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If there’s one thing I’m truly proud of with this blog, it’s how many people use it to research, plan, and go on the once-in-a-lifetime Alaska trip they’ve always dreamed of. Little did I know that growing up in Alaska would eventually allow me to reach hundreds of thousands of people each year to share my local Alaska travel knowledge.

Back when I lived in Alaska, I spent three summers working for a major cruise line, and this only added to my knowledge of how Alaska travel planning works – or should work! I took the lessons from that time in my (meandering) career and added it to all the secret spots and tricks I had learned exploring The Last Frontier with my family and started writing about how to travel to Alaska. Over the years since I started this blog, that list of resources has become quite extensive!

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska, you’ve come to the right place: I’m here to help. Browse all of my Alaska articles below to find the answers to most questions you’ll have!

As of 2023, I’ve added the Yukon Territory to this page. Below you’ll also find resources for helping you visit that part of the world, Alaska’s great neighbor!


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Destination-Specific Content

Below you’ll find a list of destinations across Alaska, and all the articles I’ve written about each. As you work on your Alaska itinerary,
I recommend reading all the articles about that specific destination you plan to visit, to ensure you get my complete advice about visiting.

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