Alaska Itineraries

While loads of people visit Alaska on cruises each year, other intrepid souls set out on their own to enjoy Alaska by land (rather than by sea).

This page is all about the itineraries you need to plan your own Alaska itinerary, ranging from 5-12 days. In addition to these summer itineraries, I also provide one winter itinerary to inspire you.

Alaska Itinerary Pack Hero

Love one of these itineraries

… but want to make it your own?

Go from overwhelmed to awestruck in less than half the time thanks to my Alaska Itinerary Planning Packs. With three “starter” itineraries, you can customize using a database of hotels, restaurants, and attractions curated with my expertise and experience.

Before you know it, you’ll be watching glaciers calf, breathing the clean Denali air, and dreaming of your return trip.