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California has long drawn the dreamers, the artists, those with stars in their eyes – and those with dreams of gold, from dust in the hills to stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Funnily enough, I never imagined I would be one of them! When I started visiting California, I didn’t think I would ever live here – and then in 2017, Mr. V and I relocated here from Seattle!

Since then I’ve been hard at work creating some of the best California travel guides I can, because I love discovering and sharing all the amazing places in this surprisingly huge and diverse state. Whether you’re dreaming of a Pacific Coast Highway road trip or visiting one of the booming urban areas or pristine national parks… I’ve got you covered!

I’m always adding new California content too as I continue to explore more of my new home state. So check back if you’re curious where I’ve been traveling recently. You can always contact me or tweet at me for personalized California travel tips.

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