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Every Tool I Use to Run A Successful Travel Blog

Say what you will about my blog (and my frequency of writing lately…) but I can’t deny that my blog...

2016 in Review & My 2017 Travel Plans

2016 has come – and gone – and now it's time to look back. Check out my video review of the year, plus a few announcements for travel in 2017.

A Mantra for 2017: Travel, Writing & Life

As we finally move out of 2016 it's time to prepare for the year ahead. Like last year, I've chosen a word as my yearly mantra. Read on to learn what it is!

16 Photos that Perfectly Portray My 2016 Year of Travel

Looking back on my year of travel, it's hard to recall all I've seen and done. Luckily, I take a lot of photos – including some truly beautiful ones to remind me of what an amazing year it's been.

Three Lessons Learned in Three Years of Blogging

As my fourth year of blogging begins, I'm here to examine and share the three biggest lessons learned blogging on Valerie & Valise.

My 10 Favorite Instagram Photos – To Celebrate 10,000 Followers!

Hundreds of photos and thousands of followers later, I'm celebrating crossing that '10k' line with my 10 favorite photos from my Instagram account. See which ones I picked, no matter how many likes they have.

A Belated Happy New Year

A little bit late, but here nonetheless: a look toward the coming year, and all the travel to come.

A Mantra for 2016

Inspired by my friend Malia from Shoyu Sugar, I'm picking a single word to focus on in the coming year. 'Minimize' is my mantra for 2016.

The Cost of Running a Travel Blog in October 2015

My favorite month of the year has slipped by again! Luckily, it wasn't the most expensive one yet, but you can see for yourself in my latest Cost of Running a Travel Blog series.

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