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Alaska Trip Cost Calculator

Curious how much it costs to visit Alaska? I’ve put together this cost calculator to help you get an estimate and know how much you need to budget or save up for your trip. Enter the basic information about your planned trip and you’ll get a total cost estimate for your trip.

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Alaska Travel Costs
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Now that you have a sense for how much you need to save up for your Alaska trip, I have two tips to help you save up and still have an incredible time in The Last Frontier.

Tip #1:
The Alaska Budget Bundle

Feeling a bit of sticker shock from seeing how much your Alaska trip might cost?
I feel you – I still get it every time I plan an Alaska trip (and I’ve been traveling there for years!)

To make your Alaska trip happen despite the price of Alaska travel, check out the Alaska Budget Bundle.

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If you purchase, you’ll receive two things:

(1) The Alaska Savings Plan Calculator, which will help you determine how much you need to save for your Alaska trip.

(2) Affordable Alaska: 30+ Tips to Help You Budget & Save for Your Dream Alaska Trip, a 20-page ebook

Best of all, it won’t break the bank! Snag your Affordable Alaska Bundle for just $9:

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Tip #2:
Free Alaska Planning Emails

While my weekly Alaska emails don’t focus specifically on saving or budgeting tips, you’ll get tons of free advice to help you plan your Alaska trip – no travel agent needed!

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