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Hi! I am a 31 year old high school teacher in Florida who wants to find a way to incorporate traveling as a side job. I know a lot of people teacher English abroad but I am not 100% certain that is where my heart lies. I have a couple ideas in my head regarding how I could make this work. One idea I had was to make a point to do one short trip (around 4 days) a month, perhaps starting with hidden gems of the south (since that would be less expensive for someone starting out) and then two long trips a year-two in the summer or one in the summer and one in the winter.

I did some travel blogging for personal reason when I studied abroad in London in 2007 but haven’t done much since then. I have a lot of trips I never blogged about so I could easily include those when I am not traveling.

I’d love to hear more about how you got started, how your travel expenses are paid, and if you think my idea is feasible.


Hi! Thanks so much for your first comment on my site!

Quick answers for you — please feel free to email me valisemag(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to chat more!

1. Your idea is feasible — ANY travel blog idea is feasible. As Nike says, Just Do It!
2. Do it whether or not anyone says you should do it — do it because you love travel and want to do it, and the rest will follow. As long as its you’re passion and you love it and learn from it, it will be worth your time.
3. I love the idea of weekend trips!
4. My expenses and travel are probably… 95% self funded. I don’t really make money from my blog, and I very rarely get trips or parts of trips (hotels, tours, etc.) sponsored. I wish everything I did was paid for, but I like getting to spend my own money on things that matter to me.
5. Here’s how I got started — the piece is a bit out-dated though: https://www.valisemag.com/got-dream-life/
6. Send me your URL once you’re live! 😀


Valerie! ^___^

Hello! My name is Kelly, I am Seattleite myself! I found your story absolutely wonderful! Your experience reminded me of a quote that I have always held true in my heart, “Aspire to inspire, and always have a desire for something more!” You literally embody that quote in my mind! I would love to get in contact with you to hear more about your journeys!? Being a young woman with so many dreams is overwhelming at times, but I know how beautiful life can be.


p.s. enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend! 🙂


Kelly, hi! Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comment — and for it being your first comment! (Yep, I keep track of everyone’s first comments 🙂 ).

I’d love to chat more. I’m pretty slow about emailing, but since you’re in Seattle, maybe we could grab a coffee some time instead? It’s up to you! You can email me at valisemag@gmail.com, and we’ll work something out either way.


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Hi, I’m loving the site and it’s providing great inspiration… Great work. One quick question, which world map Plugin are you using to show posts by location?



Steve, hi! The plugin you can see on “The World” is called the Big Blog Map, but they haven’t updated the plugin in years, and there are a lot of bugs (not the least of which is that when you interface and select a location, you can’t actually see if you’ve found the right location until the post goes live and appears on the map!). Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for your comment!


I’m test driving map my posts on my first ever site…


We’ll see how it pans out lol.

Good luck on your adventures



Good luck — I poked around a bit and it’s looking like it’s off to a great start!! Thanks again for your comments, Steve 🙂



I would love to host your story in my blog > http://www.therandomp.com/stories
Would you like to participate? 🙂

The best regards,



Thanks SO Much for the invite! I’d love to participate — where should I email you to chat about this more?



Great to hear! 🙂 You can contact me through ieva@therandomp.com. Looking forward to talk with you!



Just emailed you!! 🙂


Hi Valerie! My name is Kacey Mya and I am the blogger for The Drifter Collective. I absolutely love reading your posts and I would love to contribute to your blog! 🙂 Hope to hear back from you soon!


Kacey, hiya!

Let’s chat by email 🙂 Where should I email you, or if you prefer not to put your email, find me on Twitter @valerie_valise and we’ll sort out emails there!

Talk soon,


Hi Valerie! I actually think I just found your email address and sent an email to it! If not, my email is kacey.mya@gmail.com. Cannot wait to hear from you! 🙂


We’re playing comment tag 😉 I just saw your email and will reply soon! In the mean time, have you seen this page? https://www.valisemag.com/collaborate/guest-posting-2/

Haha yes! I am actually looking at it right now! Do you only accept posts about locations that your guest posters have traveled to, or are you open to other posts regarding travel tips, inspiration, etc? Just curious! 🙂

I prefer people to do the Wednesday Wanderlust series, because I find it’s the easiest option for everyone 🙂

Okay! That is fine I was just curious! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Valerie! I was curious what plugin you’re using for your flag/post feature at the bottom of your page? You can respond here or email me at info@joeography.co if you want! Awesome blog btw!


Joe, thanks for asking — do you mean in the sidebar? I do that manually… I wish there were a good plugin for it! If you mean something else, comment back and let me know 🙂


It might be the sidebar, I only have access by mobile at the moment. It’s the flags and you hover over it and it lists the posts according to said flag(area). It’s really neat!


Interesting… I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but here’s two answers:

1. In my sidebar (or at the bottom on mobile), I custom built that section of flags. So that’s just HTML in a widget on WordPress.

2. If you’re talking about the map on “The World” link on my site, that’s a plugin called the Big Blog Map.

Hopefully one of these is the thing you’re talking about! 🙂

Hi Valerie,

It’s definitely #1. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to try and fight out how to make something like it. Thanks!


Just saw this as it was reposted on Nextdoor Tukwila Hill. Pancake Chef is right across street from Tukwila Link station. No need to drive. And YUM! Great breakfasts.


Cheers, Richard! Thanks for reading, and the great recommendation to Pancake Chef 🙂


You put lot’s of effort into scouting the “three best places.” Well done. And now with opening of LINK to Capital Hill you can do it again.

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