Alaska Summer Travel Summit: Post-Summit Info

Thanks so much for attending the Alaska Summer Travel Summit! Here are the links to each of the speakers and some other relevant info, as well as videos they shared.

If you’d like access to the video replays, PDF of all the slides, and 20% off your own Custom Alaska Itinerary, click here to purchase Lifetime Access.

You can also find all of my Alaska travel resources in my Alaska Travel Guide. (All that info is FREE!)

As a reminder, you can find the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 in the State of Alaska on this page:


Anchorage Logo

Kenai Peninsula

Note: I’ll be working to set up 1-2 more webinars with Debbie from Kenai Peninsula and Lisa from Whittier to provide even more info about those destinations. Look for my email about it next week!

Experiences & Tours

Note: I’ll be reaching out to the National Park Service to see if Brooke may be able to do a pre-recorded interview with me since we had audio problems. I’ll be sure to share that info if it happens!


Southeast Alaska