Duck Fart Shot Recipe: Alaska’s Original & Only Drink

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There are some Alaskan foods and drinks that everyone enjoys during a trip: A fresh filet of Alaskan salmon. Piping hot King Crab legs. A pint of Alaskan Amber (or another Alaskan craft beer). And… shots? Anyone?

While most of us gave up taking strong drinks from short glasses at some time in our 20s, Alaska has only one alcoholic drink it can claim as originating in The Last Frontier: the Duck Fart shot. As the name suggests, it comes all in one tiny glass of flavor that most people are pleasantly surprised by – and willing to try again, should their itinerary allow a bit more fun.

Below you’ll learn the origin of the Alaskan Duck Fart shot and the official recipe as made at the bar where the drink originated. I personally had the Duck Fart at its source in August 2022, and have sampled it at other spots across the state.

Now I make it at home when I’m missing my favorite place – and soon you’ll know how to do the same. Read on to learn the Duck Fart shot recipe too!

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This post was originally published in December 2022, and I made minor updates in November 2023.

Origin of the Duck Fart in Alaska

Whenever I hear about a food that claims to be “from” Alaska, I feel the need to try and verify the origin. Turns out, the Duck Fart shot does come from Alaska – specifically from a bar called the Peanut Farm in Anchorage, the state’s biggest city.

The Peanut Farm originally opened in 1962 and is today a huge establishment on the edge of Midtown and South Anchorage along International Airport Boulevard. (Actually, the Peanut Farm is within walking distance of a few other historic food spots: Alaska Wild Berry Products – home of the World’s Largest Chocolate Waterfall – and the former Sourdough Mining Company, which used to be a common spot for quirky “old time” Alaskan food (and had incredible corn fritters and honey butter back in the day!).

In any case, back to the Alaskan Duck Fart. This forum page links to a now-broken link from the former Anchorage Daily News claiming the drink was invented at the Peanut Farm 18 years before 2005, so 1987 – coincidentally, the year I was born! This paywalled article verifies the Peanut Farm as the source of the shot’s original recipe.

Together, these two sources make me confident in claiming the Alaskan Duck Fart Shot recipe was created in Alaska – specifically in Anchorage, and exactly at the Peanut Farm, though the original inventor has since moved out of state.

Alaskan Duck Fart Shot Recipe

If you’re ready to taste this unique flavor of The Last Frontier, you’re in luck: the Duck Fart shot is really easy to make!

The original Alaskan Duck Fart shot is a layered drink with has three specific ingredients: Kahlúa coffee liqueur on the bottom, Bailey’s Irish Cream in the middle, and Crown Royal Canadian Whisky as a float on top. However, many people vary the ingredients, choosing another whiskey based on their preference, or choose an off-brand Irish cream and/or coffee liqueur. If you want to make a true Duck Fart shot, it’s gotta have Kahlúa, Bailey’s, and Crown Royal.

Duck Fart Shot Recipe

Duck Fart Recipe
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes


  • ½ ounce Kahlúa coffee liqueur
  • ½ ounce Bailey's Irish Cream
  • ½ ounce Crown Royal Blended Canadian Whiskey


  1. Pour a measure of Kahlúa into the bottom of a shot glass
  2. Carefully pour the Bailey's on top as the middle layer
  3. Using an upside-down bar spoon, pour the Crown Royal on top of the layers in the glass
  4. Take the entire shot in a single drink

What’s more important is to make the drink properly: a true Duck Fart shot is layered, not blended. Don’t believe any recipe that blends the ingredients since that isn’t how it was originally made – or how they pour it at the Peanut Farm today!

Also, many people seem to make it in a tall shot glass to show off the layers – but this isn’t necessary. As you might expect, all of the bars in Alaska where I’ve had a duck fart serve it in a standard bar shot glass. (Similarly, the Duck Fart is not a cocktail – don’t drink anything that comes in a larger portion, as it’s not a Duck Fart!)

Speaking of, you might also want to try the Duck Fart at the source – during your Alaska trip.

Where to Find the Duck Fart in Alaska

As Alaska’s one alcoholic claim to fame, the Duck Fart shot can be ordered in bars pretty much everywhere in The Last Frontier. In addition to ordering it “at the source” in Anchorage at the Peanut Farm, bartenders across the state will pour you this simple but delicious concoction.

Here are a few of the places I’ve had the duck fart shot in Alaska:

  • The Peanut Farm (Anchorage) – of course!
  • Fogcutter Bar (Haines)
  • Red Dog Saloon (Juneau)
  • Yukon Bar (Seward)
  • Ernie’s Olde Time Saloon (Sitka)

While most of these bars are located in Southeast Alaska or along the coastline, you can find it at other bars too – just ask!

You can also find some bars serving variations of the Duck Fart that you might want to try too:

  • At the Imperial Bar in Juneau (left photo above), they serve at “Eagle Fart,” which is made with Bailey’s, Kahlúa, and Vodka
  • At Alpine Creek Lodge along the Denali Highway (right photo above), they serve a flaming “Grizzled Grizzly” made with Bailey’s, Kahlúa, and Everclear (served on fire but extinguished before you drink!)

As you can tell, Alaska has embraced its quirky concoction, so don’t mind any locals who might roll their eyes when you belly up to the bar and order a duck fart – it’s an Alaskan classic drink, and delightfully delicious!

Have you ever had a duck fart shot, or made your own? Let me know what you think in the comments, or leave a review on the recipe card to help others find this Alaskan Duck Fart shot recipe too!

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