review of the America the Beautiful Pass ā€“ aka the best way to save money when visiting parks. If you’re curious about which of the parks I’ve visited are my favorite, I’ve got a list of those too, as well as ways to track your own national park visits and national park gifts I recommend.

For the past 6 years, my friend Marissa and I have made an annual national parks trip; here’s where we’ve visited: Zion (2018), Joshua Tree (2019), Death Valley (2022), Guadalupe Mountains/Carlsbad Caverns/White Sands (2023), Cuyahoga Valley/Indiana Dunes (2024). Where should we go next?

Finally, I have a few road trip guides that are designed specifically around visiting national parks, especially the parks in the Western US. I have one that covers a bunch of West Coast national parks and another for parks in the Southwest. I also have itineraries specifically for visiting lots/all of the parks in California, Colorado, and Texas/New Mexico.

Below is a map that highlights what I think is my best resource about each park or state; beneath that, I’ve put a long list of every national park post I’ve ever published (some parks have more than one!).

Which National Park should Marissa & I visit next?

As I mentioned at the top, Marissa and I try to do a park trip every year. For 2025, we’re letting you chime in about where we should visit. Fill out the form below and maybe we’ll follow your suggestion!

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