I sat down Mr. V to find out his favorite destinations that we’ve traveled to together. Despite the one-sided view you get from me in most of these posts, we are two different people with different preferences for when and how to travel. “London would be up there,” he said, but as I already chose that as my favorite, here are the other destinations he loves. Click the buttons below to jump to that destination.


Mr. V and I spent a month living in Dubrovnik, and he fell in love with my ancestral homeland. His highlights: “those beaches and that beautiful blue water.” Just take a look for yourself:


Toward the end of our seven-month trip, we spent a month in Prague as winter came to town. Mr. V fell in love with the hot mulled wine and Christmas markets; maybe that’s why my Prague in January post is so popular!


“Why do you love Hawaii?” I asked. He replied, “water and boats and water and boats.” Oh, and amazing food and drinks, all that luxury indulgence and adventures… and the manta rays. Yep, Hawaii was good to us.

Huntington Beach, CA

Lastly, Mr. V chose Huntington Beach as a fave spot. Maybe that’s because I took him there for a birthday trip… or maybe it was the surfing and “three dessert dinner” we enjoyed. Both reasons make sense to me!

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