Do you love Harry Potter as much as I do? Yes, I travel for filming sites and to drink butterbeer! I’ve written some articles over the years about these places, and I want you to have a magical time when you visit too.

Okay, let’s journey through Platform 9&¾!

My only request? Don’t tell the muggles about these! 😉
(Kidding – share these articles everywhere!)

The Ultimate Harry Potter U.K. Itinerary

Harry Potter Itinerary - Jacobite Steam Train

If you want to visit the same spots as Harry and see the filming locations, this 10-day itinerary in England and Scotland is your ultimate guide.

Harry Potter Around the World

In addition to the sites mentioned above, there are some specific sights that us witches and wizards know we have to visit. Here are my guides:

Lastly, not to nerd out so much… but you need more than a wand for some of these sites:

The Ultimate Harry Potter Packing List

If you’re heading to one of those destinations we mentioned above, make sure you pack you wand… and all of these other items!

I hope your trip is magical – literally!