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Dallas Seavey wins 52nd Iditarod, Sets Record for Most Wins

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Veteran musher Dallas Seavey from Talkeetna crossed the finish line of the 52nd Iditarod at 5:16pm AKST on March 12th, 2024, clinching his sixth Iditarod championship. This victory solidifies Seavey’s position as the most accomplished musher in the 52-year history of the race.

With 10 dogs in harness at the finish, Seavey proudly completed the challenging journey from Anchorage to Nome in 9 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 8 seconds to secure the Iditarod 2024 title. His remarkable team of dogs played an indispensable role in this achievement.

Dallas Seavey Iditarod Win Official - Siri Raitto Photography
Photo credit: Siri Raitto, official Iditarod photographer in 2023

Seavey’s triumph also comes with the largest percentage of the $500,000 purse for the 2024 race; his winnings are estimated to be over $55,000 for first place. Along the trail to Nome, he claimed additional honors, including the GCI Dorothy G. Page Halfway Award and the Northrim Bank Achieve More Award. These accolades bring him $2,500 in cash, $3,000 in gold nuggets, and trophies commemorating each accomplishment.

Iditarod CEO Rob Urbach commented, “Dallas has demonstrated his ability to overcome adversity on multiple occasions, and this historic win reflects his professionalism, strength, and exemplary dog care.”

The 2024 Iditarod was marred by the deaths of three dogs during the race, which is an unusually high number as no participating dog has died in the race since 2019. Seavey’s brother Danny addressed in 2018 how these incidents occur and could be managed better. Per Iditarod rules, mushers who have a dog die from running must voluntarily withdraw or they will be scratched and not allowed to complete the race; all three deaths this year are being investigated by race officials.

This rule did not apply to Seavey, who had a dog severely injured as a result of a moose encounter that also saw the musher face a two-hour penalty for failing to properly field-dress the animal after killing it in self-protection/protection of his team.

Dallas Seavey Iditarod Win 2 - Anne Raup/Anchorage Daily News via AP
Photo credit: Anne Raup/Anchorage Daily News via AP

As the victor of Iditarod 2024, Seavey overcame this hurdle and added more accolades to his illustrious mushing career. Having completed The Iditarod 13 times and finished in the top ten 11 times, he first made history in 2012 as the youngest musher to win the Iditarod at age 25. Now, at 37, Seavey is the winningest musher in the race’s history with six victories to his name.

“This one was supposed to be hard,” Seavey told the crowd after finishing. “It had to be special, it had to be more than just a normal Iditarod, and for me, it was.”

Best of all, visitors can actually experience the legacy that Seavey, his father, Mitch – who won the Iditarod three times and is the oldest person to win the race –, and grandfather, Dan, have created through their kennel tours and dogsledding experiences. (Dan Seavey, Sr. was also part of the group that established the first Iditarod race in the early 1970s!)

During the summer, AK Sled Dog Tours by Dallas Seavey offers dryland mushing at their Talkeetna kennels and glacier dogsledding in Girdwood; in the winter, they offer sled rides on the snow near their Talkeetna base. Seavey’s Ididaride, the family company, also offers dry run tours in Seward and Glacier Heli-Mushing tours from Girdwood during the summer and winter sled rides near Sterling.

I asked the V&V community to share their experiences as I haven’t done these tours; here’s what they said:

The rest of my family toured the Seward kennel back in 2013 (while my immediate fam did a Major Marine Tour). My niece/nephew (2/6y/o) played with puppies, all learned about the race/dogs, etc, and my parents and sister’s family did the wheeled sled ride and loved all of it! We all follow the Iditarod every year now!

Traci M.

We toured the Seavey’s Kennel in Seward last summer and loved it! It was the highlight of our trip for both of my kids (ages 7 & 9)! We did the puppy add-on, which was amazing! We got to take the puppies for a walk and spend a lot of extra time learning about the dogs and how they are cared for.

Christi D.

Our group of 4 toured the Seavey’s Kennel in Seward in the summer of 2022. The experience was incredible! We loved playing with the older puppies and snuggling with the younger puppies! The sled ride was so much fun and they even used our phones to take pictures and videos for us!

Amanda L.

My husband and I were part of a group of 29 that visited Seavey’s Kennels in August 2022- near Seward. We have a fabulous time learning about their dogs, training and racing from very knowledgeable and wonderful staff. Our visit included time to play with several groups of puppies along with a sled ride on wheels through some nearby trails. We absolutely loved our visit!!!!

Christine J.

You can see other feedback from the community here and here.

While Seavey celebrated his achievement, other mushers were still making their way to Nome. In the end, 38 mushers began the race from its official start in Willow, and 31 completed the race. Here are the top 10 finishers this year:

PositionMusherStarting BibFinish TimeDogs at FinishRace Time
1Dallas Seavey73/12 17:16:08109d 2h 16m 8s
2Matt Hall163/12 21:57:5679d 6h 57m 56s
3Jessie Holmes93/12 23:18:0489d 8h 18m 4s
4Jeff Deeter183/13 02:52:35109d 11h 52m 35s
5Paige Drobny383/13 04:12:2699d 13h 12m 26s
6Travis Beals143/13 05:39:1279d 14h 39m 12s
7Mille Porsild123/13 08:23:43119d 17h 23m 43s
9Amanda Otto283/13 09:24:33129d 18h 24m 33s
9Peter Kaiser263/13 09:30:5089d 18h 30m 50s
10Jessie Royer203/13 09:49:59109d 18h 49m 59s

You can see the final standings for all mushers in the 2024 Iditarod here. Seven mushers scratched out of the race but deserve mention as well for their efforts in “The Last Great Race on Earth:” Calvin Daugherty, Aaron Burmeister, Hunter Keefe, Deke Naaktgeboren, Isaac Teaford, Connor McMahon, and Erin Altemus.

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