Our Favorite Destinations

I know we travelers aren’t supposed to admit it – but we develop favorites. Over my years of travels, Mr. V and I have found a few places we just love and gladly travel to over and over. Here you can find the posts about those destinations! (P.S. London used to be on this list since it’s my favorite destination in the world, but now I have a brand new London blog that covers all things London travel!


After London, Seattle is my next favorite city – because they have so much in common! I lived in Seattle for four years in addition to visiting several times.


Did you know? I grew up in Alaska! I didn’t appreciate it then, but I do now – and I get why so many people want to visit. I have an entire guide for Alaska travel; here are some of the posts on in that guide:

Alaska Itineraries


“Why do you love Hawaii?” I asked. Mr. V replied, “water and boats and water and boats.” Oh, and amazing food and drinks, all that luxury indulgence and adventures… and the manta rays. Yep, Hawaii was good to us.

Huntington Beach, CA

Lastly, Mr. V chose Huntington Beach as a fave spot. Maybe that’s because I took him there for a birthday trip… or maybe it was the surfing and “three dessert dinner” we enjoyed. Both reasons make sense to me!

Want to Keep Exploring?

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