Who (is Valerie?)

My name is Valerie Stimac. There’s only one of me out there, so no point hiding it, I guess. Why would I want to?

I hail from a variety of places – I’ve called Maryland, Alaska, Iowa, Indiana, and Washington home, as well as London for a time. I’m not nomadic, traveling through Europe until the end of 2016.

I have a professional background in psychology and marketing, and my blog originally started as a hobby after I got my MBA. Now it has blossomed to cover travel stories related to some of my favorite topics: movies, food, history, and space tourism.

My blog is intended for people whose passions may go beyond the basics of visiting a destination and ticking boxes on a must-do list – I dive deep into what interests me about each destination and share them with you here. I hope you’ll stick around for the stories yet to come!

What (is this Blog About?)

I began blogging in 2001. Valerie & Valise was started in 2013.

This blog exists to share my passion – and unique perspective – for traveling with the world. I generally don’t do Top 10 lists, luxurious or budget itineraries, or city guides.  Instead, you will find unusual views of popular (and lesser known) destinations. I have traveled to over 20 countries, including China, Jordan, Romania, and throughout my home country, the United States. I share stories from places I’ve recently visited.

The primary topics I write about are:

  • Film and movie travel news (film locations you can visit, travel-related movie reviews, etc.)
  • Space tourism (news about the future of space tourism, independent research about space tourism, etc.)
  • History lessons (fascinating stories and history I learn while traveling)
  • Food and drink (unmissable – and occasionally unknown – food and drink you should enjoy while traveling)
  • Packing lists (what to pack for different destinations, how to live out of a valise full-time, etc.)

Where (to Follow Along)

Every blogger is like omg follow me!!! but most do a really bad job of telling you why they are worth following. If you’ve made it this far, I assume you’re still interested in learning more about me and/or following my stories

I have four main social media channels, in addition to my blog. Here’s what I share on each one:

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Why (Valerie & Valise)

I started this blog when my mom told me to find a hobby after moving back to the U.S. from London. It originally began as Valise Magazine (hence “valisemag.com”) and transitioned to Valerie & Valise in early 2014.

The name Valise refers to my bag, a leather weekender that I use as my preferred carry-on whenever possible. I also occasionally call my boyfriend Mr. Valise, a moniker he came up with.

How (to Reach Me)

If you are a reader, fan, admirer, or aspiring travel blogger:

  1. On my recently redesigned and totally sexy contact page!
  2. On social media. See the very bottom of this page for easy links to each channel.

If you are a business, brand, or destination interested in working with me, please review my Work With Me page for more info.

Thanks for stopping by!

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